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  1. Any thoughts on cutting dadoes for the shelves or rabbeting the joints for stability?
  2. Sorry about forgetting to put my handle on the box. I painted the mini. Then I got a new job and this is the first time I've been on the boards since I sent it out. I'm really glad you like it! (c:
  3. Here's a link to all my Jungle terrain. It was made for an alien world. My b/f plays Tyranids. Everything here was made with silk flowers from Michael's. Jungle Terrain, Made for Tyranids Hope this gives you some ideas. Me(c:
  4. Yeah. There's no gaming stores in Charleston. There's a couple stores that sell a few GW things, but no one that sells any Reaper. One of the stores is expanding so they'll have paint and game tables, but I don't think the gentleman who owns the store will sell Reaper. I couldn't even get him to carry Pirates of the Spanish Main, and now that game is in all the major retailers. There's a store 60mi away in Beckley that sells Reaper minis, but they don't sell much in the Warlord line, and last I was down there no one played Warlord and they didn't sell any of the Warlord rule books.
  5. Southern West Virginia. I've checked for Black Lightning demos and stuff. Colombus seems to be the closest I've found, and that's a good 3 hr drive away. There are no major interstates that connect Charleston and Colombus so..... I've been trying to talk my boyfriend into playing too so I'll at least have someone to play, but it'll be rough with niether of us knowing anything about the rules. Thanks for the help though. Me (c:
  6. *weep* There isn't anyone closer than 150 miles from me.... That sure makes trying to learn to play REALLY difficult.... Although I do have one question. I'm not sure how the regions divide up exactly, but if somone lived on/near a border of a region, would the search mechanism disregard players that lived closer but were technically located in another region? Me(c:
  7. I'm pretty new too, so I thought I'd post some ideas to help my whoever gets me. I'll be happy with anything fantasy. My DM (whom I live with) would be tickled if somone painted a monster of some sort and that would be pretty nifty too. Alternately I'm thinking about starting a Crusader or Elven army. Looking back on this, I probably didn't help at all. (c; I don't think I narrowed it down at all, but I'm pretty easy going, so I'll be stoked with whatever someone wants to paint. Thanks in advance. I hope I get my victim... err... person.... soon. (c; Me(c:
  8. Well with Halloween coming up, our local Michael's has their Halloween Village stuff in stock again, and there's a nice 5 pack of Tombstones that they sell as an accessory pack. That's what I use anyway. Me (c:
  9. Oh. I just figured no one in the party was playing a spellcaster or took that spell. That's what seems to happen in 90% of the groups I'm in. My DM had to create an item just so parties could have "Detect Magic" reliably. We never seem to have a problem having enough pearls in the treasure we get, we just don't have anyone who can cast the spell. (c: Me (c:
  10. OOH I just had an idea, if you want to limit how the players use the ring. I don't know about 3.0/3.5 but in 2nd Ed., Identify required the use of a 100gp pearl that was consumed in the casting. The ring could have an empy setting in it, and to activate the ring to use the Identify, they would have to place a 100 gp pearl in the ring, which would turn to dust afterwards. Just thought that was a neat idea. Me (c:
  11. Another thing to keep in mind if you decide to run it like the 2E identify, something like a wand can use up a lot of the pieces of information, depending on how strict you want to be. Our DM makes each different thing it can do 1 piece of information, the number of charges each thing takes is another, then how many charges are left in the wand, (all, most, about half, very few, none), and then the command word to activate it is another. So if it does 2 spells that's 6 of your pieces of info right there. So if you only get 12 pieces of info a day that just used half of them. It'll make you
  12. Back to the adjective list... Here's the list my DM uses for that sort of thing +1= Slightly +2=Lightly +3=Moderately +4=Heavily +5=Strongly Also for the Ring you could run it a little more like the 2E Identify. Make it useable maybe 1/day but they can find out a number of pieces of information equal to the level of the person who made the ring. So if a 5th level caster made the ring (for example) they could find out 5 pieces of information about 1 item, 1 piece of information about 5 items or any combination thereof. Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps and doesn't co
  13. Raw, uncut, unpolished ruby isn't very attractive. (I have a whole bag of uncut corundum). Really it just looks like a dark colored rock. So I would definately suggest going with and cut and polished look. Something to keep in mind; corundum in it's natural state is clear. Colors are added due to impurities in the crystal. So if you wanted to have it start as a bright red, and shade to another color such as blue, green, etc. it wouldn't be out of the question. Just some food for thought. Me(c:
  14. Ok, I only play second edtion, but in our game many party members have an item called a "Ring of Spell Continuance." Basically what it does is extends the duration of a spell cast upon a person. The spell lasts until such time as the ring is taken off. We've used them for things like "Comprehend Languages," and "Protection from Vermin" (we were in a swamp). Thus she could have someone cast the "Air Breathing" spell in question on her, put on the ring, and the ring would continue the spell, obviating it's need to be recast. Like I said I'm not real familiar with 3rd ed., but assuming
  15. I'd really like to see some NICE bard figures. Seems like most the figures out there are men just standing around holding a lute. I'd like to see a variety of instruments, flutes, lyres, mandolin, lap dulcimer, recorders, and more female minis as well. I think a woman that looks slightly windswept, playing a bamboo flute would be really nice. Anyhoo... Just my two cents. ME (c:
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