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  1. Finished this mini a while ago but never got around to taking pics Shield inspiried by Medievil.
  2. The skintone is amazing, really nice OSL too, good job!
  3. I love the vibrant red cloak, good job!
  4. I finished him a while ago, this was my first basing attempt too. Now that I have a new camera I hope the pics are better than last time.
  5. Looks really good, great job! I like his butt
  6. They look great, good job! I like the colour choice, the muted colours go well with the brighter bone
  7. She looks great! Manufacturer is Heresy Miniatures.
  8. Beastman warrior I painted a while back (2015 or so). Painted to look like Moon Clan Goatman from Diablo 2, nothing amazing but gets the job done. Axe is supposed to be mithril.
  9. Lovely purple, Anti Paladin's sword is awesome. Good job!
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