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  1. The scales near the stress fractures look kind of voxelated too, which is weird. I wonder if they 3d-printed the master but didn't antialias (or whatever the 3d equivalent is)...? I almost backed that KS because the models were so gorgeous (especially this one), but I really balked at the price. I hope they fix it for you!
  2. I love it! The colors are so brilliant! I'm actually painting this right now, and am torn between painting it a huge snake and painting it as a huge statue of a snake. Did you have trouble making the freehand details symmetrical on yours?
  3. Oh, even with heavy polyurethaning, the foam is still fragile. I'm just hoping that the wooden base will be enough to keep the mini safe if it's ever used in a game. Until then, it'll be safely tucked away in a look-but-don't-touch location. :-)
  4. Thank you! The terrain part of the base is 3/4" pink insulation foam leftover from a remodel long ago. The wooden base is a circle cut from scrap oak, stained and sealed. I never throw away junk like that. :-) I scratched it more or less randomly with a box cutter for about twenty minutes at different angles so that it took lots of notches out-- especially from the edges. Once I was reasonably satisfied with the scratching, I cut out holes for the dragon's feet and test-fit it as tightly as I could. Coated the upper surface with white glue, then poured sand onto it. I did this a couple of times to get it to pile a bit. I also put some glue into the deep spots and pushed sand into those. When done, I poured the sand off and knocked away anything loose. Glued aquarium rocks to strategic locations Glued some sand to the aquarium rocks to serve as lichens When utterly dry, spray painted it black. Because canned spray paint propellant can melt the foam, I used my HVLP spray gun on lowest pressure to deliver craft acrylic paint. Even still, the gun tries to blast the foam away, so this little task was more adventurous than strictly required... Once dry, sprayed with polyurethane sealant. The foam is easily dented, which ruins the paint even if it deforms back into shape... it's not as resilient as bones. :-) The foam terrain base, the wood base, and the sculpt are mated with white glue. I love making terrain. I just wish I had reasons to do so more often :-)
  5. I have definitely noticed that the moldlines are less pronounced with metal, and I'm terrible at removing them so that's a big plus in my opinion :-)
  6. Hadn't painted metal in a while... it was refreshing!
  7. I loved this sculpt from the moment I saw it. I absolutely could not wait to paint it. But I was intimidated by it for a variety of reasons. I didn't like most of the color schemes I initially chose, and repainted him several times. I wanted a decent base for him (I greatly regret not rebasing Cthulhu, for example), etc. etc. But then things just kind of came together and I painted the beastie a little bit at a time over the past few days... and I'm really happy with the outcome! C&C appreciated -- this guy was unexpectedly challenging for me, so there's probably oppo for improvement here. :-)
  8. Thank you very much! That's totally the area I was most struggling with-- the color on the spell effect. The object itself is largely Blue Flame with drybrushing of various cyans. I wanted to create a "heart" of the effect, like the hot part of a fire. The problem (AFAICT) is that if the spell effect is a sphere (it isn't, but pretend), then I could paint the sphere's "center" as viewed from the front of the mini. But then if I turn the mini in either direction, the "apparent center" moves, and what I painted now looks like a surface instead of the center. Is there a trick to making this look realistic on a three-dimensional object, but still be viewable from different angles?
  9. Thanks! I apologize for the bad pics-- they all came out SUPER DARK and some of them are hard to see. Guess I shouldn't have just dumped them into the forum without processing. ;-)
  10. This mini took forever to paint. Not really because anything I did with him was all that challenging, but because once I did one thing I realized that more stuff was needed. I couldn't figure out why the demon was holding a rock, so I decided it must be a spell effect. I liked the crackly rocks of the base, but decided it must be cooling magma. Then I decided that his base wasn't stable enough for his huge wingedness (the mini is metal and thus VERY top-heavy), so I extended it. Then I dithered about whether to just paint the lava or apply a resin of some kind. And on and on and on. Eventually I forced myself to be done. Here he is :-) C&C appreciated as I've definitely never done this many techniques with one mini. :-D
  11. It's definitely not a flock, or a blessing. Perhaps a horde? Anyway, I haven't had a chance to post in a while, so here's a horde of undead. :-)
  12. Thank you! Yours is great too-- it makes me think about painting other snake-like creatures to resemble specific subspecies of snake... cobras are obvious, but might snake demons like Mariliths mimic dangerous snakes from the Prime Material Plane for added intimidation value...? Hmmm....
  13. I love the color scheme! That light blue on her face really contrasts well with the scales of her... snakeparts :-D
  14. Pictures cropped for nudity. For uncensored results, see here. Although I don't think Mariliths are poisonous, I decided to paint her with coral snake colors, which was a bit tricky to get right.
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