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  1. GodOfCheese

    Calamari of Unusual Size (pic-heavy)

    I like to think of this as an "all-that-can-eat-you meal", best prepared deep fried. :-) This beastie was very challenging to paint, and all throughout I kept trying to figure out what I would do for a base. The shipwreck is awesome, but it left the tentacles so close to the tabletop that I felt it might make play challenging, assuming we ever use it, so I figured it needed some seafloor and weeds.
  2. +1. If you don't wish to post, would you mind DMing me a link? I built a wall-mounted shelf for this purpose but have since exceeded its capacity and WifeOfCheese has informed me that I must not make any more of them.
  3. GodOfCheese

    Black Friday Deals

    I had a lot of trouble adding HD paints to my cart. It looked like some of the calls were just timing out, but others completed with conspicuous speed, which might indicate being out of stock, since the problem *seemed* to occur more with certain colors than others. Finally decided that waiting for the site might outweigh the savings on the paints I couldn't add to my cart and checked out with what I had :-)
  4. GodOfCheese


    Wonderful detail. I love the base!
  5. GodOfCheese

    Imperious Swordswoman

    This bones mini came attached to a rectangular base, like a coffin-top. The base was larger than a standard grid, so I chopped it off and stuck the mini on this base instead. I figured it would give her a fun windswept look, like she was glaring down at the battlefield from a height. :-) The TMM globbed in a strange way on this mini that wasn't obvious to the naked eye. I'm wondering if some of this is glare...? Next problem: the base made her too tall to fit into my miniature storage...
  6. GodOfCheese

    Roaring Barbecue Smite!

    SonOfCheese mentioned offhand that I would have to be "insane" to try to blend Cyan to Yellow, so I took this as a challenge. :-) Being Celestial and all, the Solar (IMHO) should have brightly colored wings. I dithered on what to do with his sword. I wasn't too keen on the sword being just a sword, so I ventured into a little bit of OSL with it. Suggestions/comments/criticism appreciated if you have it, as this is uncertain territory for me :-D I did not want his MeatClaws(tm) to glow, because that would damage the delicate flavor of any celestial barbecue he chose to make with them.
  7. GodOfCheese

    Air Wraith

    I decided that this guy should be a murky wraithlike creature composed of pollution and toxicity. Kind of an undead elemental, or hostile free-roaming vapor. ;-)
  8. GodOfCheese

    77503: Temple Dragon

    The blending is gorgeous! Is that the base the model came with, or is it custom?
  9. GodOfCheese

    Don't Drink and Delve

    I love it! Literal LOL :-)
  10. GodOfCheese

    Creepy Scarecrow

    I'll try washers first-- I have those laying around. It also has the advantage of being ferrous so if I choose to do anything interesting with magnets, the base will stick. In re-basing this mini I've replaced a wobbly but heavy base with a stable but light base, so although the mini is now net-steadier, it also now has a much higher center of gravity. I also considered very carefully boring a hole into the center of the "rock" from underneath and filling that with hot glue and BB's or something heavy, but I didn't want to risk damaging it.
  11. GodOfCheese

    Creepy Scarecrow

    Thanks, I'll try that! I was thinking about using washers but haven't tried it yet. Coins are out of the question because the pin attached to the mini goes through the base and is folded down and glued into place inside the plastic cylinder. That pin would probably interfere with using a washer. The metal mini is VERY heavy so I might need to use several... hmmm.
  12. GodOfCheese

    Creepy Scarecrow

    I found this thing in with my old miniatures. It was on a skinny, useless base that was way too small, causing the mini to tip over at the slightest provocation. So I clipped it off and attached it here. Now my problem is that the (metal) mini is top-heavy. I was thinking of filling the plastic base with metal BBs or glass beads in hot glue, but it's not quite large enough for that. Sand, maybe?
  13. GodOfCheese

    Invisible Hobbit

    That is epic!!! Truly well done!
  14. GodOfCheese

    Knight Squad (pic heavy)

    Thanks! I might try that... even if it just comes out unintelligible "lines of text", that would still be pretty cool. Thanks! I did them as black basecoat + white drybrush and then thin layers of color on top of them. It gave them a kind of grainy look that I wasn't super-excited about initially but it's growing on me. :-)
  15. GodOfCheese

    Knight Squad (pic heavy)

    I loved painting these guys. Originally I wanted to paint them like the characters from the game by ChainsawAwesome, but my children objected to one of the colors, so one of them is clearly a previously-unknown unlockable. ;-) One of the really awesome features of these sculpts is the parchment on the back of the shields. I'm still debating if I trust my freehand ability enough to write something on it... like "POINT OTHER SIDE AT ENEMY" or "PILLAGE, THEN BURN" ;-)