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  1. Awesome random encounter, paraphrased: DM describes a green, toad-like beastie. It-- Me: "Is that a GREEN SLAAD?" DM: "Well, roll a Knowledge: the Planes..." Me: "No, no, I mean does it look like THIS?" [reveals recently-painted Green Slaad] The Rogue: "Isn't this like a miniature painter's dream? Having just the right mini for a completely random encounter?" Me: HUGE HAPPY SMILE.
  2. Wow, your OSL is amazing! I particularly love the underlighting from the rune-- it really pops. How did you do the base?
  3. I love the blue/red color scheme on the remorhaz! With the highlights on the horns, it looks very Gigeresque!
  4. Very imaginative, cute, and hilarious at the same time :-)
  5. I love the brownish accent on their horns! It gives them an organic (yet elegant) appearance where otherwise they might be mistaken for porcelain. Very nice!
  6. I had planned to use epoxy resin and then add clear caulk to the top to create the ripples, but now I totally want to try the straw technique. I don't need much rippling-- the figure's on top of rocks and I want to make it look like the rocks have vibrated the water.
  7. I'm painting a mini with a light source, and decided to rebase the beastie with some water effects, probably epoxy resin. I'll probably try to make the water at least slightly rough, creating interest for the eye. I woke up in a cold sweat this morning realizing that the light source should be reflected (or possibly just highlighted) in/on the water. My initial thought was to: lightly (heh) color the bottom of the pool as if it were dry and lit by the light source pour and texture the water highlight the water by drybrushing from the light source out. My concern about this is that if the viewer looks toward the light, the surfaces of any wavelets will be highlighted on the opposite side from the POV. In other words, the viewer will see the undersides or backsides of any highlights through the translucent wavelets, and this might not look the way the viewer expects. Has anyone done this? I looked around for a few examples but although there are plenty of doing wave effects (froth and foam), I haven't found any yet that look like translucent glare.
  8. Thank you! I had never tried that with a weapon before, and it was... harder than I expected, so I'll have to try it again :-D Thanks! I'm really happy about that too. The encounter will probably occur in a dark(ish) location, so I wanted the beasties to fit the mood. Possibly overkill for a oneshot, but the fun makes everything worth it...!
  9. I love the colors, especially the subtly-different pink of her underdress. Especially as a speedpaint!
  10. I had thought of doing a bright yellow on the shell, but I worried it would look too golden. So I stuck with blue to contrast the dark yellow of the body and the reds of the terrain. In retrospect, it might have made sense to stick some moss on the shell though. It's doubtful that the snail cleans itself :-) Oooh, give it rust monster-like powers, in which it dissolves metal and uses it to repair/expand its shell later. Perhaps these vicious predators prowl underground dungeons in search of treasure to destroy, and in their search for high-carbon steel to digest, they gradually accrete precious gems that have been accidentally consumed along the way? A cyberpunk flail snail would be AWESOME! I might have to pick up another one now!
  11. I'll try that with old bone next time, thanks! I may spend some time adding bases to some of these bones... a lot of them seem to have insufficient basing, especially given the bonesium's inherent flex... :-/
  12. Ahhh, so that's what he's called! I'm terrible at getting the names for these things :-) Thanks, I'm pretty happy with his outcome! I was hoping to do the blades in some kind of organic-looking material, possibly a chitin or shell, but got lazy toward the end and went with traditional steel. :-D
  13. I assumed it was standard 28mm (it's https://www.reapermini.com/search/tengu/latest/03774, but from the BonesIV Kickstarter)
  14. Like Howard the Duck, but with a katana. And armor, and a scarf, and... okay, not at all like Howard the Duck.
  15. This mini made the difference on whether I was going to go for the Fan Favorites expansion. For some reason, I really liked the original Flail Snail in the MM. Never actually used (or encountered) one in a game, but the concept is so out there that I had to love it. This one I had trouble getting the shell to look organic. I tried a lot of different colors and treatments (most of which resulted in the shell spending time in the Simple Green...). Could have been the color choices, I guess?
  16. After battling a few of these in an expedition to the nether planes, I figured I should paint at least one of them...
  17. I love this guy's pose, and doing his eyes was really fun. I'm conflicted about the base though... the figure seems stable enough, but the base seems too plain. Suggestions welcome!
  18. I was experimenting with trying to make the blade glow with dull heat instead of something more spectacular (the traditional blade that glows with blinding brilliance, etc). Doing the color fading was hard, so I suspect I may not have the technique down yet.
  19. My son asked me to DM a game for him and his friends, and I decided that they should investigate an area populated by these creatures. So they have tracked the snake cultists into their slithery hole and must now do battle with their cult leadership! I decided that I wanted each Snake Cultist to have a distinct color, so I could refer to each by color rather than position. That is, except the one with the fireball. The fireball is distinct enough by itself.
  20. Sometimes when I imagine the mechanics of monster summoning, it's kind of like Uber or Lyft. You select a particular summoning option, and someone picks up the call without really knowing what the mission will be. Anyway, we needed an angel. Our prayers were answered, but apparently this one was on the way to the Celestial Daycare, or maybe had just completed another summoning gig involving orphans when she showed up for this gig. I can imagine any number of ways this could have gone. But in any case, this one arrived with a baby, and without a nose. She fight off our enemies with only one hand and without any olfactory senses. It was truly impressive!
  21. I particularly love the eyes... the pale, almost-gone ghost-grey of the pupils. SUPER creepy. VERY nice. :-)
  22. The prospect of "some" large sea beasts has me slightly apprehensive here... ;-)
  23. Thanks! I'll see if I can do a scale picture... the hard thing with this beastie is that all the flailing tentacles make it hard to get the camera to focus on the right places :-) Thanks! For some reason getting the transitions to blend was really hard with the tentacles, so I'm glad it turned out the way it did. Other blending (like on the body) was straightforward. At first I wondered if I hadn't cleaned them properly and soap or something was reacting to some of the paint but not others. Very weird, albeit fun. :-)
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