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  1. Thanks! I was a bit leery putting that much base under him, but it all kind of came together yesterday, and the weight definitely helps. Downside: now I don't know how to store him. The water is epoxy resin, but I learned from my mistakes with the Wyvern. This time, I made the "shore" from play-doh and rocks, then covering that with glue and sand. So this time, it was actually watertight. I also was more careful with how I measured the components, so it dried much faster and more evenly. Although with all that diligence to prevent seepage, I still spilled some of it when I was pouring it in. D'oh!
  2. I think I got this and a couple of other Warmachine minis at garage sales. This one had seen a little abuse (some by me), but I always figured it'd make a good creepy dragon or horror creature someday, if I could figure out what its ecology was like. I painted this one to take a break from another mini that was kind of stalled. The dude is about 60% base, because he's metal and the wings are quite heavy. His original base was pretty small, so I wanted to put something wider and heavier (read: more stable) underneath him. I'm really happy with the output!
  3. I totally wish I had done the same. Initially I'd thought "meh, what a gimmick," but now I'm loving them. This morning I took @Laoke's suggestion and painted one of my transparents with a glossy sealant first, THEN washed it in Heavy Body Black. The wash looks a lot more like I expected now, and the figure looks very crystalline. I'll post it when I get a chance. The remaining one is the one stepping over the fallen log, which is tricky because I don't want the log invisible, yet the log shares some surfaces with the (invisible) figure. WifeOfCheese suggested I try to do it fading from opaque at the bottom to invisible at the top, so that the log's missing surfaces can be camouflaged. Challenge accepted!
  4. Thanks! I was going for something "unreal" looking, and "candy" is definitely an effect I like :-) The Wizard: Secret Weapon Wash: Stormcloud Blue (VERY CAREFULLY) Citadel Technical: Waystone Green the hair was a mixture of Secret Weapon Wash: Sunshine and some other yellow pigments the staff was a dilution of Woodgrain The tip of the staff a combination of Orange wash and Citadel Auric Armour Gold the flesh was a very light wash of Model Color Light Flesh. This did not come out well IMHO. The cleric I decided did not need the same level of detail. Secret Weapon Wash: Ruby Citadel Technical: Soulstone Red The Hammer was a thin dilution of Auric Armour Gold very carefully applied as a wash. The first one I painted definitely got cloudy and I don't like it at all. I wish I could strip them but I doubt the Simple Green will have a good effect on transparent minis. Ooooh, I like yours though! I'll try a brush-on sealant for the next one.
  5. Struggling to paint these... my first thought had been to wash them lightly to pop the details, but I've had a lot of trouble getting the wash to stick. I like the result in this instance, but I can't help but feel like they're messy. They also seem a challenge to photograph! I guess the side-effect of making them seem unreal is that the unreality may also confuse image processors :-)
  6. Update: I shook the sealant aggressively, then let it sit before applying another coat to part of the mini. Painting on more sealant seemed to solve the problem-- I suspect that it rehydrates the substance and scatters the sediment. But when that coat dried, the sediment became visible again. It's a metal mini. Is there a way to strip the sealant without stripping the paint along with it?
  7. The sealer is Reaper 09107 brush-on sealant. I store it inverted, and the dropper bottle is nearly full. If I shake it, won't it be bubbly when it goes on? I've had a lot of terrible frosting experiences with spray sealants and so have stopped using them entirely for miniatures. I can stand a little frosting on my terrain, but washing out the minis is unacceptable to me. :-)
  8. My gargoyle was fine until I started sealing him, and then it looked like he'd been sleeping under the nesting place of a flock of birds. It dried incredibly quickly... like, I noticed the chalky appearance even as I rotated the mini. Scrubbing the applied varnish with water seemed to help a little, but not much. This same sealant behaved normally just two weeks ago, and it hasn't been exposed to temperature fluctuations or anything else I can think of. Why is it so chalky this morning?
  9. This Orc is ready to go on a chopping spree. He is all dressed up in his best armor with his new loincloth, and he's brought his Big Chopper! Disclaimer: new sealant was unexpectedly gloss, so I am stuck with glossy finish until replacement matte sealant arrives... :-/
  10. True story: before I had built the base, I left this guy out on the table to dry, and one of my daughters shrieked upon seeing it. She then politely requested that I paint no more of them. I'll consider that a win. This was my first experiment with pinning, as the spider was a single unit and had no base. Fun, but next time I'll try to remember to do it BEFORE painting... I hate to keep posting minis of uncertain sources, but... The problem with spiders is that the sculpts look very similar. I think this one is Reaper 02417, but am not 100% sure.
  11. Updated. Thanks! How did you find them? I searched Ral Partha's site for images of monks but found nothing useful. Is there a way to search all their catalogs without downloading every single one? Update: LOL, I just noticed that the top-knot guy's spear doesn't have a cloth sticking out of its handle in the Ral Partha image. Mine's must be a casting artifact. Well, I guess my monk is just fancy. ;-)
  12. Thanks! I'm really happy with how the Three Section Staff guy came out in particular. His musculature was really fun to paint, but I kept worrying that I would make him overly shiny. SonOfCheese and I had a blast making this and other scenery, and it's fun to play with, but now WifeOfCheese is asking us to find a way to store it when we're not playing, which is proving challenging... :-/
  13. Sometimes it's important to move one's training to an exotic locale where there is an opportunity for increased XP. Or, if one is an NPC, where one is more likely to be attacked. And it's more picturesque. These three monks encountered an unrelated joint experiment I was running with SonOfCheese. Not pictured: the Invisible Servant with Camera. :-) Note: I don't know the sources on two of the monks; the guy with the Three-Section-Staff is Reaper, but the other two guys are Ral Partha (thanks Mad Jack!). The top-knot guy's spear was broken and is almost entirely made of Green Stuff. I had actually been playing with him for years and had thought he was wielding two blades this whole time... :-o
  14. Clearly an experienced adventurer. Niriodel is prepared for anything. He's got his bedroll, his healing potion, a pouch full of snacks, a handy mug, and of course his weapons... Funny thing: I actually had not realized this guy was supposed to be a cleric when I painted him... I don't think I saw a holy symbol on him anywhere, for instance. But I like this figure because of all the little details on the mini. The expression on the face is fun too. :-)
  15. Here's a guy I pulled from the bin. I have several like him, but I don't know where they came from. Can anyone recognize this figure? Also, the wash on his ribs did something strange to this guy that my naked eye didn't see but the camera certainly captured in glorious detail . It looks like there was too much of it and it seeped away from where it was supposed to go... advice?
  16. With that, I found him! Updating tags... http://www.brigademodels.co.uk/Celtos/The%20Gaels/CLT-341.html
  17. I have no clue where I got this guy, but I envisioned him silently watching over a windswept field somewhere, which caused me to go kind of crazy with the flock. :-) Does anyone recognize this mini?
  18. The demonic court is a troublesome place. A courtesan has to keep her blades at the ready...
  19. I noticed that my photos tended to be too big and the EXIF orientation was usually wrong, so I wrote a little .NET app to do this which defaults to resizing down to 1MB, which looks like the max size for this board. It's a windows app, but I'd be happy to share it if that helps. EDIT: I just noticed that you're using iOS. You could theoretically do this under emulation but it might be more trouble than it's worth. :-/
  20. I interpreted it as being part of his bag o stuff. The head was somewhat squishy, which made me think it was dead and attached to the bag...
  21. It's simple math, really. Ranged Attack + Improvised Weapons = Hill Giant. He has a bag of fun, yet likely horrible stuff: ...and he's taken care not to trample any of the local flora, at least not yet:
  22. That's kinda what I thought, too. Nice work. Thanks! I've searched everywhere, but I am totally at a loss on this guy. It'd be interesting if for no other reason than to see how other people painted him :-)
  23. I actually have no idea where this guy came from, which might explain his attitude. That and I painted him in a hurry... I imagine him picking his way through the mossy scree to get even with me for my messy paint job. ;-) Anyone know how I could find the source of this mini? I probably bought him a decade ago or more.
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