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  1. I was at a convention and found this neat miniature, and then in the parking lot I found this neat rock! And so I thought "this rock would make a fine base, and make the miniature less wobbly!" Funny thing: the rock didn't up being that heavy, so the mini is now wobblier. Oooops... :-)
  2. After thrice-plundering the rice pudding against the orders of his deity (and his code of conduct), the Poky Little Paladin went roly-poly, pell-mell, tumble-bumble down the alignment scale until he came to the fiendish end and stopped short. "Dear me!", exclaimed his deity. "What a pity you're so evil! Now my forgiveness is all gone!" But the Poky Little Paladin snuck out later and dug a hole under the fence to find a new patron... I attempted to do implied lighting on this guy, but the specular qualities of the metallic paint made this really hard because it was shiny under some light and transparent under others. Is there a trick to doing this with metallic paint, or is the trick really "don't do metallic paint"? :-)
  3. ZOMG. Simply amazing! I love the furs under the shoulderpads (and pants)! Just similar enough to the skull-color to blend in but not so similar that they could be mistaken for the same material. Epic! How big is this mini? He looks bigger than 28mm, but it could be that he's just that intimidating. :-)
  4. I do not know where this miniature came from, but when I pulled him out of the bin, I imagined sunbreaks in the late spring rain. So the dragon would be marching through a grassy pasture strewn with stones in the aftermath of a great storm. Hopefully my little golden dragon will bring us luck with the storm hitting the northwest right now!
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I am very happy with how those came out :-) I didn't realize that the lack of shade on the rock would be as noticeable until after I'd painted the creature itself, and then I was worried that if I accidentally shaded the monster while reaching between its many legs, I wouldn't be able to match the color of the rest of the hide. :-(
  6. I've always loved this description of the basilisk as a highly poisonous creature. It's hard to make that work in D&D though. :-) In D&D, I would imagine that the basilisk would haunt an ecology that would have difficulty supporting life. If most animals the monster sees are petrified, then eventually the local flora would suffer. So the I've tried to paint the miniature as stalking a desolate wasteland with minimal vegetation. This beastie was definitely a fun paint. Comments/Criticism welcome, of course!
  7. Ever accidentally grab the wrong sealant and not realize it until it's too late? I am very happy with her hair though. The wing assembly came together with a piece of her hair that was somehow badly damaged and had huge gaps. This gave me an opportunity to try out Liquid Green Stuff for the first time! Her eyes were great, but unfortunately there's not enough contrast for them to be very visible under normal lighting. Astute observers may note that she's not actually a "chained" succubus. I suspect that the chain is probably wherever her hair ended up. :-)
  8. Sing the song! "I'll be there for you...!" :-) So, after the completion of their awesome campaign, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe were booked on a gig that was simultaneously more serious and less comfortable. These three took forever to paint-- I experimented with implied lighting from the magma, but am less than pleased with the results because they don't look like the lava is lighting them at all. Instead, the shadows I attempted to paint on the facing-away sides just seem to look muddy. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  9. I love the color transitions (and the color in general!) on the cloak. The back of his cloak does look strangely plain, although it makes sense that there would not be stars on that side. The paint job on this guy is just amazing overall though. Wow!
  10. The snow really brings out her colors... I like the sphere; it makes it very snowglobesque. :-) Seeing the scene without the snow makes me wish you could see more of the bricks on the path, but the texture the snow creates is really amazing!
  11. When I pulled this dude out of the bin, I felt like I had to paint him very blingy-- like those chains weren't iron, they were gold, and that scythe should be made from some kind of exotic metal... and somehow this ended up with him being a Priest of the Metal Gods in my mind's eye. Unfortunately I couldn't get the camera to focus on his left side at all... Anyway, rock on, metal priest!
  12. This ghast is very angry at a player character's insensitive "Thriller" reference. :-)
  13. Amazing! The composition is really awesome. There's a lot here to enjoy! How big is the base, and do you have any higher-resolution images of the mini? Did you build that tree, or was it part of a scenery pack somewhere?
  14. Awesome! I'm doing a bunch of minis right now with magma on them, so I intend to try the same effect! :-)
  15. It is said that Sister Hilda's sermons were more blistering than any flame strike, and that her withering scowl could flatten a troll.
  16. Thanks for the feedback! Oooh, that's a great idea, I hadn't thought of it at all... I may give that a shot when I'm done with who I'm painting now!
  17. I really liked the posture on this mini. I imagined her standing in a recently-scorched landscape, unharmed, waiting for her turn at initiative to come up to retaliate. :-)
  18. Yeah, I was going for "there's a pile of gold at the bottom of this pool" but got something more like "there's a pile of glitter at the bottom of this pool" ;-)
  19. My first experience with epoxy resin! I learned that building something from sand and glue that looks watertight... is not actually the same as being watertight. :-)
  20. WOW! That's some gorgeous calamari! The monster colors are great, but I really like the wood/barnacle appearance. Very nice!
  21. I just finished her yesterday morning. I love the action on this figure, like she's doing a form or otherwise in mid-swing. Loved painting her...! Now if I could just keep the sealant from bubbling :-/
  22. Had some time with the camera yesterday, so I've added more pics of her shell. Thanks!
  23. Mrs. Cheese and I went to Paizocon today with Little Bluberry and her Muffin Man, and we all had some fun painting. Witness the horror of what we have wrought! :-) Without realizing it, Mrs. Cheese and I chose the same Iconic Barbarian miniature to paint. I suspect that this is kind of like wearing the same dress to the prom as someone else, so we had to make them distinct somehow.
  24. This elf is all dressed up for the ballroom, where she might deliver the secret documents or stab the person who meets her. Or possibly both!
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