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  1. I picked up this little snail at a convention booth last year or so and had a lot of fun painting her. She is seen here peeking through the weeds. :-) The original mini was just the snail on kind of a rock thing (now embedded in the base). Update: had a chance to get some pictures of the shell as requested. :-)
  2. Gorgeous! The chalky grey makes it look weathered and tough... I especially like the orange "gills" though; it's a great organic counterpoint without quite painting a target on them. :-)
  3. Mini appears to be this guy. I was going for a kind of unearthly celestial glow with him, though it came out really strangely in the hair. Still, fun to paint :-) Update: I didn't like how his base looked. Although it was transparent, it didn't give the illusion of floating, so I added some "clouds", which is closer to what I wanted, but still doesn't quite give the flying illusion. :-/ If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make him look more like he's flying, I'm all ears :-) Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I dunno how other people do this, but I made the base from a couple of 5mm plywood scraps (one 3" square-ish, and the other slightly larger than the mini's built-in base). I glued them together and traced the outline of the original mini base on the top for reference, then I poured down glue, sand, and aquarium rocks. When it was heavy enough (and looked the way I wanted it), I primered and painted. There's a seam where the original base and new base come together, so I covered this up with lots of flock. I thought about putting a magnet in the base so they could be separated for storage, but I've never tried that before and I am skeptical that I can be precise enough with a drill. :-/
  5. I saw this guy in the store awhile back, and I had to paint him. But he seemed too big to be Large, so I decided he had to be Huge. Being Huge (and top-heavy), I also figured that he needed a bigger base to reflect a 15x15' Space. In retrospect, I wish I'd done him with a circular base to have a little less negative space, but overall it was a fun flock experiment. :-)
  6. Oooh, that's definitely him. Thanks! I'll re-tag the post so it can be properly identified and catalogued. There may have been, but he tipped over so much in games that I had him super-glued to a couple of nickels for a dozen years or so until recently. :-) Thanks for the tip about the Orange-- I'm about to do some miniatures that all will involve lava, so I'll definitely check that out!
  7. Thanks! I guess I'll go take some pictures of the other stuff soon :-) :-)
  8. This is an earth elemental mini of unknown origin. I've had him for years, but never thought about painting him (or any of them really) until recently. I like how he came out, except that the varnish made him really pale. D'oh! The original base for the mini was really tiny, making him prone to tipping over in gameplay, so I wanted a bigger one that was heavier and reflected his 10x10 space. This one is mostly glue and rocks, so it seems plenty sturdy. :-)
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