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  1. For us it was easy. Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadowdeep, Vanguard, Mordheim, fits with all of them. But for ME, that bridge with houses on. There's a bridge in Bard's Gate that will be perfect for. And I have plans for the kids that involved that bridge and a dragon. Step one, drive off the dragon, who is having a pretty good time going all Trogdor on those buildings, and enjoying the people running around like their hair was on fire. Because he HAS set their hair on fire! Step two, track down the dragon, and make sure he never, ever has a chance to do that again. In his head, this is a demonstration, to be followed with demands for wealth and sacrifices. Yeah, the damsel tied to the stake kind of sacrifices. Bard's Gate is wealthy, and can afford the services of a band of heroes. The dragon is SCREEEWED!
  2. Yeah, definitely seeing mixed reviews on the Mighty. EPax seems to be the best regarded in that size and generation, with a 5K upgrade, and not that big of a price increase. The Saturn is less expensive, but impossible to get right now. Grump described Journey to the West as an epic quest, with meaningful and deeply layered allegory. And monkeys, because EVERYTHING'S better with monkeys.
  3. We have young dungeon monster, and you wonder why I think this is awesome?! It doesn't HAVE to make sense! BD will see a piano on a turntable, and it will be COOL! Think BIG! Think WEEBLE SIZED!
  4. I think Grump plans on using them as wererats.
  5. The weird religious vibe from the AV set is disturbing. I like them better than this.
  6. They STILL have early birds. IF we go in it will be the $30 level, for the discount on the Sonic Mighty. I want to like it, I really do, but instead of more monsters for stretch goals they just added a naked version of the female character. Nice, but an adventure needs monsters more than it needs naked ninjas doing a fan dance.
  7. Oh, oh, oh! That Chinese dragon! Mum's birthday is coming up, and that is PERFECT!
  8. Grump's game, somebody instigated a riot. I have Lightning Bolt, the Merciful Spell feat, and a flying broom. Life Is Good! Two spells, and I took out most of the rioters, without killing ANY of them! We spent the night SAVING DROW! Whatever tail the dead spy pulled, the dog was against the drow refugees. Someone leaked that what most in the city thought were twenty or so refugee drow was actually over 2,000. So some nitwit thought it would be a good idea to direct a riot against the dwarf undercity, because the dwarves were the ones giving the drow sanctuary. The dwarves are happy with us, if they had responded it would have been grape shot.
  9. Just read an article on the stages of marriage. Honeymoon stage, where everything is rose colored glasses. First few years. Bickering stage, where you start to find faults you didn't notice before, about five to maybe ten or fifteen years in. Then quiet partnership, now that you know each other, and are willing to give each other room. Somehow I think Grump and me skipped both of the first two stages, and slid right into quiet domesticity. No mad passionate romance, but our bickering is mostly about rules for games. It helps that each of us knows how to blast the other out of our funks. I shoved him into the after school game, and he dropped a 3D printer on me. We were both right! We also both made damned sure we knew each others faults. Grump tried to scare me off with his! I'm so mean and nasty! Grrr! Would you like another pork chop?
  10. I am just starting the next round, incliding the AG dragonborn with boobage. The Lusty Draconian Maid. SOMEONE was playing Skyrim! Printing stuffnfor the Eberron game, because the Norse game will be over before we can game in person again. Playing online is better than not playing, but I miss company over!
  11. Another is storage, we have over a T of models already downloaded. We started collecting MONTHS before our first printer arrived. And we've only gotten worse since then. Every time we go to whittle down our Patreon list, it seems like we add another, instead. And it doesn't matter which of us makes the attempt.
  12. Some companies are good about that. Epic is excellent about it. Archvillian's mindflayers are getting printed out right now, I already printed Artisan Guild's. She is! South seas dryad. Too bad that character is retired, I think that was the first time I ran a game to level 16! Maybe half dryad children, or something, if I ever run a game in the Pathfinder setting again. Dungeoning right now for the next Eberron game, floor tiles Cast n Play might be useful, but I am leaning more to PDFs with 3D props and furniture.
  13. Yeppers! That first liter of resin doesn't last very long, does it? Printing about six minis every run. Four if they are Large. Mostly MUMBLE! (I'm channeling Grump )
  14. Dove in today. Good: WAY faster than the CR-6 filament printer. WAY better detail than the CR-6. Jewelry quality, my test print was a ring. Bad: NOISY! Not vaccuum cleaner loud, but blow dryer loud. Light leaks! UV rich light spilling out the bottom and sides. Between the noise and the light, no way we can keep this in our bedroom like the CR-6. But the Good is WAY more important than the bad. I love my precioussss! (Clutches newly printed ring.)
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