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  1. We haven't run Airship Pirates in YEARS. Running that with Grump was when I realized I was WINNING.
  2. Anyone else playing this? I think we have converted most of our 40K players to it. Well, converted our EX 40K players to it. We had a bunch of folks that dropped 40K when the new edition dropped. Liking it a lot. I mean a LOT. We joined the Patreon for the fantasy minis, but hot damn! The Not-40K is so damned good! We just printed a Jackal loaner warband for Stargrave and GD:FF.
  3. BD has learned the Universal Sign Language for face tentacles! I'm SO PROUD! Sounds like a Dutch zombie movie. "What are the zombies doing?" "Drinking chocolate and complaining about taxes."
  4. Not our game, silly! The Bulletin Board game.
  5. At the upper levels the Patreons are healthily self supporting, so their prices are closer. Ad sometimes those bigger STLs are worth the money, but were created because the artist WANTED to. Most of these Patreons are run by the artists, including Raging Heroes, so the Patreon paying for development is a pretty big deal.
  6. The Patreon pays for the time spent creating the models. The profit is in the models sold later. Some price to drive people away from later purchase, looking for income being solely from the Patreon. But the biggest example of that is actually using the 3D models to create physical models. For Raging Heroes the profit is in the physical models that their own 3D models are competing with. Patreon made ALL the difference between Raging Heroes making money or losing money.
  7. Or he's a GM working on his campaign. Not likely. Most of those Patreons will just go out of business. I am willing to pay an artist for their work, I've BEEN the artist that didn't get paid. If the model looks like it is worth more than the Patreon I will join the Patreon. Letting go of the Patreon is harder when the next month ALSO looks good. We joined Ghamak for a month, three months ago. Both tiers, because cowboy orks and creepy undead. Addiction? Why do you ask? Those cowboy orks aren't even for us. They are for a loaner force/bribe.
  8. That Ghamak undead scribe gave me an idea for an adventure. Tempted to make a WHOLE BUNCH of undead copyists. Yes, the lich is EVIL, but mostly he is BUSY. And doesn't know from printing presses. NOT Blood of Vol, but they WILL try to recruit him, in my Eberron game.
  9. It wasn't until last week that I found out that American chop suey is slumgullion with more pasta, more tomatoes, and cheese. We had slumgullion for my Airship Pirates game YEARS ago as a steampunk dinner.
  10. I can tell that you are upset about this, Dave.
  11. In. The quays don't have to be quays, they can be terraces.
  12. Burger, mac & cheese, carrots & peas, stewed tomatoes, and mozzarella. Done right it looks like someone already ate it.
  13. Going to make a shipwreck dinner in the instant pot. BD will be happy, at least.
  14. Mother's Day was nice and quiet, for about as long as it took to start eating the breakfast in bed. Then we got invaded by an energetic noise maker with a homemade card. Glitter in the bed.
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