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  1. If you want to feel like killing someone, see The Last Airbender live action movie. It was AMAZING! If they could screw something up, they did. They even added things, just so they could screw up MORE! Truly, a maestro's work. I didn't like it, if you were wondering. Not even the kind of dislike where I force Grump to watch it to share the pain. Pretty sure it was the cat. That's not a dog's handwriting.
  2. Watching Deathwatch tonight. First Grump recommended it. Then Mercedes Lackey recommended it. WWI horror movie. If it goes like I expect, I will share it with Claire later. .Rec gave her nightmares.
  3. Is the glow in the dark ship still on the table? If it is, could the Reaper figurehead be glow in the dark too? The wench doesn't work as well for a ghost ship. We kind of want three. Ghost, pirate, and naval. That might work better with the Stygian Barge.
  4. The butter chicken and naan got BD's nom nom nom of approval.
  5. Curry is genetic. As soon as she smells it cooking she turns into a lttle angel. You're not fooling anyone, you know that, right?
  6. She was SO confident in her power. She KNEW she was going to be right where she needed to be, right when she needed to be there.
  7. I've been around Grump too long. I just bought a book titled 660 Curries. A recipe book. I. Just. Bought. A. Cookbook! My ex high-priestess's curse is coming true! In the BEST possible way! Because my daughter loves butter chicken, yes she does! And butter chicken is EASY! That joy of knowing your little troublemaker WON'T be kicking up a foodie fuss! And WILL clean off her plate. This will be her first time with naan, but she can dip it in curry, so she'll be happy with it.
  8. Hey, I LIKE the jumpsuits! And two of them, not one. They're just different colors. Ghostbusters are just like the Orkin man, you call them when you need them, not because you want to socialize with them!
  9. Grump's turn to lose people, though they survived, his companions lost an arm and an eye. So, he retired them.
  10. Wow, I wish I had seen that female goblin thief.
  11. Looking for people in the Ghostbuster, not the four originals, Ghostbuster Boston being the home of our group. But the weapons and equipment pack is a great place to start, it should be easy to find people in jumpsuits. Our group is about 50:50 female to male.
  12. Behold! Nautilus! Bad movie, great actors, and beautiful Nautilus.
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