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  1. Sammy has learned that only works on one of us. One us that isn't me. (Oh, look, a bus! Time to throw him under it!)
  2. Poking this, so it will be easier for me to find again.
  3. The original thread. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86798-norsenorthlands-campaign-no-grumps/ A big problem with the first version was that the Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands was way too big, and took months to finish, and had them something like fifth level when they finished. Fun, but it threw off the pacing. This time more like Kingmaker, lots of little adventures. I was surprised going over my notes. I only used a TINY bit of what I had written. Shadowed Keep REALLY slowed things down.
  4. Rebooting, years and years later. The start is minis. Instead of Shadowed Keep I will start them with more people, tools, and have them build at landfall. Start with the palisade. Add a building a month, maybe? The giants will still be friendlyish. The dwarves less so, but relations can improve. King Olaf will still be a jerk, and his son much, much, much worse than he is. Exile is still where it all really begins. Having a model for the village means that it WILL be attacked!
  5. Grump's last minute birthday present to me was perfect The Miniature Land Tribe on MMF. The PERFECT Viking village for the Norse game I have been putting off. And WAY MORE. That is all THIS MONTH. For $10. That town literally made me cry. Grump found the PERFECT present.
  6. Grump just dropped an 11th hour - literally - birthday prezzie on me, and it is making me cry. A Tribes just released the perfect set for when, not if, I relaunch my Norse game. My starting town for the kingdom building. Mine. It's perfect.
  7. Holy hell! He printed up a mindflayer Nautiloid THREE FEET LONG!!! How did I not notice? The FDM parts would take DAYS?! It and Sophie's Revenge are giving each other dirty looks.
  8. I'm not saying Grumpy is predictable, but I knew what he was getting me for my birthday as soon as I saw the posters a month ago. We're seeing Young Frankenstein at the Lyric! The BIG box was a surprise, but I haven't opened it yet.
  9. The others are all like "RARRR!" This one is going "Is that food? Would you like to share?"
  10. And later amazed at how hard it can be to find one that YOU KNOW YOU BOUGHT, somewhere, on the dive or any of several STL markets. I KNOW we have a shrieker fungus. Somewhere.
  11. Jenny adopted a Newfoundland puppy. Her cats were NOT pleased. Half an hour later the Maine Coon The Blort had adopted the puppy. Today she learned that using a spritz bottle on the Newfie is just as effective as it is on The Blort. "Squirt bottle?! Oh, yes, PLEASE!" When you first look at The Blort you think he's fluffy. And he IS. Then you think he's FAT. Then you see him MOVE. Like thunder unleashed. He's not fat. He's an effing SUMO WRESTLER! That is muscle, pretending to be fat. He is also really sweet. Twenty-five pounds of muscle and cuddles. Not the biggest Maine Coon I've seen, but that size, that speed, and that much agility? If he were a mean cat he would WRECK people. Instead, he's a daddy bear. He is bigger than a Newfie puppy. The other cat is still sulking.
  12. They changed systems to a d6 system. I recommended we stick with the old one, which is CoC compatible. Meh. MEH! I say! Get off ma lawn, you young whippersnippers!
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