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  1. I had something like that when I first gamed with Grump, back when I was ironing my hair. Dark brunette, dyed black. Now back to my natural wave, which gets all kinds of kinky when it rains.
  2. Took BD shopping. They have a tiny coin operated merry go round, and both BD and me are small enough to share it. Fifty cents well.spent. She is JUST big enough to push the kid sized shopping cart, and loved helping Mommy shop.
  3. I just got congratulated by a bus driver, for marrying my "grumpy old man". She used to date a grumpy old man, and wishes that she had married him. So I guess there was a reason she guessed right away that we are a couple. I told her we had just had an anniversary. Thumb typing on a moving bus is not as easy as it looks!
  4. Gawd, I hope not. But by how it looks where it comes out of the case, that isn't it - the LCD is dark, the lights aren't. It leaks a lot pf light out the vent. The failed prints also look like the LCD going blooey. The next to last has a bunch of melty looking bottoms. We already ordered the LCD, even if we don't need it NOW, we WILL need it. We had it on a.surge protector and UPS, so it should have survived any surges, but it didn't.
  5. Dude, that's been the case for YEARS. If it's been a while, put that red jerk dragon in. That broccoli has stick with me for years. I have NEVER wanted to kill a dragon so much.
  6. The barbarian elf babes make me want to practice drow skin tones and translucent fabric effects. Interesting warforged and artificer.
  7. Four seven. But I'm a much nicer person, and don't go around kissing guys like that. She's not a flirt, she's a HUSSY! *Hmmph!* Besides I was too busy pirate hustling to kiss anybody today, we had our first pirate picnic party in AGES! Most of us weren't even in garb, this time. But we were pirates on the INSIDE! And that's what counts. Well, that and grilled chicken. You can't be a proper pirate without grilled chicken. And the kids have GROWN! Even Sam is taller than me now! Grump has learned that some mysteries are better left unsolv
  8. That isn't AVG, that's Black Magic Crafts, and he does very good videos. AVG was the sponsor, not the creator.
  9. Suddenly my Mini 4K isn't printing anything, not even a blob of cured resin sticking to the FEP. The UV is working, but I don't know if the LCD is somehow stuck on Opaque black. How do you even check that? I got a bad print the run before, not sticking to the plate, and a thin film of cured resin over the entire bottom of the vat, now not even that. Nothing solid at all.
  10. Reading Alfie. A rare smut free episode: I want to see if I can manage those gobbo eyes. Fortunately, I have some new goblin STLs to print and practice on.
  11. That's because your singing voice sounds NOTHING like your talking voice. Your talking voice is nasal, and always kind of angry sounding, not a good voice for singing. When you sing, you open your throat, and somebody else's voice comes floating out. Resonant, timbered, and filling the room. I remember the occassion, and why and where, but not the song. It was near when Jon and Julie started pushing us together. They brought their karaoke machine. Grump has a tie dyed druid. He's a tie dyed hippie, hippie hey, hippie hey! He
  12. Flirt, flirt! See ya soon! Our nowhere-near-as-local-as-we'd-like game store backs Kickstarters, and even lets people use them as a mailing address for Kickstarters. They are AWESOME!
  13. Flintstones! MEET the Flintstones! They're your modern Stone Age family! Does anybody do minis for the Flintstones, other than that one of sexy Wilma and Betty? Actually, if I can reduce Wilma and Betty, that might be a good fit.
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