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  1. The one he ran for us last year had minis. Now we have a lot of STLs for Cthulhuoid encounters. But he's wrong again, the last Call of Cthulhu he ran was an 1800s game, with ghouls.
  2. That bow looks like it will turn back into its component parts at the first opportunity. Not like roll a one and it breaks, more like roll ten or under and it breaks. That big guy in the center is the only one I want.
  3. We are losing a player. He's moving back to the reservation while his mother is living in Ohio, taking care of her house. Having Grump put the game for Mum and my family on hold, so I can wrap the Norse game before DtY leaves. Not happy with wrapping the Norse game, honestly, I should have put it on hold instead of running it on a virtual tabletop. It never really worked for remote gaming. It sort of sonowballed on me and went off aeay from what I had planned. So, asking if they want to retake their homeland, or forge a new nation, and picking ba
  4. So, Grump talked me into letting BD have her pirate Halloween costume for her birthday. Today she wanted to wear it to kindergarten. The least surprising thing in the history of completely unsurprising things.
  5. Grump and me tried an experimental Mordheim scenario last night, he was testing balance. One sode was protecting Imperial artillery, the other trying to silence the mortars. The mortars were firing into ANOTHER game, not the one being played on our table. It took me five turns to shut them all down, one a turn for the last three turns of the game. That would be nine shells falling onto an allie's table. Oh, yeah, this time we have allies. Groups of two or three that get points as a team. And one of the Event cards is Trea
  6. The look on Grump's face when BD threw her Angry Birds toy into the room and yelled "hand grenade!" He looked at her and said "That's Fire in the hole!"
  7. Weird thing, gaming with the 'rents. The game was supposed to start at 6:30. The game ACTUALLY started at 6:30! Made pot roast. That's traditional gypsy fare, right? Back to the wandering gypsies o, in about fifteen. Chuck for $2.97/lb.
  8. But we were in for the dark elves, this time. The full version, with the terrain.
  9. Testosterone, that magical chemical that lets men dance cossack dances with a girl on their back when 19, then wonder why they have back problems when 59. Happy belated public birthday!
  10. It followed me home, Judge. Can I keep it? TWO of you?! To be frank, that's... Nope, the frank pun is all I got. The GW behavior goes hand in glove with being resource wealthy, cash poor.
  11. Look at Heroes Infinite. A $15 set goes to $200! $200!
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