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  1. I didn't realize how sturdy FDM buildings are for gaming. Played Mordheim last night, and the city was atacked by what were obviously daemon possessed Chaos Kittehs, Thomathy chasing Khatt across the table. But no damage to the ruined buildings, even the one that bounced off the table. Thomathy has been cranky lately. He always is when the heat turns on.
  2. We went through another spool. That makes three, just so far. Need more black. And ilithids do not love filament printers.
  3. I love having a Grump! I asked him how I could fit the AG dragonborn into an Eberron campaign, he answered 'Nazi dragonborn from a secret breeding program on Argonessen. A gold dragon is attempting to build a Thousand Year Empire based on a fragment of the Prophecy, currently isiolationist, it may become expansionist when the dragon feels that the stars are right. Worse, they think they are the GOOD guys.' I asked for an idea, and I got a setting specific conspiracy theory! I seem to remember something about a Gold like that, already in the setting?
  4. I.looked at Artisan Guild's trailer for November. Dragon/Lizard people. They are catering to both the Lizard Bewbs and No Lizard Bewbs for their pin up. But she has dewclaw high heels!
  5. Grammum has a metal plate she puts over the burner and puts the pot on the plate. Just a tiny regular pot, but it works.
  6. Grump has actually cast jewellry, but he did flats from greenstuff and RTV rubber. Still a few classes away, I need to get the basics first.
  7. It was after that that InCase started calling Alfie "the rat". The current arc is about the rat's redemption. BUT this past arc was wonderful, with Vera finding happiness, and GRABBING it! A lot of character growth. And a goat.
  8. The shadow could be painted too. Probably easier than painting the ball.
  9. Gah! Gibber, gibber, gibber! I always knew you were EVIL!
  10. That has me wicked excited, though I am starting with Blender. Even a student license for ZBrush is super duper expensive. Some tools I find myself vocalizing. "Extruuuuuude!" Need a few more credits to take the jewelry making class, entering the game late.
  11. Get her to play with it and pick what she wants to print. Engage her with it. Don't be surprised if she wants to print something you never expected - Mum wanted us to print a PICTURE FRAME! So, we printed picture frames. Go over the catalogs with her. Engage her, get her to think of it as HER printer that she lets you use. Grump could get away with pushing me off the cliff and yelling SWIM! But Grump knew that was the best way to get me in the water. Sending me the link to MMF and standing back while I dog paddled around the pool. And telling me that it's MY printer, that he will be using now and again.
  12. We play the classic at least twice a year with Mum, and BD plays a Weeble version.
  13. Grump has about a gazillion and a half of those. The ones where helmets are separate and glued onto the heads. I don't know how he glued them, but they aren't falling apart. But sculpting has come a long way since then.
  14. That's why you love me! I really did not realize a 3-D printer would make me feel flirty!
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