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  1. That it was motherly and innocent Jenny sending the link to the porn was the icing on the cake.
  2. Just saw the preview of the April Artisan Guild dwarves. Swwweeeeet! They are remaking their original dwarf defenders release, and they are be-a-utiful! A unit of griffon cavalry, and a female dwarf with beautiful African features! Soo glad to see that! I know jist who to give it to. Can't link photos, Fire being PitA. Love both these and last year's Norse dwarves. And their trolls. And their elves. And, well, there is a reason they are my favorites!
  3. That crunch was how we got our first puncture FEP, when the Mini was our only machine. And the print still on the plate was my homework.
  4. I've done worse. Like forgetting to take the finished prints off before starting the new run, worse.
  5. The nice thing is he SHARES! Once one crow knows you, EVERY crow knows you! The trick is to keep dog kibble in your purse.
  6. We got the replacement part for our Mercury X. The original was plastic, the replacement is cast aluminum. The original had one set screw, the replacement has two. It was WAY past warantee, and Elegoo replaced the part anyway. Would have been nice to not have the problem, but Elegoo definitely pit it to right.
  7. Ooh! Yes! But those worgs! Yum! The bear! Excellent! The semi clad shaman-witch! I can use ALL OF IT!
  8. Dammit! Now Grump has me looking for friendly driders too! I just had an idea for the game next week. Only borrowing a bit from Grump, only the friendly woodland driders. Now I need a drider druid, with flowers in her hair! She's a dippy hippie drider! I'm naming her Janice. Anyone else think those barbarians need musical instruments?
  9. Trying to explain that Baby didn't pick up the word from Daddy, she picked it up from Mommy.
  10. Having ywo WnC does help though, one washing, two curing. The Wash is big enough for the Saturn, but having a second Cure lets us spread the prints out.
  11. One of our players is an arachnaphobe. More spiders are ALWAYS tempting. 😛 The surprising thing was Grump having a friendly drow encounter, and Jenny NOT freaking out.
  12. Both, braziers at the ends, statues everywhere else. Maybe the tall braziers for the lower suppprts? Free.is.always.good.
  13. Not just nine year olds. Grump gets me a box every Christmas.
  14. An alpaca will put its head on top of your head, and drool in your hair while making a contented crooning noise. Guess how I know this.
  15. Some of their KS are recycled Patreon models.
  16. I haven't posted much this week. My trusty Fire, she of the cracked screen, finally died on me. Then, tonight, she started beeping, and is working again. But thought that it was nine in the morning of the day she "died", and time for me to wake up. Backing up everything that I can back up, and treasuring the time we have left together. She has Firefox, which cannot be installed on newer Fires.
  17. The guy that had nude pictures of his wife in some of his videos? Guy gave me the creeps.
  18. Great, my turn to catch something, so I can give it to everyone.else. TG, just a cold. Runny nose and WAY more sneezing than I'm used to.
  19. Like planning out a character right now like those ogres. Clean version!
  20. Spelljammer, in the FUTURE! I really, REALLY like those female ogres in fishnet tanktops. Not joking, really, either. Those are Shadowrun PC material!
  21. Slowly raising my hand. I didn't even wait for New Year. December 29, 2023. On the rent check.
  22. Listening to Voice Play. ALL of Voice Play. Even their Halloween stuff. Looking through your window Our eyes are locked together I can see your horror But I want to SEE IT CLOSER! How have I missed this group for so long?
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