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  1. Just watched Discourse Miniatures, who reviewed an Anycubic and One Page Rules AT THE SAME TIME! She's been disgruntled by GW lately. Her review of the Anycubic was pretty much "I'm an idiot, and I can do this! It's EASY!!!" There was another reviewer that added the price of the army, the resin, and thw PRINTER and still saved a Benjamin over buying GW. In a weird negative way, GW may be the best advertising for 3-D printing.
  2. Good... Good... Need to finf a big gold dragon for a baddie that thinks he's a goodie.
  3. The 3-D printer companies are learning. They had been sending review printers to people that revoew 3-D printers. They have started to send printers to miniature reviewers that have never used a 3-D printer before. The joy when the magic happens.
  4. We had to replace the switch. Really expensive. Something like six switches for three dollars on Teh Big River.
  5. The good thing is warforged are WICKED easy to paint, metal base, Contrast brown, details, done. The bad, I have NO IDEA what to use for shifters and changelings, and I CANNOT remember if the PCs killed the Peter Lorre changeling.
  6. I am in the late planning stage for the Eberron game. Which means LOTS of printing. Followed by Oh, yeah, I need to PAINT that! Some of the warforged look suspiciously like One Page Rules Robot Legion.
  7. How did Sephy react? BD KNEW she was all about the curry while still officially on baby food. She, Grump, and Khatt.
  8. We both GM, so our getting a wide assortment of minis works for us, even if we don't need them, RIGHT NOW. Epic is a.good example. We are not buying miniatures, we are buying a library.
  9. After Gwenpool, and Spider-Gwen, Grump suggested Gwenom.
  10. I'd been hearing about water curing. Hpw do you like the results, so far?
  11. One of the things I like about OPR. Consistent rules. GW rules are driven by their exceptions.
  12. One remaining possibility is Reaper 3D Printing On Demand for out of distribution minis. Having five or six printers to dash off OP minis. Sophie's Revenge might be an expensive example. The Bones Weapon packs that were too big for the packaging is another. Not likely, but I think Impact does that.
  13. Did you see the gnolls from Artisan Guild last month? LOVE them!
  14. Lassoed Grumpy into OPR's Grimdark skirmish game last night. Three games, one draw, one win him, last win mine. Maybe forty minutes per game, after the first. Good game. The minis print out nice and chunky, not fragile. Printing up three forces, Battle Sisters for me, Robot Legions him, Eternal Dynasty to sucker in new players. Going Contrast Paints, get em done and on the table.
  15. The dance was cancelled because the up tick in Omicron. Dammit New Year's Eve 2021, you had ONE job! Swing Project cancelled every event for January.
  16. Grump doesn't know it yet, but he's gonna NEED his kilt tomorrow night. I wanna say GOODBYE, DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE BUTT 2021! And THAT means dancing. And I have never seen him dancing in a kilt.
  17. Grump lost me for a few hours last night. He printed and painted some mushroom people for a XMas present for me. Poor Grumpy! I took one look and POOF! plot! Mushroom people selling to drug dealers under Sharn, selling magic mushrooms. Magic as in I can taste the colors, man! Not deadly, or even damaging, but WICKED addictive. The "sexy mushroom lady" is the big bad for the scenario, but not all that bad a big bad, a Timothy Leary type. Pure Chaotic Neutral. An Oracle with a Madness flavor. She thinks that psychotropic visions are a GIFT! Her henchshrooms and mushthugs, on the other hand ARE bad.
  18. If you have a 3D printer, there are some good STL options too.
  19. There may be some truth to that though. I just downloaded the fantasy rules from One Page Rules. Good rules, good STLs, and a good Patreon. All downloadable content. Honestly better rules than GW as far as I can see. Less expensive minis than GW, even adding in the printer. More to do with GW than anything else. GW pricing is nuts. But GW is the 500 lb gorilla, so people peeling off on STLs instead of GW alone could be a big bucket of lost revenue.
  20. This year the Cat Tree was our only tree. It was the one we were getting joy from anyway. Catnip filled cloth and shiny unbreakable decorations.
  21. Modular, with mirrored parts, and bodies that are compatible from another Patreon. Battle Yak did dragonborn, and with a head swap on the small versions, KOBOLDS! Also, a naked dragon lady, because Battle Yak. Reduced her scale, and now she's a naked lady kobold. And sewers, because kobolds in a sewer are BAD NEWS. I had an idea, players have two parties that don't know each other. Take the box of puzzle pieces, give her a shake, then give parts to BOTH parties. GW has gone NUTS. Cursed City is coming back out, but all the interest our group had was piddled away. We don't trust GW.
  22. Big change? If I want two dozen kobolds I can print two dozen kobolds. Right now I AM printing two dozen kobolds.
  23. I love that pose. "It wounds me that you would even think that." Talk first, fight only if he can't avoid it. Heck, run before fighting, even when he KNOWS he can beat the party. December's Heroes Infinite are also Russian looking, and GORGEOUS! Printed up a slew of them, just because PRETTY!
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