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  1. I can totally sympathize with the limited budget. I'm 15, been painting for ~4 years, but have only really started trying to do good paint jobs in the past 7 months. I used to be totally strapped for cash too. Luckily I wrangled a deal with my parents for more allowance, but since I'm currently saving up for a computer, I've got self-inflicted restrictions now. I still manage to drop the cash for a couple minis now and then, though... Anyway, good luck. Gavaar
  2. I really like David Gemmel's books. I've only read... uh, the Rigante one with the big battle... yah, Legend of the Deathwalker, Hero in the Shadows, another onf, some thing like Sentinel or guardian or... about a guy with guns, flintlocks, sort of fantasy/wild west. Gavaar
  3. I'd say everyone did well in SPR. Probably my favorite movie. PB was good too. I'd agree that he fits that part perfectly.
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