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  1. Oh, that claw is not going to be on the final model. It's only there as a visual representation for now. The metal swords thing is pretty cool and not all that difficult if you have a Dremel or something similar. I hammered out large paperclips and now steel wire until they're the thickness I want. I leave a good amount of excess space on the back end, and leave it round as well, which I insert into a pin vice to hold while using a grinding wheel on the Dremel to smooth out the sides of the blade from the hammering and then shape the blade how I want it. After that, I wet sand it with 300 and 600 grit sandpaper to polish it up. That Fuegan conversion is based on the Fire Dragon exarch, but yeah, those overly long fire pikes are silly.
  2. Glad you guys like her! The main sticking point right now that's kept me from working on her is what to do for the lower legs and feet and what, if anything, to do with the right arm. I had originally wanted her to have the triskele in the right hand and my couple of attempts to make a new one didn't even get far enough along to be worth photographing. Maybe I'll leave that arm as it is to give more of a running feel to the model. And now for some Karandras stuff. Here's the first pose sketch I did with some parts from the current finescale Striking Scorpion exarch and a badly miscast DE Incubus finecast head that I cut down and sanded quite a bit. I wasn't real happy with much of this. The pose of the legs wasn't what I wanted, I didn't like the Incubus head or my first attempt at his mandiblasters, and both weapons on the Exarch arms looked too big and chunky for the eldar aesthetic I see in my head. In fact, I've never cared for the chainswords on the Scorps at all because it seems too barbaric and low tech for them. Back to the DE sprues for sketch #2 and came up with this, still utilizing the old claw and a temporary Wych sword just for visualization purposes. Much better! This patient stance with a feeling that he could explode into murderous motion any moment is exactly what I was wanting. Trying out a new idea for the mandiblasters and metal sword #1. Really digging those mandiblasters! I think it's a happy medium between the mandiblasters on the normal Scorps and the ridiculously large ones on the old Karandras model. A traditional power sword also seems more fitting for him than the chainsword imho. For those who might not have seen my work on the Bolter and Chainsword (or on my Iconic Investigator conversion here), I've started making metal swords for my figures -- formerly out of large paperclips and now out of steel wire -- that are not only more durable but are much more realistic with the scale thickness of the material vs the ultra-chunky blades you normally see in plastic or resin. In the end, I wasn't happy with the sword because it had originally been longer, a little thicker, and more curved, but I kept grinding away with the Dremel trying to refine it and went too far. Sword #2. Similar to first one, removed too much material on the back end when trying to refine the shape. Sword #3! You know why by now. Current work and sword #4! Fourth time is the charm, although it's actually the fifth because there was one in there that I didn't get photographed because I accidentally broke it when the tip of the blade hit the Dremel's grinding wheel at a bad angle. The part of the sword that snapped off hit me in the safety glasses an inch off of the center of my right eye. ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES WHEN USING ANY KIND OF POWER TOOL! Hell, I even wear them when I'm using my sprue clippers or my hobby knife just in the off chance that a little piece of something gets launched at my eyes. While working on another project I had some greenstuff leftovers and had a go at laying down a foundation for some segmented armor on the top of his helmet but I don't like it. It looks way too tall and pointy and too reminiscent of the original Karandras figure. I have an idea for making a new claw I'm going to try out tomorrow. Once I get the claw nailed down (tomorrow or whenever) I'll get his pose right where I want it and then get going on the greenstuff work in earnest. Bonus pic of the Fuegan conversion I started before I had the idea to completely build my own Phoenix Lords. Two of the things I wanted to do was make his fire pike shorter and underslung on his left arm, and this Dire Avenger arm was a stand in for visualization. A custom power axe was in the works.
  3. Thanks! I sometimes wish the B&C would open up the boards to other factions, but I doubt that will ever happen with xenos. Shame, because there's not a good place on the web that focuses on Eldar the way the B&C does its thing.
  4. I imagine one day that GW will update the Phoenix Lord models but I'm tired of waiting and some months ago started on a Jain Zar custom figure that I worked on here and there between other projects. This year I decided I wanted to focus on the large amount of Eldar stuff I have that's been gathering dust for years and I'm going to be focusing on three Phoenix Lords in particular: Jain Zar, Karandras, and Fuegan simply because they are my favorites. I might end up doing all of them, but for now, I'll begin with Jain Zar. So what did I want to accomplish with this? As much as I like the story of the Phoenix Lords, I have never liked some of their models even when they were still relatively new when I got into the game shortly after 3rd ed came out and now with two decades of newer, better models to outshine them, I feel like my sculpting and converting skills are at a point to tackle my own vision for them. Jain Zar's model is, in my opinion, the worst one of the bunch. The hair is crazy, the boots are ridiculous, and the pose makes the figure horribly unbalanced and prone to falling over. Aside from changing the pose, it occurred to me that the Phoenix Lords and their armor have been around since The Fall when the Eldar were still mostly one race. Once the they split, their cultures and technology evolved along different lines and I imagined that the armor of the Phoenix Lords should be a blend of the two and something unique among the modern aspect warriors that follow them. Here's my first sketch of the pose idea I had with a little greenstuff prep work already on the legs: I'm obviously going with Dark Eldar parts because I think their proportions are better and just look better than the older Eldar stuff. Renowned for being fast, I wanted to have her in a running pose and used pictures of sprinters for reference. Being a stickler for realism, I figured Jain should have a little more muscle on her than the official model, particularly in the legs from doing all that running. Here's where it starts to get ugly. The way the wych leg halves comes together doesn't leave much room for pinning and I had to trust in my sculpting skills that I could eventually make this look good because even I was having some doubts at this point. I did like how the legs were coming out though. Refining the shape of the legs and trying out something for the right arm. Recreating her signature glaive. Finally filling in the waist and adding the armor to the legs. I wasn't happy with the torpedo breast armor on the DE model so changed it up and also (shocker) wasn't happy with the previous work on the waist and removed most of it to try again. Much better go at the waist and the chest is looking good. Added a soul stone and started working on converting a head for her. More refining on the armor, more work on the head, and the spear breaks! Note the cutouts on the side of the face where the Banshee mask amplifier things will go. Now note how I filled them in because I had the idea that Jain Zar's nickname - Storm of Silence - should be literal. She is completely silent and is such a powerful psyker that she does not need an amplifier for her Banshee Wail. Building the foundation for new hair that will be a little long, but nothing like the original model or her artwork. Spear still broken. Aaaaand now the current state of her with a fixed spear and a few tiny changes here and there that are probably not visible to anyone but myself. I have a little work done on Karandras but I want to get a little more progress before I unveil him. Thanks for looking! *edit* No more img tags? Hmm, not sure if I like that.
  5. Better wings than I've ever painted, and I think they look great.
  6. Beautiful job on the leather. Really, some of the best leather effects I've seen. As for the rifle and the kind of action it has, I think it has to go under "make believe" because the sculptor probably has little to no idea about how guns work. The miniature figure world is riddled with completely impractical guns or ones that could never possibly operate the way they are designed.
  7. About 95% done with BOB #1 with just a few more little details or spots to clean up and/or finish.
  8. I did pretty good with the passing part, it was the other orc trying to catch it that was usually the problem. More progress on the BOBs. BOB #1 with a new shoulder pad, keeping the shape similar to the first one but also making it look more like the other orcs from the box, and he now has chest and back armor. The chest armor is a bit hard to see right now, but something I'm doing with most of the added armor is to give it a very dimpled, rough look like the work was done by someone who was either very inexperienced, in a hurry, or both. BOB #2 finally gets the rest of his arms and I had a really good first attempt at the armor on his arm and shoulder. The real fun part will be trying to make all that new armor symmetrical on the other side. Thanks to some tactics I read up on, I will need 2 more BOBs and have absolutely no ideas in that direction yet.
  9. BOB #1 gets a shirt, armored tabard thing, a second shoe, a suitably muscular neck, and a shoulder pad I'm not exactly happy with, but I mixed up some greenstuff for that shoulder with no clear idea in mind and just started pushing it around. Will most likely remove it and try again at a later point. The shirt is on his back as well, along with leather straps to hold the shoulder pads on in the same fashion as the other orcs, but I couldn't get a good pic of it. The holes in his tabard armor will be filled with thin greenstuff "string" like the armor on some of the other figures. And another scale comparison with one of the linemen. (Lineorc?)
  10. Phase one of bringing the new right leg to life. And I think I will have to take the plunge on removing what there is of the cloak on this chest and shoulders and rebuild that along with his back. As I kept saying while playing my first game of Blood Bowl: No guts, no glory.
  11. It's already seems like it will be a lot of fun even in the short time we played. I might, amazingly, get the troll on a 32mm base.
  12. Eventually, yeah, I would like to do some extra figures like that but since I tend to work slowly I want to focus on getting the players finished first. Ah, ok. Well, I had a first trial game with my friend yesterday and I definitely got into the orc spirit. To be honest, we were both a little nervous that we wouldn't like it because it might be too 'football' (neither of us watch sports at all), but just a couple of turns in we were already having a blast and decided is what definitely worth the investment. We also quickly discovered how it's much more Fantasy Football-Chess than just Fantasy Football, where an early decision to Block, Pass, or pick up the ball can end your turn, wasting the turn for the rest of your players. I had my friend snap some pics, and would have gotten more had I thought of it for a proper mini-batrep. Here we see the line of scrimmage just prior to the kickoff that I won the coin toss for. My friend wanted me to bring the Fat BOB to see in person and also see how he compared in size to the human players. The fat BOB didn't stay in the game too long because I forgot to bring more blue tac to hold him down and he kept falling over. He was quickly replaced by the normal box BOB. Four turns in, I had a very good round of stompin' humies with my orcs. Putting six of them in the dirt... ...KO'ing two more, and auto-injuring one into a stun by pushing him off the pitch into the crowd. His second thrower in the reserves box was simply the 12th player. Having read previous posts on here about what to do to show that a player has already used his action in a turn, I came up with the idea to use the little glass beads, flat on one side, that we used as markers when playing Magic to denote those plyers that had completed their action. It worked really well, but another thing we quickly discovered was how it was better for the opponent to mark your players because we would forget to do it while thinking on the strategy for our remaining players. I'm going to see if I can find something similar in a smaller size because a few times with a lot of players in a small area, it was getting very crowded with the turn markers. On my turn 5, I scored the first TD of the game and continued to hold him scoreless... until his turn 8. And then this bull:cuss happened. See that thrower on the left in the tackle zone of 2 orcs, and that catcher waaaaaaaaay over there on the right, just barely in range of a Long Bomb? Hail Mary, indeed. Also note the 6 he rolled for the pass. He'd been rolling really poorly for several rounds in a row and was jumping around, pumping his fist when he made this catch. Once he settled down a bit, he took this pic and the next. Touchdown. Humies tie it up at the last second. My round 8 was next and I made a good pass and then a run with a blitzer, but was 3 squares short of a second TD. Buzzer sounded half-time. Orc team sad. Unfortunately, while I had the day off, my friend did not and we finished up the first half of our first game just moments before he had to leave for his evening shift. The next time we have the opportunity to play we'll continue the game from here.
  13. Yup! In the box you get six Linemen, two Throwers, two Blitzers, and two Black Orc Blockers. Being my first venture into Blood Bowl, I had no idea they didn't have throwers previously. How odd.
  14. I did some minor converting on one of my orc throwers. I felt he had too little armor on him for a proper orc so a small shoulderpad was added and I gave him a more traditional hill-and-valley tabard thing. I also didn't like how thick the fabric of his shirt is on that arm so I cut it back and sculpted on a new edge. You can see the difference better in this second pic.
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