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  1. Oh, that claw is not going to be on the final model. It's only there as a visual representation for now. The metal swords thing is pretty cool and not all that difficult if you have a Dremel or something similar. I hammered out large paperclips and now steel wire until they're the thickness I want. I leave a good amount of excess space on the back end, and leave it round as well, which I insert into a pin vice to hold while using a grinding wheel on the Dremel to smooth out the sides of the blade from the hammering and then shape the blade how I want it. After that, I wet sand it w
  2. Glad you guys like her! The main sticking point right now that's kept me from working on her is what to do for the lower legs and feet and what, if anything, to do with the right arm. I had originally wanted her to have the triskele in the right hand and my couple of attempts to make a new one didn't even get far enough along to be worth photographing. Maybe I'll leave that arm as it is to give more of a running feel to the model. And now for some Karandras stuff. Here's the first pose sketch I did with some parts from the current finescale Striking Scorpion exarch and
  3. Thanks! I sometimes wish the B&C would open up the boards to other factions, but I doubt that will ever happen with xenos. Shame, because there's not a good place on the web that focuses on Eldar the way the B&C does its thing.
  4. I imagine one day that GW will update the Phoenix Lord models but I'm tired of waiting and some months ago started on a Jain Zar custom figure that I worked on here and there between other projects. This year I decided I wanted to focus on the large amount of Eldar stuff I have that's been gathering dust for years and I'm going to be focusing on three Phoenix Lords in particular: Jain Zar, Karandras, and Fuegan simply because they are my favorites. I might end up doing all of them, but for now, I'll begin with Jain Zar. So what did I want to accomplish with this? As much as I like
  5. Better wings than I've ever painted, and I think they look great.
  6. Beautiful job on the leather. Really, some of the best leather effects I've seen. As for the rifle and the kind of action it has, I think it has to go under "make believe" because the sculptor probably has little to no idea about how guns work. The miniature figure world is riddled with completely impractical guns or ones that could never possibly operate the way they are designed.
  7. About 95% done with BOB #1 with just a few more little details or spots to clean up and/or finish.
  8. I did pretty good with the passing part, it was the other orc trying to catch it that was usually the problem. More progress on the BOBs. BOB #1 with a new shoulder pad, keeping the shape similar to the first one but also making it look more like the other orcs from the box, and he now has chest and back armor. The chest armor is a bit hard to see right now, but something I'm doing with most of the added armor is to give it a very dimpled, rough look like the work was done by someone who was either very inexperienced, in a hurry, or both. BOB #2 finally gets the rest of hi
  9. BOB #1 gets a shirt, armored tabard thing, a second shoe, a suitably muscular neck, and a shoulder pad I'm not exactly happy with, but I mixed up some greenstuff for that shoulder with no clear idea in mind and just started pushing it around. Will most likely remove it and try again at a later point. The shirt is on his back as well, along with leather straps to hold the shoulder pads on in the same fashion as the other orcs, but I couldn't get a good pic of it. The holes in his tabard armor will be filled with thin greenstuff "string" like the armor on some of the other figures.
  10. Phase one of bringing the new right leg to life. And I think I will have to take the plunge on removing what there is of the cloak on this chest and shoulders and rebuild that along with his back. As I kept saying while playing my first game of Blood Bowl: No guts, no glory.
  11. It's already seems like it will be a lot of fun even in the short time we played. I might, amazingly, get the troll on a 32mm base.
  12. Eventually, yeah, I would like to do some extra figures like that but since I tend to work slowly I want to focus on getting the players finished first. Ah, ok. Well, I had a first trial game with my friend yesterday and I definitely got into the orc spirit. To be honest, we were both a little nervous that we wouldn't like it because it might be too 'football' (neither of us watch sports at all), but just a couple of turns in we were already having a blast and decided is what definitely worth the investment. We also quickly discovered how it's much more Fantasy Football-Chess t
  13. Yup! In the box you get six Linemen, two Throwers, two Blitzers, and two Black Orc Blockers. Being my first venture into Blood Bowl, I had no idea they didn't have throwers previously. How odd.
  14. I did some minor converting on one of my orc throwers. I felt he had too little armor on him for a proper orc so a small shoulderpad was added and I gave him a more traditional hill-and-valley tabard thing. I also didn't like how thick the fabric of his shirt is on that arm so I cut it back and sculpted on a new edge. You can see the difference better in this second pic.
  15. That looks great. I need to make something like that for my paints.
  16. As mentioned, more work on the chin as well as the... roll... around the topside of his neck.
  17. Me and the friend who got the BB box were supposed to try out the game for the first time today, but there was a scheduling snafu and we weren't able to get together. It wasn't a total waste because I got more sculpting done than I can remember doing in a single day for some time. The double chin might need some reworking, now that I get a better look at it in the pics.
  18. I had an idea for BOB #2 and, as the saying goes, had to strike while the iron was hot. I thought it would be a cool sculpting experiment to try for an orc that somehow got infected with the hunger of the Great Maw and has gotten really fat. Inspiration for a flabby murder machine came from the Strong Belwas character in ASoIaF, who never made it into the show. Once his torso sculpting is done, I'm going to see if I can make his face a little fatter and give him a big double chin.
  19. Thanks! Plunge #1 taken with the troll. Before: After: To get where I want with the legs, I'll have to remove the right foot from the shin/knee part and will probably need to remove and section the left leg as well because he's leaning forward and a somewhat crooked on that one.
  20. Got some work done on the troll. First was cleaning up the join of the left arm to the body, which you can see the gaps on in the previous scale pic. I also beefed up his latissmus (lat) and bicep muscles because they seemed unusually small in comparison to the rest of his gigantic arm. Continuing on with removing the Chaos aspects of the Throgg character, I had an idea to fix the upper part of the mouth. The first pic shows how it looks normally, where the bony Chaos growths have all but obliterated his upper lip. Second shows my trial run with some GS to build up a new lip and t
  21. I had a go at replicating the armored sneakers of the other players and think it turned out pretty good. I glued a plastic strip to the bottom of both feet because the ogre's feet weren't completely level, and I wanted some more height on this guy. Here he is again with the increased height next to the other BB orcs.
  22. Finally got to open my box and play with my new toys. Here's a group shot for scale.
  23. That troll is Throgg, the troll king, from the Warriors of Chaos Warhammer Fantasy army book. AFAIK he was only produced in Finecast and is now out of print. I picked it up as soon as I saw it because it is the only troll figure I've seen from any manufacturer that I liked. Here's the product shot that was on the front of his box.
  24. Thanks, everyone. :) I just checked the tracking for the BB box and it's going to arrive today instead of Tuesday, woot!
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