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  1. Great choice!! And I recognize 2 or 3 items I put in the Box during last exchange (including the Chronopia Blood Totem). Glad they found a new home.
  2. I think 7 of us will be enough for another round...
  3. I'm ready to start another round if there are enough partecipants!
  4. If we manage to reach a decent number of partecipants, I'll be more than happy to join for another round.
  5. Just for information, what is the minimum number of partecipants needed to start a new round of BoG?
  6. I'm IN, if you want to start another round!
  7. If someone else is interested, I'm ready to join a new round immediately. However, as always, I will accept any decision the majority will vote for.
  8. BoG has been sent yesterday. It should arrive soon.
  9. OK, no problem. I'll keep the Box until you are back home and contact me again. Unfortunately, it's far too hot here during summer to even think about sitting at the painting table...
  10. Heavily plundered the box and added some replacement. Here's a pic of what I've taken: I will now contact paintybeard to ask if he prefer that I send immediately the box to him or wait until he's back home. If anyone has other suggestions, I'm open to any solution: I can easily keep the box with myself until needed or just send it to someone other. Many thanks for another round of the BoG full of fun!
  11. Parcel arrived today. It took less than one week, so a really fast delivery. I'll have a look and will post a pic of what I take.
  12. @Glitterwolf you already have my postal address. I will let you know when I receive the Box. Many thanks.
  13. I think this is the best thing to do. @Glitterwolf I will send you my postal address with a PM. Thank you.