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  1. Your're right, very crap pics but no other way of getting better images at the moment, sorry 2nd photo, bottom right: old Cyclops, maybe from Grenadier 1st photo, top left: Black Bones Owlbear (really nice!) 1st photo, middle bottom: preslotta dragonman/lizardman Hope this helps!
  2. Parcel arrived safely yesterday afternoon. A really HUGE Box of Goodwill, this time... It took me all evening to search it, and as agreed I also merged the BoG I had from last time with the new one. Here's the pics of what I've took out (sorry for low quality, I only had my laptop webcam to take pics): I also sent a message to @Kuroneko asking for his postal address, so I can send him the box.
  3. I agree, seeing the pics of the miniatures chosen by other partecipants is half of the fun of this exchange
  4. Not too bad as it can seems. IIRC, the current journal has only one or two pages left, so another one will be needed soon.
  5. Well... maybe you can include not a whole journal, but just an excerpt. Maybe an A4 sheet folded in four parts. Those before me in the list could write on it, then I will simply add the sheet to the existing journal and there won't be any need to write a lot to merge them. Just a suggestion, but can we worth thinking about it...
  6. There is a journal in the Box I have. I will put it in the nex box when I merge the two.
  7. @Lihmeth please ask me shipping address before sending the parcel. At the moment it is different from the last time. It is better that you contact me when you are ready to ship, so I can give you the correct one. Many thanks.
  8. May i suggest... if you take out metal, replace it with metal? Otherwise the risk is to have *only* plastic / resin in the Box and not everybody likes it.
  9. Or maybe from the Netherlands to Italy, then I'll merge the 2 boxes and send them to UK?
  10. Ready to GO! I have the box from the last time, still here with me waiting for all this lockout chaos to end... I'm fine in getting the new box as last of the "continental EU" list, so I can combine both them and then start a new round sending it again to UK (or anyone else interested). Count me in. Thank you.
  11. I mainly took it because of its weight. But I suspect I'll find it useful for some of my rpg sessions or even for some skirmish games. Great idea! I'll try to send him a message and see if he's still interested.
  12. I just got a reply from paintybeard. He's out at sea at the moment. He says: So that's what I will do, if it's OK for everyone. If someone else wants to join this round of exchange, just let me know and I will send the box to him immediately. If some long time member of the forum wants the Box back, just contact me and I will send it so he can organize the next round in the future.
  13. Parcel received last friday. Many thanks to Venum for the help with PostNL - the courier made some mess with the address, but finally all went well. It took me all the weekend to browse through the Box. Here's what I took: Message sent to next name in the list to obtain postal address.
  14. PM just sent!! WOW! NLPost it really VERY fast, even in this period of the year! You chose a nice hoarde of miniatures. I can recognize a couple of pieces I put into the Box during last round. Glad they found a new home. Enjoy!!
  15. Great choice!! And I recognize 2 or 3 items I put in the Box during last exchange (including the Chronopia Blood Totem). Glad they found a new home.
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