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  1. This is the first time I've posted my work and I'm rather proud of how they turned out. I painted this group of minis as a gift for a friend as he is a long-time fan of MouseGuard. Much like this is my first time posting my work, these were the first minis I painted in over a year and I only had about 40 completed minis under my belt before this. 77286: Mousling King and Princess Both minis were inspired by the animated Robin Hood movie Disney put out long ago. The rust on my skills is very evident on the princess; she was the second mini I painted out of the group. If I had to do it over, I'd re-think the fur colors. The king was painted later in the sequence and is much better. 77287: Mousling Thief and Assassin The assassin was an attempt at a medieval mousling Boba Fett. I'm pretty happy with the shading on the cloak and scarf but the NMM attempt on the sword is pretty bad. LTPK #3 is next on my to-do. I didn't have any particular inspiration for the thief so I decided to roll my own scheme and see where it went. The yellow sack looked horrible at first but I kept working up the layers and I'm pretty happy with the end result. 77288: Mousling Sorcerer and Samurai The samurai was another custom scheme. Shading white and black is hard. That's definitely something to work on in the future. The sorcerer's scheme comes from Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. Believe it or not, I attempted to shade the red... At least the beard turned out awesome :) 77289: Mousing Ranger and Yeoman This is probably my favorite duo out of the bunch. Disclaimer: I'm not entirely sure which is the ranger and which is the yeoman. To me, the ranger is the one with the hat. Like the king and princess, the ranger comes from the animated Robin Hood. He was the first mini I finished in this group. He has the same fur problem as the princess. Fortunately the green and red-orange make up for the fur. The yeoman, a.k.a. Mouse Solo, has much better fur. I could have added some other colors on the weapons, particularly the arrow, but I liked the idea of using one color that roughly matched Han's blaster. 77290: Mousling Druid and Beekeeper Rounding out the group is this pair. The beekeeper was another custom scheme. I wanted to see how the blue from the king and the green of the assassin looked on the same mini. Pretty good IMO. The druid was inspired by Wicket from Star Wars. I'm really happy with how the cloak and clasp turned out. This would be my favorite out of the entire bunch if I had just paid more attention to the final dry-brush on the face. That missing bit by the hood really irks me.
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