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  1. nervisfr

    Reaper Bones Marsh Troll (77152) conversion ...

    than you Irildil, In fact, i have to add the wound there because there was a small hole of paint gone and the undercoat is emerging. To add skin color could be to too easily visible, so i choose for the wound. Some blood has been added to the club and on the rock at the feet's monster.
  2. to a Fomorian Hero (with a light relooking) ! Hope you like it the WIP is visible here : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87390-from-reaper-bones-marsh-troll-77152-to-fomorian-hero/ cheers Eric
  3. and now, he is ready to play with ; Cheers Eric
  4. nervisfr

    Invisible Hobbit

    EXCELLENT ! One of the most imaginative figurine/vignette seen since a long time Great job ! and
  5. nervisfr

    Garghuk - 44006

    Excellent work on this very beautiful baby
  6. well, nearly finished the painting job, i drop you a picture :
  7. i have made a crossover between the marsh troll and a yeti to create a new creature ; A fomorian hero for my Of god and Mortals irish army. Mythology description give a light idea of what could been a Fomorian, first invader of Ireland ; ugly, deformed, etc... As i don't like too much the head of the marsh troll : i choose to give a try to a strange idea ; Why don't give him a yeti head ? And change his aquatic look for a some kind of hairs/fur....then we get that : the weapon is shortened to be more "realistic" he is ready for the paint job with a sand undercoat (and a better view about his new face) : Hope you like it Cheers Eric
  8. nervisfr

    Happy Birthday nervisfr

    Thank you guys ! 54 but still 18 in my head. So i'm an old teenager ! cheers Eric
  9. That's what we can call a very impressive terrain ! Excellent.
  10. here is the kind of writing you can do with a Posca pen : cheers Eric
  11. nervisfr

    The Year of The Goblin...maybe

    Great smile (and paint of course). For the names writed on the base, i use a white paint pen from Posca (the smallest i found is the 0.7mm). With it, the boring work of paint a name on a base is a child's play.
  12. nervisfr

    Giant Manta Ray.....for 28mm game

    Thank you all for your support. That give me a lot determination to continue my different Projects.... Cheers Eric
  13. nervisfr

    The Year of the Goblins, Part IV: The Singing Ogre Band

    Thanks for you concern. We have a hobby that makes our senses in demand so it 'll be difficult without them Anyway, i'll continue to follow your work...
  14. nervisfr

    The Year of the Goblins, Part IV: The Singing Ogre Band

    It's under control so i can see your work for along time again
  15. that's the idea : To make earth living ! thank you all for your kind comments