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  1. Just find this topic now. Bluewind do you sucess in wiring this mini ?
  2. Thank you guys ! Hope you are fine too
  3. As quarantine still goes on, i have start the basing with high grass and swamp...
  4. Thank you Glitterwolf, i think i'll base it with a part water and a part ground with high grass...
  5. Hey guys, i'm back on the Forum with that werecrocodile. it was a very delight to paint this great figurine...But i still don't know what i'll do with and how i'll base it. Cheers Eric
  6. some new details in my blog edition of the time : http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/2019/12/le-re-animator-finit-les-restespendant.html Don't forget to use the translate button then. Cheers Eric
  7. He get more hair made from a 54mm plastic horse tail and a new loincloth now !
  8. From a good Reaper Bones to a a brazilian werewolf (call Lobisomem) from the amazonian mythology for my Of God and Mortals Army (see this topic on the LAF here) a very simple one, as the werewolf has no tail. Only a swap 's head and the job is done . Just a good head choice with a WH40k wolf
  9. Thank you guys, here it is some better pictures :
  10. hey guys, here is a little conversion about the mercenary mage ; Leysynn. The original magic staff has been removed for a simple one (more natural for my mage), made from needle and some wire mixed with glue. The figurine was unbased and cut a little bit to be more mixable with my 28mm collection. So he lose his feet and the end of his long dress. hope you like him Cheers Eric
  11. Thank you Pethetairos. A very nice conversion.
  12. Great idea. Excellent paintjob on the book ! The head is perfect. Could you tell us how you do it ? many thanks Eric
  13. Hello, I'm back with a new conversion. The classic one was like that : and mine is like that : and after some paintjob, looking like ; all pictures can seen on my blog : http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/2019/11/le-re-animator-bat-son-record.html Cheers Eric Cheers Eric
  14. Thank you Glitterwolf Yes but it's too late for me, i have a lot of figurines in stock, collected from years ago..... May be i'll pick some in a the future
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