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  1. EXCELLENT ! One of the most imaginative figurine/vignette seen since a long time Great job ! and
  2. Excellent work on this very beautiful baby
  3. i have made a crossover between the marsh troll and a yeti to create a new creature ; A fomorian hero for my Of god and Mortals irish army. Mythology description give a light idea of what could been a Fomorian, first invader of Ireland ; ugly, deformed, etc... As i don't like too much the head of the marsh troll : i choose to give a try to a strange idea ; Why don't give him a yeti head ? And change his aquatic look for a some kind of hairs/fur....then we get that : the weapon is shortened to be more "realis
  4. Thank you guys ! 54 but still 18 in my head. So i'm an old teenager ! cheers Eric
  5. That's what we can call a very impressive terrain ! Excellent.
  6. here is the kind of writing you can do with a Posca pen : cheers Eric
  7. Great smile (and paint of course). For the names writed on the base, i use a white paint pen from Posca (the smallest i found is the 0.7mm). With it, the boring work of paint a name on a base is a child's play.
  8. Thank you all for your support. That give me a lot determination to continue my different Projects.... Cheers Eric
  9. Thanks for you concern. We have a hobby that makes our senses in demand so it 'll be difficult without them Anyway, i'll continue to follow your work...
  10. that's the idea : To make earth living ! thank you all for your kind comments
  11. Thank you Glitterwolf ! I have more led figurines in stock to show you
  12. Hello again, Always for my Polynesian army (Of God and Mortals rules) : Ruomoko include a led into the base to make the lava bed alive ! all the WIP story on my blog : http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/2019/01/le-rea-animator-dans-les-iles.html Cheers Eric
  13. As always your work is always colorful ! Great even for a guy like me who get a glaucoma on each eye ! Cheers Eric
  14. Thank you ! My objective is to keep the job as simple as possible to be easy to achieve, even for rookies in modelling...
  15. Hey, here is a true creation for a Polynesian army (Of God and Mortals rules) : Eric all the WIP story on my blog : http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/2019/07/le-re-animator-en-plein-la-raie.html Cheers
  16. very good paint work ! A yeti in the shower
  17. Well done, But take care, with the global warning, Penguins become stronger ...
  18. Well done. Boudica, but in her young years.... Great
  19. hey, I don't remember if i have already posted a message about my blog (Since 2014) : If you are interested in conversions about figurines (mainly 28mm) and terrain. Go here : http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/ Some of my work are present on this forum like : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84673-77434-bones-yeti-chieftain-conversion-into-amazonian-creature/&tab=comments#comment-1834807 https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85147-from-bones-77170-clay-golem-to-maui-hawaien-hero/&tab=co
  20. Thank you guys ! With the Bones plastic, conversions are easier now ! So thank you to Reaper too !
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