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  1. EXCELLENT ! One of the most imaginative figurine/vignette seen since a long time Great job ! and
  2. Excellent work on this very beautiful baby
  3. i have made a crossover between the marsh troll and a yeti to create a new creature ; A fomorian hero for my Of god and Mortals irish army. Mythology description give a light idea of what could been a Fomorian, first invader of Ireland ; ugly, deformed, etc... As i don't like too much the head of the marsh troll : i choose to give a try to a strange idea ; Why don't give him a yeti head ? And change his aquatic look for a some kind of hairs/fur....then we get that : the weapon is shortened to be more "realistic" he is ready for the paint job with a sand undercoat (and a better view about his new face) : Hope you like it Cheers Eric
  4. Thank you guys ! 54 but still 18 in my head. So i'm an old teenager ! cheers Eric
  5. That's what we can call a very impressive terrain ! Excellent.
  6. here is the kind of writing you can do with a Posca pen : cheers Eric
  7. Great smile (and paint of course). For the names writed on the base, i use a white paint pen from Posca (the smallest i found is the 0.7mm). With it, the boring work of paint a name on a base is a child's play.
  8. Thank you all for your support. That give me a lot determination to continue my different Projects.... Cheers Eric
  9. Thanks for you concern. We have a hobby that makes our senses in demand so it 'll be difficult without them Anyway, i'll continue to follow your work...
  10. that's the idea : To make earth living ! thank you all for your kind comments
  11. Thank you Glitterwolf ! I have more led figurines in stock to show you
  12. Hello again, Always for my Polynesian army (Of God and Mortals rules) : Ruomoko include a led into the base to make the lava bed alive ! all the WIP story on my blog : http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/2019/01/le-rea-animator-dans-les-iles.html Cheers Eric
  13. As always your work is always colorful ! Great even for a guy like me who get a glaucoma on each eye ! Cheers Eric
  14. Thank you ! My objective is to keep the job as simple as possible to be easy to achieve, even for rookies in modelling...
  15. Hey, here is a true creation for a Polynesian army (Of God and Mortals rules) : Eric all the WIP story on my blog : http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/2019/07/le-re-animator-en-plein-la-raie.html Cheers
  16. very good paint work ! A yeti in the shower
  17. Well done, But take care, with the global warning, Penguins become stronger ...
  18. Well done. Boudica, but in her young years.... Great
  19. hey, I don't remember if i have already posted a message about my blog (Since 2014) : If you are interested in conversions about figurines (mainly 28mm) and terrain. Go here : http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/ Some of my work are present on this forum like : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84673-77434-bones-yeti-chieftain-conversion-into-amazonian-creature/&tab=comments#comment-1834807 https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85147-from-bones-77170-clay-golem-to-maui-hawaien-hero/&tab=comments#comment-1803041 This is a french edition but the Translate button could be very useful to get the feeling of my work (lots of pictures and step by step to help you to understand. Cheers Eric
  20. Thank you guys ! With the Bones plastic, conversions are easier now ! So thank you to Reaper too !
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