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  1. Job done (sorry for the delay) More details on http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.fr/2017/04/le-re-animator-la-recherche-du-fighting.html Cheers Eric
  2. here is it the result ! a "prehistoric" barbarian full of fury Cheers Eric
  3. hey guy, a get the solution ! in fact, i changed my idea when i fall in this Herolclix figurine that sleeping in my no lead mountain of figurines it's Bulldozer, with a running pose quite perfect for the savage look i like to give to my barbarians no i have to convert it into a charging wild barbarian ! cheers Eric
  4. I got a pictures from a friend of the Lead Adventure Forum about comparison scale with a ex Grenadier Coppelstone. Thank you all of you for your help cheers Eric
  5. Ok, well done ladystorm.Thank you for the information about the marks... Never take care about them before. Great ! Cheers Eric
  6. hey guys, back to the forum after a long break in fantasy wargame..... i have started a warband for Advanced Song of Blade and Heroes based on Ex-Grenadier Coppelstone barbarians. I played them as cavemen or prehistoric warriors. (see here http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.fr/2017/02/re-animator-un-gros-gourdin.html on my blog for more details) I would like to mix them with Reaper Barbarians as leader or champion for my warband , but i need to know if they are mixable with classical 28mm as the Coppelstone. 77373: Cuth Wolfson, Barbarian 77199: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian 77061: Kord the Destroyer thank for your help cheers Eric
  7. Thank you guys. I think the head help a lot for giving a demoniac look to this scenette. Hope to produce some more as soon as it s possible. Cheers Eric
  8. Game with this kind of orc always finish in a bloodbath .
  9. Hell guys, At least, there it is the last Orc, with his victim. hope you like him too ! This is the last one of my stock. I have to reorder to complete my warband.....and find some new WH new heads... cheers Eric
  10. Great challenge idea ! Turn the spear into an umbrella....may be with a sun hat on the head and sun glasses. Turn one goblin into a barbecue Cook, with a fork in a hand and wearing a Cooking apron....any army need supplies.
  11. here we are boys ! the based Orks are ready : Hope you'll like the final work !
  12. yes but me have already see this kind of poses for a long time..... May be add some movements in his scuplting could be interesting for a so great artist.
  13. thank you SirDibblet. i have painted them for gaming with ganesha rules like the excellent "Advanced Song Of blades and heroes" and may be with Dragon Rampant rules. They are leaders of my 15mm Coppelstone Yetis like them :
  14. thank you for your comments. I wanted to show the real nature of a fighting Minotaur. With Bones plastic, it was very easy to complete my goal.
  15. A new topic about some easy conversion right here to show you how a game figurine can be very attractive
  16. i start from this excellent Minotaur : to get this fighting monster, angry and very furious ! The greeks are Foundry ones : A Spartan at rest (now as a victim of a Minotaur's strong blow), a dead light infantry (crush under the Minotaur's foot) and a light pestast (held by the arm) Hope you'll like this action.
  17. i have just link my blog to my last answer . I'll include it in my profil soon. I use no green because i don't like the material. I know how to use it but i don't get fun with it. I try to get no gap in my conversions . Some holes/ are fill with glue,a mix of cyanolit and neoprene like Pattex that became stronger when dry or with hair dry modeling clay. Otherwise with plastic, i melt pieces of plastic with modeling glue. Or glue varnish with paper handerchief. Or Cold weld if necessary. Cheers Eric
  18. hey guys Some my converted Yeti painted as Hominids/primates instaead as good (snow) yetis. Ready to fight versus my prehistoric warriors.... More on my blog if necessary (google translator is your friend).
  19. Great paint job when you know the quality of the original figurine. you give it all the honours. Excellent cheers Eric
  20. I'm happy that this topic can help you in your conversion work. My blog is done for this. Show my work to other gamers to explain how a simple conversion can bring your figs to life. I try to paint my figs with the more natural shade/colors that s possible. Note i paint with enamel (humbrol Revell) and some oil paints. And neither use "Green" for my conversion. Thank you all for your comments. I ll post more topics about my work Cheers Eric
  21. here is a first (poor) shot of my painting work : and the other two : next step : The basing ! cheers Eric
  22. thanks When you cut the head take care to keep some neck of the orginal beacause the WH heads are made to be glue on a neck. Mine have very short necks because i had already cut the original heads to make more varied poses. Then i changed for the WH heads. This why my Orcs have the head very low on their shoulders..... But they are looking more Orckish
  23. thank you guys for your comments i have some Chonoscope figurines who are mixable with Coppelstone and Street violence from Foundry....
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