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  1. you can try with beastmen heads too. With a such strong body, a human head can give you a giant (for smaller scale) or a 28mm Ogre....
  2. That is the reason why i post it and i have create a blog about (easy/simple) conversion of figurines. i has the same reaction as yours Peithetairos when the conversion was finished : There is something missing ? My goal is to share my 37 years of experience in gaming with original figurines. Cheers Eric
  3. Tthank you for your comments. My goal is to get several figurines likes these to guard a Greek Temple for some scenarios with Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes. May be , i'll add my (lead) Medusa with some special rules for her. I think to takeone of each Bones "snake" miniatures , like : It very too easy to take off the torso on Bones. Some Lead are easy too but they are always some risks to deviate or hurt yourself. My fingershands are full of small cuts from my cutter and tools. Wargame is a dangerous hobby.......sometime Eric
  4. hey , i would like to get a comparison scale for Franck Buck with some of the most common 28mm on the market like Wargame Foundry, Crusader, Artizan, Coppelstone, etc... The main problem is the scale different between several miniatures in the Reaper range. For example, the dwarfs, when you have to mix them with other manufacturers is sometime difficult. thank you for your interest regards Eric
  5. a WIP (since a long time) still on my work bench. Bones material is excellent for this kind of conversion. The one who has already cut in half a lead miniature knows of what i'm talking about the original : I cut in half the figurine to swap the torso with a plastic celtic Warlord. A Mantic ghoul head and a Vitrix hoplite head for the victim. i have kept the vandorendra's torso to give it to an another human figurine and i cut off the extra arms for future conversions. i don't like to waste... Cheers Eric
  6. thank you guys. Note that in the first 2 pictures, there is only 2 different orcs. the two handed weapon one (ref 77059) on the left of each picture. And the ref 77042, on the right of each pictures. And here it is the last one of my gang/warband Still a Bones.ref 77051 Always with a simple head swap. The more the conversion is simple, the better it is. hope you'll like too Cheers Eric
  7. Thank you Chris for your kind words. They are nearly finished at the paint desk. Some weapons have been change with some of WH Beastmen ones. Cheers Eric
  8. hey, i 'm a new comer on this Forum, and i run a blog (in french but Google Translator is your friend) about figurines conversion. i'll post some topics about my work in a few days (if possible). So, let's start with 2 big orcs ref from the Bones collection : i have to change the heads because the original ones were too small for me. I swap them with classical WH (40k ?) which looks more dangerous and violent. hope you'll appreciate the conversion work Cheers Eric
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