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  1. Nice work! My 5 year old daughter and I loved the Ronja series. I highly recommend it to anyone- it's streaming on Amazon Prime and is by Studio Ghibli, of Totoro and Princess Mononoke fame.
  2. I will echo the 'don't give up!' sentiments. I've grown to really love the bones material. It's all a matter of personal preference of course, but I never paint on it directly nor would I use the liner as a foundation. I recommend using Vallejo Surface primer or Badger Stynylrez primer, which are both polyurethane based and work well on vinyl Bones (either brushed on or sprayed on with an airbrush) They work very well with the material and give you a pretty much bulletproof base. Just make sure you give it a full 24 hours to cure. Give it a shot and see if that makes your paintin
  3. LOL I have no idea what happened there- I got some kind of SQL error when I hit post then when I reloaded the page it had posted 3 times. Oh well. I reported the other two. Sorry, mods!
  4. I'm super excited about this terrain Kickstarter coming out of Italy. Hopefully someone here might find it interesting as well. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manorhouse/3d-bases-modular-terrain Innovation is the keyword of our new product, and covers both the design and the manufacturing process of the new 3D bases. They are manufactured using a new product from the polyurethane family. To be noted this is quite different from anything you may have seen before as it is used at an industrial level for heavy duty applications. We however understand first-hand the hug
  5. Hi Reaper Forums! I'm new here. I'll be posting pics of my minis to share when I get a light box but for now I want to talk about varnish: I have seen a couple of threads where folks have had trouble with the brush-on Liquitex Gloss varnish being sticky on their Bones. I'm not sure if this is the result of plasticizers leaching out of the Bones material or just a characteristic of the varnish itself. I experienced it myself, and I was very concerned that the varnish i put on to protect my hours of painting on the gaming table actually was wrecking the mini. For the record this is how
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