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  1. Dark Horse

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    Thanks for that... I have already setup lists that I hope will help with the issue - even though it seems to get "klunkier" as the various lists grow.
  2. Dark Horse

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    NOTE OF CAUTION: Folks, don't leave stuff in your cart for when you are ready to place the order, the cart appears to automagically dump its contents after a certain period time with an email saying... Hey there. We wanted to remind you that you have some items in your shopping cart at Reapermini.com. In another day, we're going to be releasing those items back into our inventory." ...Since I was on vacation when the message arrived, I didn't get the message until AFTER it dumped the cart. I used to put requests and special orders in the cart to make sure I did not forget them on my next order - now I will have to find another way to accomplish that task... Hopefully, I made notes on the ones that I just lost!
  3. Any idea when the newest 12 Bones ultra colors will be available individually instead of as a set only? Thanks! @Vaitalla grumpy-werewolf-signal
  4. Dark Horse

    New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    NOTICE! I plan on moving the whole website currently hosting the unofficial Warlord Army Creator to a new server this coming week (August 12-17, 2018) The Unofficial Army Creator has been moved to a new (faster) server and upgraded to work with the latest versions of the core languages. You will also notice that everything within the site/tool is also now served securely. Ultimately everything is still the same functionally but the new home should support more simultaneous users without noticeable performance degradation and your logins are now handled securely. Should anyone experience any problems, please PM me so that I can look into it for you. PS: I also want to apologize to folks about not finishing up the IMPORT feature... Life has just kept me too distracted to get that done.
  5. Dark Horse

    Newer IMEF troopers - size and bases

    Has anyone tried cutting the base of the larger figures into a tab to see how close that brings the "old school" and newer Troopers closer in perceived size?
  6. So are you guys looking for an online force builder and data card search program similar to the one now online for Warlord?
  7. I just discovered this model and wanted to find out if someone could verify which faction it belongs to... The closest datacard I can find is for 14182 Nightspecter (Spectral) in Necropolis, but I'm not really sure what to do with this model. When I search for the sku on the ReaperMini site, it shows it belongs to Warlord, but I cannot find it in any of the product lists for any of the armies. Am I just missing it or what? Thanks!
  8. Dark Horse

    Where can I get Frost Giants

    You might want to search for 54mm Barbarians - just a thought.
  9. Dark Horse

    New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    UPDATE: Spell Books Sorting - - By Request, the spells in the Spell Books are now sorted by cost then by spell name. The logic is that it helps locate spells easier as you reduce your casting power - and of course this made perfect sense once discussed. NOTE: I have also added a grayed out placeholders for a stats line on the builder form that will display Models, Damage Tracks, and Cards as you build your Army Roster. Model and DT stats appear in the finished roster, but are not yet functional in the builder (which is why they are grayed out) as you are working on the roster - this is now on the upgrade list. UPCOMING UPGRADE: The ability to IMPORT model data cards from other factions - most useful for those playing Mercenaries, but depending on your house rules, etc., this could be another nice addition for players.
  10. Dark Horse

    Where can I get Frost Giants

    This might help a bit... Frost Giant Spearman - 65100 = No Direct Replacement Frost Giant Warrior - 77543 = 65111 (2nd Alt 02599) Ice Warrior - 65114 - No Direct Replacement Frost Giant Bodyguard - 77544 = No Official Datacard
  11. Dark Horse

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see #3

    I would actually like to see Reaper do a commercial flat dumpster.
  12. Dark Horse

    Superhero Minis - Rules, Homebrew

    I picked this thread because of the title... My purpose is that I am creating a set of rules for use with various genres of Chronoscope minis and would like to know what kinds of Special Abilities (Superpowers) would you like to see in those rules for the various Super Hero models in the line? Thanks!
  13. Dark Horse

    Terrible Army Builds

    I have never actually run Hospitaliers in this game, are they as bad as they look?
  14. Dark Horse

    New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    Followup: I did spend some time reviewing the output routine that handles abilities in the roster and found an error in the data card for the Ivy Crown Archer that caused the routine to produce incorrect rowclasses on the Special Abilities output page of the roster. So while that should not have affected the Edge browser this way, it MAY have seen this as an error, and displayed incorrectly. It should have still printed, but I have seen stranger things happen with microsoft browsers. Anyway, if your output issue was on that page of the roster, then this change could have potentially fixed that. IF however, your problem is within the data card output, please let me know if it still persists after you have gone through the steps indicated in the previous post. [SOLVED] Apparently this fixed the problem according to Wolflord.
  15. Dark Horse

    New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    Crusaders - 979 points Troop 1 (306 pts) Duke Gerard Valandil, Archmage Battle Nun x 3 Troop 2 (81 pts) Gar, Wardog War Dog x 6 Troop 3 (212 pts) Acacia, Ivy Crown Ranger Ivy Crown Archer x 6 Troop 4 (181 pts) Vernone, Ivy Crown Skirmisher Ivy Crown Skirmisher x 6 Troop 5 (199 pts) Uriel, Guardian Angel Total Models: 27 Damage Traoks: 56 Judgement DoctrineWarlord 2nd Edition - page 62 Divine Spirit When an enemy non-soldier model is destroyed, it is replaced with a divine spirit. The divine spirit becomes part of the Troop that destroyed the enemy model (ignoring Troop capacity). The divine spirit is a 1-track model, of the same base size as the destroyed model, with the following stats: MOV 6, DIS 6, DV 8, MD 10, #MA 1, MAV 3 Release the Hounds Garr may be fielded as a unique Sergeant. Garr can only field War Dogs as Soldiers to fill his Troop. Garr can field the Hound of Judgement (and only the Hound) as an Elite. Sacred Models with the Summoned SA may be summoned with a Free Action instead of a Specialty Action. Duke Gerard Warlord Benefits Commander Models in Duke Gerard's troop gain Support bonuses from just 2 models attacking an enemy model instead of 3. Duke Gerard Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 165 Rank: Warlord (4-12/3) Base: Std Race: Human 14068 DT 0 1 2 3 4 MOV 5 5 5 4 4 DIS 9 9 8 8 8 DV 13 13 12 12 12 MD 14 14 13 12 12 S.A.: Deflect/2, Fearless, Tactician, Tough/3 MAV 7 7 6 6 6 #MA 3 S.A.: Cleave, Smite (Evil), Weaponmaster CP 7 6 6 5 5 SP: 3/6 Tomes: Divine S.A.: Warcaster Valandil, Archmage Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 72 Rank: Unq Elite Base: Std Race: Human 14045 DT 0 1 MOV 5 5 DIS 6 5 DV 9 8 MD 13 12 S.A.: Tactician MAV 3 3 #MA 1 S.A.: Pike, Reach CP 8 7 SP: 7/15 Tomes: Arcane, Ice Battle Nun Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 23 Rank: Soldier Base: Std Race: Human 14372 DT 0 1 MOV 6 5 DIS 6 5 DV 9 8 MD 12 11 S.A.: MAV 3 3 #MA 3 S.A.: Martyr, Parry Gar, Wardog Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 27 Rank: Elite Base: Cav Race: Animal 14208 DT 0 1 MOV 8 6 DIS 6 5 DV 9 8 MD 11 10 S.A.: Dodge/2, Short MAV 6 5 #MA 1 S.A.: Disable, Frenzy, Rush Attack, Smite (Skeleton) War Dog Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 9 Rank: Soldier Base: Cav Race: Animal 14219 DT 0 MOV 8 DIS 4 DV 8 MD 10 S.A.: Short MAV 3 #MA 1 S.A.: Disable, Rush Attack, Smite (Skeleton) Acacia, Ivy Crown Ranger Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 32 Rank: Sergeant (4-6/0) Base: Std Race: Human 14204 DT 0 1 MOV 6 4 DIS 5 4 DV 8 6 MD 12 11 S.A.: Deflect/1, Ranger/6 MAV 3 2 #MA 2 RAV 3 3 #RA 1 Rng(16/24) S.A.: Rapid Shot Ive Crown Archer Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 30 Rank: Soldier Base: Std Race: Human 14401 DT 0 1 MOV 6 4 DIS 4 3 DV 8 6 MD 12 10 S.A.: Ranger/6 MAV 2 1 #MA 1 RAV 3 3 #RA 1 Range (16/24) S.A.: Rapid Shot Vernone, Ivy Crown Skirmisher Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 49 Rank: Captain (5-10/1) Base: Std Race: Human 14508 DT 0 1 2 MOV 6 5 4 DIS 7 6 5 DV 12 11 10 MD 13 12 12 S.A.: Deflect/1, Raider, Ranger/6 MAV 4 4 3 #MA 2 S.A.: Parry, Weaponmaster Ivy Crown Skirmisher Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 22 Rank: Soldier Base: Std Race: Human 14363 DT 0 1 MOV 6 5 DIS 5 4 DV 10 9 MD 12 10 S.A.: Deflect/1, Raider, Ranger/6 MAV 3 2 #MA 2 Uriel, Guardian Angel Affiliation: Crusaders/Good Cost: 199 Rank: Unq Solitaire Base: Lrg Race: Celestial 14080 DT 0 1 2 3 4 5 MOV 6 6 6 5 5 5 DIS 8 8 8 7 7 7 DV 13 13 12 12 12 11 MD 14 14 14 13 13 12 S.A.: Fearless, Regeneration/3, Summoned (Spellcaster) MAV 8 7 7 6 6 5 #MA 4 S.A.: Smite (Evil) CP 8 7 7 6 6 5 SP: 5/9 Tomes: Divine S.A.: Warcaster MOV 10 10 10 9 9 9 S.A.: Flyer Crusaders Abilities General Abilities Name: Description: Deflect/# A model with this SA gains a +(#) bonus to DV against ranged attacks. Dodge/# A model with this SA gains a +(#) bonus to DV against melee attacks. Fearless A model with this SA can never become Shaken and is immune to the Fearsome SA. Raider A model with this SA gains +2 to any Discipline Check when attempting to disengage from B2B. Ranger/# A model with this SA may conduct a single Move Action, up to (#) inches, during the Pre-Battle Phase. Regeneration/# A model with this SA may use a Free Action once at the beginning of each of its Activations to attempt to remove 1 point of damage from itself. This must be attempted at the beginning of its Activation before any other Actions have been carried out. To do this, the model makes a 10+ Roll and adds (#). If the result is successful, remove 1 point of damage from the model. Short A model with this SA does not block LOS, nor provide cover, for any models except other Short models. A Short model gains +1 DV against any melee attacks by models with a larger Base Size than it has. Summoned (X) A model with this SA does not have to be deployed at the start of the game. It can be summoned during play by (X), and (X) can be anything, such as a model type, SA, Alignment, or Affiliation. If the model is not deployed during the Deployment Phase, it adds no cards to the Draw Deck until it has been summoned into play. By using a Specialty Action, any (X) model may summon up to three models with the Summoned (X) SA into play within 2" of it. The models may not be summoned into the same space as another model, so there needs to be enough room for their bases. However, they may be summoned into B2B with enemy models. Summoned models with the Flyer SA may be summoned as Flying and models with the Burrow SA may be summoned as Burrowed. After models with the Summoned (X) SA have been placed, they may each take one Action of any type. If the summoned model is not a Solo model, it automatically joins the summoning model's Troop, ignoring Troop Capacity. A summoned Solo model will add a card to the Draw Deck next End Phase. If there are no remaining models of (X) type that can summon the model with the Summoned (X) SA, the model with the Summoned (X) SA may not be summoned. Tactician A model with this SA grants you a bonus card for your Draw Deck. A player may choose whether or not to include any bonus cards at the start of each Initiative Phase. When the model with this SA is destroyed, remove the bonus card during the End Phase. Tough/# Whenever a model with this SA takes enough damage to destroy it, it makes a 10+ Roll and adds (#). If the roll succeeds, the model is not destroyed, but instead is left alive on its last Damage Track. If the Tough model is destroyed by First Strike attacks (the first attack by models with the First Strike SA or the Pike SA), it does not get to make this roll and is instead destroyed. Short A model with this SA does not block LOS, nor provide cover, for any models except other Short models. A Short model gains +1 DV against any melee attacks by models with a larger Base Size than it has. Melee Abilities Name: Description: Cleave A model with the Cleave SA does an extra point of damage with each hit when the Attack Check is at least 3 higher than the defending model's DV. Disable Any model that is hit in melee by a model with this SA immediately becomes Disabled until the end of its next Activation. If the model with this SA is performing a Fight Action (as opposed to using Defensive Strikes), then this effect applies to the Defensive Strikes of the defending model for this Fight Action. Frenzy A model with this SA may increase the number of MAs or Defensive Strikes up to twice their normal amount (or twice the amount they currently have available, in cases where they lose some Attacks, such as from Disable). However, for every extra MA or Defensive Strike taken, the model receives a cumulative -1 penalty to its MAV for all of its Attack Checks. Martyr A model with this SA may sacrifice its remaining Damage Tracks to gain +2 MAV for a single Fight Action. At the conclusion of the model's attack, it is considered a casualty and is removed from the battlefield. Parry A model with this SA may sacrifice Defensive Strikes to increase its DV when it is the defending model in a Fight Action. For each -1 MA, the DV increases +1. The player controlling this model must declare the amount it will sacrifice before any rolls are made. # MA can be reduced to 0. These changes only last for the current Fight Action. This SA may not be used with Frenzy. Pike A model with this SA may make a single Defensive First Strike with one of its Defensive Strikes against any attacking model that Charged it this Activation. For the Defensive First Strike, conduct a single Defensive Strike and apply any damage before the attacker conducts his melee attacks. The attacker's melee attacks and the defender's remaining Defensive Strikes then occur normally. The Defensive First Strike counts as one of the defender's Defensive Strikes. If the attacker has the First Strike SA and the defender has the Pike SA, they conduct their First Strike attacks simultaneously. The attacker makes a single First Strike attack, and the defender makes a single Defensive First Strike. Damage is applied for both the attack and the Defensive Strike, and then the remaining attacks and Defensive Strikes are conducted normally. Pike cannot be used with Frenzy attacks. Reach A model with this SA may make one melee attack against an enemy model through/over a friendly model of equal or smaller Base Size. The friendly intervening model must be in B2B with the enemy model, and the enemy model must be directly opposite the Reach model, so the model with Reach and the target enemy are on opposite base sides of a friendly model. The Reach model is not considered to be in B2B contact with the model it is attacking, but its attacks still provoke Defensive Strikes even if the models in B2B with the enemy don't attack. The Reach model contributes to any Support bonuses as if it were in B2B with the enemy model if – and only if – it participates in the combat and makes an attack. Simply standing in the Reach position does not provide Support. The Reach model may only be the target of Defensive Strikes if the enemy model also has the Reach SA. Attacks performed from the Reach position cannot use the First Strike SA. Reach models may perform a Charge Action to move into the Reach position. Warlords and Captains with the Reach SA may perform an Inspire Action from the Reach position. Rush Attack To use this SA, a model must use both a Move Action and a Charge Action (in that order). If at the end of the Charge Action the model is in B2B with an enemy model, this model makes a single melee attack against any one enemy model it is in B2B with. The defending model may not make more than one Defensive Strike against each Rush Attack model that attacked it with the Rush Attack. All regular melee rules and SAs still apply. This attack is resolved along with any other Fight Actions performed by other models during this Activation, as per usual combat rules. Smite (X) A model with this SA gains +1 MAV when attacking any models of the (X) type. (X) may be anything, including a model type, an SA, Alignment, or Faction. Weaponmaster A model with this SA may re-roll one missed attack per Activation. This cannot be used for Defensive attacks. Smite (X) A model with this SA gains +1 MAV when attacking any models of the (X) type. (X) may be anything, including a model type, an SA, Alignment, or Faction. Ranged Abilities Name: Description: Rapid Shot A model with this SA may use a Specialty Action to increase its #RA by 1 until the end of its current Activation. All attacks are made with a -1 penalty to RAV. This requires two separate Actions: the Specialty Action to gain the extra attack, and the Shoot Action to make the attack. Magic Abilities Name: Description: Warcaster A model with this SA treats Fight and Spellcast as separate Actions and can perform both in a single Activation. Furthermore, a Warcaster does not suffer the -2 penalty to CP when casting a spell while in B2B with an enemy model. Special Movement Abilities Name: Description: Flyer A model with this SA has the ability to fly. When on the ground, the model moves using its regular MOV value. While Flying in the air, the model uses its Special MOV. A model with this SA that is not Flying may become Flying at the beginning of its Move Action. It may then move up to half of its Special MOV. Flying models may land at the end of any Move, Charge, or Run Action, including for attacks made with the Rush Attack SA and the Swift Attack SA, for no additional movement cost. Models with the Flyer SA may begin play Flying. If the model begins play Flying and has the Ranger/# SA, it still uses the # as its allowed movement for the Ranger movement. Can you please recheck the build you made, and then do the build again with a different browser? The only Microsoft browser that has been tested is IE9 in 32 and 64 bit varieties since Microsoft Edge was not available on any machine used for alpha or beta testing. IE9 has a few known minor cosmetic issues regarding its inability to follow W3C standards that are simply not worth the trouble of the workarounds. The public release of the application code has been tested using Chrome (last three versions), Firefox (ver 53) it works on several versions back but with some cosmetic issues, and Safari (last 2 versions), it should also work on the latest version of Opera though that has not been tested either, unless one of the alpha/beta testers used it and did not report it.