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  1. I picked this thread because of the title... My purpose is that I am creating a set of rules for use with various genres of Chronoscope minis and would like to know what kinds of Special Abilities (Superpowers) would you like to see in those rules for the various Super Hero models in the line? Thanks!
  2. I have never actually run Hospitaliers in this game, are they as bad as they look?
  3. Followup: I did spend some time reviewing the output routine that handles abilities in the roster and found an error in the data card for the Ivy Crown Archer that caused the routine to produce incorrect rowclasses on the Special Abilities output page of the roster. So while that should not have affected the Edge browser this way, it MAY have seen this as an error, and displayed incorrectly. It should have still printed, but I have seen stranger things happen with microsoft browsers. Anyway, if your output issue was on that page of the roster, then this change could have potentially fixed that
  4. Crusaders - 979 points Troop 1 (306 pts) Duke Gerard Valandil, Archmage Battle Nun x 3 Troop 2 (81 pts) Gar, Wardog War Dog x 6 Troop 3 (212 pts) Acacia, Ivy Crown Ranger Ivy Crown Archer x 6 Troop 4 (181 pts) Vernone, Ivy Crown Skirmisher Ivy Crown Skirmisher x 6 Troop 5 (199 pts) Uriel, Guardian Angel Total Models: 27 Damage Traoks: 56 Judgement DoctrineWarlord 2nd Edition - page 62 Divine Spirit When an e
  5. Please elaborate on the army build you made including the models (and browser to be sure it is not one of those issues). I just checked with a Blade Sisters build and a Nefsokar build with a mix of ranged capable models and ALL of their SA's were correctly printed in the roster, both on the cards and in the Abilities section of the output. I did have to make a few minor changes to incorporate the #models and #damage tracks stats since first making the tool public, but as indicated above, everything appears to output correctly in the builds that I have personally tested.
  6. Would it be best to use the Devourer Doctrine with this build or the Crypt Legion Doctrine? Necropolis - Judas Crypt Legion II - 1000 points Troop 1 (452 pts) Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars Magic Weapon Naomi, Mistress of Wings Phylactery Bat Swarm Chattel x 2 Skeletal Archer x 2 Skeletal Swordsman x 2 Skeletal Spearman x 2 Troop 2 (210 pts) Elsabeth Briarkiss Magic Weapon Chattel x 2 Skeletal Archer x 2 Skeletal Swordsman x 2 Skeletal Spearman x 2 Troop 3 (113 pts) Graverot,
  7. What model do you proxy for Mornenion since they never made one, and the mounts for the Drake are quite "different"?
  8. Thanks, I completely missed the Duskwidow issue... I guess it was because I added 1 Nightshade and when I increased their number I forgot to look at her troop stat. And I assumed you gave Majestrix the book? I had originally envisioned using the raiders to be a hit and run unit with my original plan to have a musician in the troop but ultimately didn't have the points, so the Shadow Tactics doctrine seemed like a potential compromise. I also wanted to incorporate a dragon in this army along with a Shade Beast, though originally I wanted more Beasts, but again the available points
  9. Thinking about maybe putting together a Darkreach Army ... I'm over the 1000 game points limit by 4 - any suggestions? Darkreach - 1004 points Troop 1 (356 pts) Majestrix Latissula, High Priestess Doomshade Boots Leila Mordollwen, Sorceress Familiar Avrix Dirthe, Champion Shadowguard x 2 Troop 2 (251 pts) Evshyvandra Duskwidow Abyssal Weapon Nightshade Warrior x 6 Shade Beast Troop 3 (219 pts) Tierdeleira, Priestess Familiar Darkshade Raider x 5 Troop 4 (178 pts) Aazhaleek, Shadow
  10. Phase 1 of the Integration/Upgrades have been completed... Roster save/recall is not finished, but the framework is now in place.
  11. Good Catch... wasn't thinking about the different versions of CAV prior to C:SO.
  12. Don't bother with CAV: Strike Operations, they are not based on the R.A.G.E. system. If you want CAV based on a version of the R.A.G.E. system, you will have to see if you can pickup a copy that was printed before CAV: SO from a used source, maybe the auction site.
  13. I have only partially translated chapter 1 and I am loving it. I probably should go back and start with the Background now that I see the basic story behind Necropolis in this campaign. Great job!!!
  14. A friend from Russia sent me the pdf that contains the fluff... I will include it in the new unofficial site once I get everything moved over from the development site, which should be sometime this weekend or next week.
  15. Ahh yes... another thread where the army builder question along with datacards has risen it's missing head... Just in case anyone else runs into this thread and hasn't found the announcement post - you can find the New Unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1 and information in this post/thread
  16. I looked through everything I could find and have not run across any fluff... just the tagline for the faction "I'll be takin' yer gold, yer woman, and yer life!"
  17. It seems that I read some faction fluff on Razig at some point in time, but I certainly don't remember where if I did, and I cannot find it in my resources either. I too am curious about whether this exists and where to find it if it does.
  18. WHAT'S COMING NEXT: I just wanted to take a couple minutes to let everyone know that work is still being done on the new unofficial Army Creator tool. (Especially since I haven't added any new content to the support site, and it is obviously not complete.) Anyway, the next major enhancement to the new tool will be its integration with Wordpress as an application framework, then the ability to store and recall saved army builds/rosters from within the tool page and the core website will follow at some point, hopefully soon after. The decision to integrate with wordpress was bas
  19. ENHANCEMENT ... Someone mentioned last week that it would be nice to have individual troop points displayed as you build your army as well as having this information on the roster. I know this was a feature that was not part of the original tool, but whatever the user's purpose in doing this, it was something I had started in the fully mobile version, so I decided to go back and revisit implementing this in the new desktop tool. Soooo I have just added the Individual Troop Points enhancement to the Army Creator
  20. Sample Army Roster output of page 1 using faction doctrine, troop names, equipment and warlord
  21. The new unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1 is now available for PUBLIC BETA TESTING at the url included below. As of this moment there are still model images that need to be completed and uploaded, but the tool should produce any roster that the older tool could do with a few enhancements. FEATURES: 1) The builder page (and all other pages) may be zoomed in your browser without destroying the page layout. 2) The Database now includes all available models and equipment for each faction, including the expansion armies and beta factions Razig and Halflings. 3) A Roster Name may be ad
  22. ...just finished a couple touch-ups like italicizing equipment in the roster output - still working on model images, there are something like 637 models in the database - probably still have a 100 or so left to go. Target is this Thursday or Friday (Jun 15/16th).
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