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  1. Sample Army Roster output of page 1 using faction doctrine, troop names, equipment and warlord
  2. The new unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1 is now available for PUBLIC BETA TESTING at the url included below. As of this moment there are still model images that need to be completed and uploaded, but the tool should produce any roster that the older tool could do with a few enhancements. FEATURES: 1) The builder page (and all other pages) may be zoomed in your browser without destroying the page layout. 2) The Database now includes all available models and equipment for each faction, including the expansion armies and beta factions Razig and Halflings. 3) A Roster Name may be added for every army build. 4) Troop names can be used for each troop section (or you can leave empty for the default). 5) Game Points have been added and are optional unless you choose to use a Battle Totem. (Battle Totems appear on the roster with a strikethru if no GPV was added during the build.) 6) Number of Troops per Row can be configured for the output. (The default of 4 is odd given 9 total troops but fills the page better.) 7) Faction Doctrines have been added along with a display of each doctrine in the datacard window using the datacard format. 8) Models and Equipment within any given troop may be re-ordered within that troop via drag-n-drop with your mouse (does not work with touch devices). 9) A "mini" instructions block was added as a footer to the troop build area/column. 10) Army Creator 2.0.1 can be "skinned" with a color theme - though the ability for the user to change the color theme has not been implemented, maybe in a future update. The Roster Output (Printout) now contains the following additions/enhancements: 1) Roster Name (optional - faction name is used if no roster name is supplied). 2) The full Faction Doctrine (if selected) is included as a section on the 1st Roster Page just below the troop roster. 3) A Warlord Benefits section (if a warlord is in the army) is included on the 1st Roster Page just below the troop roster and after the Doctrine section (if it exists). 4) Innate Spells are now included on the 1st Roster Page after the Warlord Benefits (if any models have innate spells). 5) Special Abilities summary for all models in the army are now more clearly broken down by ability class. 6) The Battle Totem is included in the equipment list of the output. 7) Equipment items are italicized in the roster to more easily distinguish them from the actual models. 8) Spellbooks are now essentially a one page reference for spellcasters by providing all of the stats and spells in one place for each caster. The Support Site currently provides: 1) A datacard spreadsheet with a quick-overview of model stats. 2) All current official errata for Warlord 2nd Edition. 3) Reference Pages for gameplay, such as Model States, Magic Tomes & Spells (independent of spellcasters), and Special Abilities, with more game reference material to come. (Note: You will ALWAYS need at least one of the books to play the game.) The Support Site will eventually contain a tournament support tool, campaigns, scenarios, free downloads and other useful information to help you recruit new players and just plain have more fun! And the current home of the new unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1 is: http://warlord.miniaturegameworks.com Please report any data discrepancies or functional issues to my inbox in the reapermini forum - thanks! Also, we should probably extend a Thank You to the folks at Reaper for granting permission to use all of the data and materials necessary to build this tool. ENJOY !
  3. ...just finished a couple touch-ups like italicizing equipment in the roster output - still working on model images, there are something like 637 models in the database - probably still have a 100 or so left to go. Target is this Thursday or Friday (Jun 15/16th).
  4. Did you ever play with the inches to squares/hex adaptation... and if so, how did it turn out? ...just curious.
  5. I can certainly see that being a sweet conversion to a musician for this faction ...now if only we could get a matching standard bearer. (...am I really that hard to please? lol )
  6. Well.... since the White Witch is likely to be in a given army, I was thinking something a bit different, but most of the barbarians that I could find were not wearing furs that would be indicative of a cold climate. .... then I found this: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/barbarian human/sku-down/02183 ...though I'm not quite sure how it would look, and I was actually looking for a male barbarian.
  7. Anyone have any proxy suggestions for the Musician and/or Standard Bearer for the Icingstead faction? I found 02271 - Bruce O'Hugh (highland bagpiper looking figure) to possibly use as a Barbarian Musician, but haven't found anything else to use as proxies for the desired pieces. Thanks!!
  8. Thanks! ...here are a few screenshots for those not in the beta group of the latest in the desktop version (which is going through what I believe will be its final QC at this point).
  9. Just finished entering the Pirates and Halflings into the database of the new unofficial Army Creator, and ran into a question concerning the halfling datacards... There appears to be 3 variations for the model 03264 (Roderick Ambermead & Dragon) the first one being a "Sky Guard" with the other two being alternates. The Question is: should the alternates be included in the new Army Creator (maybe tagged with "alternate" or "unofficial" on the datacards? or should they be ignored all-together at this point? PS: I realize the faction is a beta, but some of the testers wanted to see it included in the tool, and I really see no reason it should not be. PPS: I did include ALL 6 of the equipment items published in the beta as I figured they can always be deleted later if necessary, plus I could not bring myself to ditch any of them, especially second breakfast - they were all too cool and frankly there is no reason halflings shouldn't get an extra item or two (imho).
  10. Gonna switch gears here for a minute and post an update that concerns my "desktop" Army Creator... It is now fully functional all the way from beginning to end, and it provides a few more cool things that the previous "official" Army Builder did not. Like, doctrines, battle totems, innate spells, to name a few. The beta testers are hitting the desktop version now to check data as well as making sure there are no bugs that haven't been taken care of... Time frame for a public beta is estimated at about 2-3 weeks. So here are a couple screenshots for you to gaze upon... feedback is very much appreciated. PS: I know they are from different rosters, just happened to be what was in my print folder at the moment.
  11. Maybe they're just not "Seasoned" enough Squish... if you need to toughen them up, send 'em back to the fires for a while longer.
  12. Just FYI for anyone who catches it - in the mobile screenshots that I posted earlier, the Model List panel was showing a code error where it returned the No Models... message with the model list. Got it... Fixed! Silly stuff happens!
  13. I hope FOUR equipment slots will be enough for you Squish. (really the plan is to remove an item from the select list when it is added to the unit/model - and obviously replace it if you delete a given item - there is currently no limit - so you could theoretically add one of each piece of equipment.) Hope that works for you... PS: Sorry I haven't gotten far enough to post a screenshot of what the roster will look like with these changes.
  14. Here is the mockup just finished of what the unit will look like when adding equipment. Musician and Standard Bearer I think I am going to have as a button in the troop header - click the appropriate button and it automagically adds that "equipment" as a unit. This allows the equipment items to stay with the model and in the roster printout, will be indented under the model where the equipment was "attached". If anyone has any better ideas, please speak up quickly, as I will be coding this mockup within the next day or so for sure.
  15. Maybe - I haven't read ALL of the doctrines for the factions, but Hound should be easy - either autopopulate the first troop with Garr if that doctrine is selected or provide a "notice" bar that says you should add Garr to a unit for this doctrine... or something to that affect. Given that you can "move" the orientation of the troops up and down, you can always drag the Hounds Troop to a spot below your Troop A/Command Troop if you want to keep things tidy. Oh yes, I have made what I think is a significant change to the unit container already - I have added pics of the figs, that will change as you select your model.
  16. Thought I would toss up some screenshots of the app on an iphone 4 for folks to see how it looks on a small mobile device. The magic tomes/spells and equipment pages need some more tweaking for mobile, so not depicted here.
  17. It is an online tool, and since Army Builder and Battlescribe already fill that standalone slot, I don't see where another similar tool is really needed... I could be wrong - wouldn't be the first time. The intention was to create a replacement for the official tool that was taken down.
  18. Thanks for the answer, I will have to work on trying to find that data from somewhere.
  19. I am looking at a way to resolve that... It sort of works in alpha code, so it will likely eventually find its way into the final codebase. I need to give core functionality priority still at this point. Anyway, in the meantime (once it is made available publicly) you could enter them like [Armor, Weapon, Book] and then add the costs of each piece up and put that value in the cost field. Note: The equipment cost field is computed with the model multiplier. (Giving you this now because I might forget to later if it doesn't come up again.)
  20. How about a preview of that new unofficial Army Creator showing a couple of army builds... Note: there were no faction doctrines entered for Tembrithil at the time of the screenshot, so there was no doctrine to select.
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