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  1. Fear not Warlord Fans... How about a preview from the new unofficial Army Creator depicting a Tembrithil army. Note: The faction doctrines have not been entered for Tembrithil so there was no doctrine to select.
  2. Speaking of Razig... I haven't found anything on them in the books, is there a place where I can find datacard info??
  3. Awesome Job! It really enhances the look of this model in a way I had never envisioned.
  4. Thank You... the "RAV" was a typo, but the clarification certainly doesn't hurt and I realized I had not gone back and edited that in the original post in case someone just skims the topic in the future and misses the correction. I went back and scanned all of the data cards that were setup this way and made whatever corrections were necessary in the database - thanks to all who provided clarification.
  5. I was thinking that could be a possibility, so there is at least one other card in the factions I have completed so far that I have reversed an attack value... hate it when that happens! "If you find any discrepency between this tool and the printed rulebook, the rulebook is correct and this tool is wrong!" <== Guess I should pay attention!
  6. Ok, I'm entering datacards from the 2ed rulebook into a new database and ran across this model with the MAV stats showing as: I am pretty sure this is backwards - but could someone please clarify?
  7. As far as I know, it is still available...
  8. I suppose you could always use the current movement values as square or hex values. (ie: 4" max movement would equal 4 hexes or squares max movement, spell reach the same, etc.) Depending on your gaming "space", you could double or even half that if necessary.
  9. The only reason I can think of for something like that is you want the game to be more like a boardgame instead of a tabletop miniatures game... not that anything is wrong with that, I am falling in love with the game LOKA at the moment, but then again I always did like an interesting game of chess. Soooo, just out of curiosity, why do you want to use a hex/square board?
  10. Humansquish, I am still getting familiar with the Bones product, that said I do like the larger figures like dragons well enough (though I would still love to replace my Kaladrax with a real metal model - I just like the "heft" and "feel" of the large metal model) anyway... with regards to your post above, doesn't the bones material "flex" a bit, cracking or chipping the paint/sealer on your minis when they are handled like that? I am an old school lead/pewter/white metal kind of guy and just trying to understand why "plastic" seems to be gaining so much popularity in miniatures (besides cost)... The last "plastic" soldiers I had were the green army type and I personally have no desire to collect those. (No offense to anyone who might - they're just not my cup of tea.) Thanks in advance for the info.
  11. Spinning Warlord off like CAV would probably be the death knell to any future the game might still have (imho)... I was an ardent CAV supporter back in the day, but have zero desire to get involved in the new CAV as it is too different from the old fun game that I still occasionally get a chance to play. I am not really a huge Bones fan either, except for some of the larger models, but being able to buy an Army Box (7-9 minis) for $20 might make me think twice about that position again.
  12. You can get all of the available cards for Crusaders, Darkreach, Darkspawn, Nefsokar and Tembrithil by going here: http://darkhorsehobbies.com/warlord-28mm-scale-fantasy-gaming-miniatures-102 Go to the faction, then click on the model you need the card for, then click the "Data Card" tab to get the card (you can right-click and save the card graphic). Sorry, I had not gotten to the rest of the factions before the data card search went down.
  13. Does anyone have stats (data card) for the 14333 Darkspawn Succubus figure? It is not in the datacard search :(
  14. Ok, so what happened to the metal CAV minis?
  15. You can always identify units by writing with a sharpie on the underside... All of my Reaper hex bases have ridges underneath that basically keep the writing from being scratched off by movement on rough surfaces (if you write in the textured area between the ridges) - or you can paint a portion of one edge (or the whole edge) of the base a particular color to designate squads - similar to what Vytau said above, just not on the helmets.
  16. I have them mounted 4 to a base - I guess when I got my infantry during the first releases, way back when the galaxy was a free-for-all, not a lot of info was out there... maybe it's time to get some more and go with the 3 figures per base, then I can use these for SA as mentioned by Vil-hatarn and ThatDeadGuy. ;)
  17. I was unable to download the beta rules - any idea when they might be available again? (dropbox gave a 404 error)
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