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  1. Good information regarding Swag Bags, but going back to my original question, when will the Pathfinder Range be available to the unwashed masses? Still September 3?
  2. Is the release date still September 3 or has it been delayed again?
  3. When the paints eventually do become available, will they be sold through Reaper or through Paizo?
  4. I thought it was going to be released in the Spring, but now it seems to have disappeared. Is it still going to be released? If so, when? i can’t seem to find anything on the Reaper site. Any updates would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the reply, Talae. From what I can see, there will be 24 Cav Colors. 12 have already been released and are available, while the remaining 12 are part of the recent KS.
  6. What is the difference between Pure Black from the MSP Range, and Dragon Black from the Bones Range? Is there any “color” difference, or is it a matter of formulation? (If this question has been asked previously, I apologize.)
  7. Are the CAV Colors available through Talon Games unique, or are they existing Reaper colors (or OOP colors) that have been renamed?
  8. The term "glacial" has been used to describe my painting speed. Quite accurately, too, I confess.
  9. Still confused. Why is Reaper putting 6 of the new Bonz HD paints on its online store each week if you can't order them? There are 12 of the 54 colors showing on the site now. It just seems like a very odd way to release or introduce a new line. Will Reaper continue putting 6 colors a week in the online store until all are out there, and only then allow you to put them in your "shopping cart?" If the are still in development, why are some folks already selling them on eBay? A poster on this thread mentioned he picked up the entire line at Adepticon (in April?). I also noticed where they changed the release date from "Early Spring" to just "2016." That's not very encouraging.
  10. I'm noticing about 6 of the new Bonz HD paints are hitting the Master Series website each week, although you can't order them. Is this how Reaper usually releases a new range? I'm a bit confused.
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