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  1. Hey guys been away for a while with a severe illness however am slowly getting back on the horse through much pestering by a dear friend! I have painted a Black reach Ork warboss in Evil sunz colours and added small details to his surroundings. Using milliput I made vines with venus fly trap heads! also added a couple of skaven mini rats to the base! I hope you like my submission and as always comments are welcomed and gladly received!
  2. Hey there guys been away for a while due to illness but while convalescing I made this diorama Its the Tin man arriving at the Wizards lair for a heart. However my Wizard of Oz requires Tin man to prove he deserves his heart through combat! Hope you love the diorama and as always comments are wanted and appreciated!
  3. Garomero

    Khanjira Reaper!

    Hey guys been away for a while painting the mighty Khanjira!! What a great model to add to my ever growing Dungeons and Dragons campaign! I decided to give Khanjira a ghostly haunting look! As always comments are wanted and appreciated! Just to note instead of doing boring stonework for the base I opted for trying out Jade! Let me know if you think it works!
  4. Hey there thanks for your interest! O.k. here goes..On the dragon I undercoated with Docraft artiste Cobalt Blue, then highlighted through Army painter Ultramarine blue right up to Army painter Electric blue...The inner membranes of the wing where undercoated Docraft artiste Black then highlighted with Docraft artiste Metallic Amethyst up to Docraft artiste Metallic Rose. I then gave them a wash of Army painter Quickshade ink Purple tone! The ruins was quite complicated. I used a base of Docraft artiste Black, then I used Army painter Fur brown as a second undercoat..After that I used Docraft artist Flesh which I dry brushed over the Brown around ten layers. I then striated the brickwork with Army painter Chaotic Red and Army.painter Barbarian flesh side by side in random striations . I dry brushed over the that with Docraft flesh again for a worn look to the striations! Finally I washed over the stonework with Army painter Soft tone ink. Sorry about the repetitive language! I am just trying to be accurate as possible in my description!
  5. Hey guys been away for a long while doing this amazing diorama! Dragons don't share 2! What an awesome time I had doing this the scenery is beautiful the dragon is majestic! I also decided to switch out the team in the box for a group of treasure seeking wizards and sorcerers. As always comments are wanted and appreciated!!! I Have taken many pics to capture every aspect of the model!
  6. Hey guys back again with the mighty Deathsleet. I decided to go crazy with colour to make this dragon stick in peoples memories! I decided he would definitively be a Gold dragon in my campaign but have powerfully magic charged wing membranes! So here we have it the gaudy gilded Deathsleet! I had an absolute blast painting this great mini! As always your comments are wanted and appreciated!!
  7. Garomero

    Reaper Vampire mini

    Hey guys my submission for today is the cool Reaper Vampire! He wasnt a complicated model to paint I had fun and hope you love it he is a great addition to my ever growing Dungeons and Dragons campaign! As always comments are wanted and appreciated!
  8. Garomero

    Reaper Frost Wyrm

    I will definitely do that next time¬ Thanks for the advice¬
  9. Garomero

    Verocithrax (Koi carp) Dragon

    I will definitely do that next time! Thanks for the advice¬
  10. Garomero

    Reaper Frost Wyrm

    Hey guys back with the fearsome Frost Wyrm!! I painted this guy in semi traditional colours! I really hope you like this one and as always comments are wanted and very much appreciated! If anyone wants to add me as a friend I would be honored! I love to discuss painting schemes!
  11. Garomero

    Reaper Leisynn Mercenary Mage

    Hey guys back again with Leisynn the mercenary mage¬ Although for my campaign he is the mighty Gorloth the Necromancer. Raiser of the court of Skeleton kings, underling to the indestructible Corvaxx the Shadow dragon!( I am waiting for the right model for him! As always comments are wanted and appreciated!
  12. Garomero

    Reaper Silver dragon

    Hey guys just worked on this dragon today. A young adult silver dragon! I have added a subtle purple and blue haze over the silver to give it a mother of pearl effect! As always comments are wanted and appreciated!
  13. Garomero

    Golden Demon (Reaper Fire Demon)

    Stunning use of metallics!
  14. Garomero

    Verocithrax (Koi carp) Dragon

    Hey guys back again and this time I painted the mighty verocithrax this amazing figure was very exciting to paint I decided to emulate Koi carp in painting the dragon I feel it fits well! As always comments are wanted and appreciated!
  15. Garomero

    Reaper mini Stone Golem

    Usually small size I was hoping it would translate well on a larger scale or it could be that it is a mini golem! Thanks so much for your comment!