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  1. I noticed the trouble getting him to stay standing! That's why for a base I used a blank CD, and glued down the tip of his tail to keep him at least mostly upright!
  2. I finally got around to doing some basing on my take on reaper's Gauth, in bones I do not know the SKU unfortunately, but I think it is from Bones 4? Anyway, I tried to paint him up as a White dragon, but I also wanted to keep it interesting, so I highlighted from three different colours on separate parts of the hide, mostly pale purple, grey on the central spines down his back, and turquoise on the belly! Take a look, let me know what you think, c&c's more than welcome!
  3. Possibly, I am unfamiliar with that company!
  4. I have recently started to run a campaign of Pathfinder 1st edition for my friends, and I need to find a miniature suitable to use for a recurring NPC. The character is a Gnome Barbarian, who uses a greataxe. I am sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable mini?
  5. The local lord of one of the towns in my campaign is also reputed to be a pirate Captain! Yet in his way he's actually one of the good(well, ok, decent!) guys!
  6. Having recently started a pathfinder campaign I needed some miniatures suitable to use as Bandits or town guardsmen. After looking for a bit, I settled on the Bones Black Maggotcrown Men At Arms. Unfortunately, when they arrived, having ordered them from eBay, the spearman's weapon was mis-moulded, so I had to replace it with the spear from an old GW high elf. C&C's are more than welcome, hope people like my take!
  7. Looks awesome! Also looks a lot like Nergigante from Monster Hunter World to me!
  8. As I mentioned in the thread on the Captain with Terminator Honours, here is the best painted Dreadnaught I have done, the trident symbol on the front is the chapter insignia. Let me know what you think!
  9. Lamentably that is easier said than done as it it partially covered by the side vent of the power pack. I may however at a later point post my best painted Dreadnaught! It is also a 2nd edition metal dread!
  10. I thought it would be cool to show off an older model I painted, this one is a vintage Space Marine Captain, painted in the colours of my own Chapter, the Sons of Poseidon. Comments and criticisms always wanted, let me know what you think! The model was painted using Army painter paints.
  11. I saw the Rocky miniatures, and with how cute they are I could not resist getting one to use as a dragon to send against my players. As such, here is my take on the Flying Rocky, as a juvenile Red Dragon! Comments, criticisms and advice as ever more than welcome!
  12. Yes, it also makes a clear layer over the iris and pupil like in a real eye.
  13. It's been some time since I last posted here, but I recently got and painted this WizKid beholder! Comment, criticisms and advice will be gratefully received! The mini in the background I am not quite ready to post as I have not based it properly yet!
  14. both of these look AWESOME! In truth, I wish I'd gone this route when I did my Kaladrax 7-day challenge. The skeletons are so spooky!!
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