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  1. both of these look AWESOME! In truth, I wish I'd gone this route when I did my Kaladrax 7-day challenge. The skeletons are so spooky!!
  2. Sorry for the slow update, but here is the progress I have made. I know it's relatively basic, but until I can get suitable basing materials, I think this is as far as I can take the paint job on the harlequin! Unless somebody can give me some advice on how best to proceed.
  3. He is a lot of fun! I much prefer GW's older miniatures to the new stuff, too fussy as well as overpriced.
  4. It's not been too long, but here is what further progress I have made. the pictures are not the best, due to poor lighting I had to use the flash on my phone's camera.
  5. It's been ages since I posted on the forums, so I decided I needed to get back to my roots.. As such I got myself one of what I remember as the very first miniature I ever painted, way back in '89! I haven't decided on all of the colours to use, but one thing I knew from the start was that back then I did the mohawk in all the rainbow, and this one I just had to do the same! Well, thiese are my progress pics so far, I don't want to rush this as it's honestly now a really important mini to me. Comments and advice for how to proceed will be gladly accepted!
  6. This looks awesome. I love the brightness of the colours!
  7. I have been away from painting for what seems like ages, but the other day I went back to Duke Gerrard and completely repainted him. I kept it pretty simple, and the face is as basic as they come (I could not even paint in his eyes) but I think overall he is better. The main armour was painted using the palest purple I could find, a craft paint called Iris, followed by a simple wash with army painter purple tone quickshade ink. The cloak I used Golden yellow followed by a wash of army Painter Strong Tone.
  8. It has been ages since I last posted anything I painted, and I realised that I had not posted this miniature to the forums! It's a fairly simple take on the battleguard golem from Reaper, and I tried to do it entirely in NMM. Well, here's the pictures, C&C's always appreciated!
  9. PINK!! *coughs* Looks Awesome to me Ub3r! I love the way you have done the base.
  10. Been away a while myself but this is looking a great start! When you are done it will be cool to compare with my own.
  11. Having now finished my Kaladrax Reborn, I realised there were a few other miniatures I have painted recently that I have not gotten around to posting on the forums! Well, here they are, First up is the human fighter from the dragons don't share. This one was fun to paint, and I painted the shield freehand in what I thought was a very knightly style, quartered with a hawk/phoenix emblem in gold. Next is the bones version of Duke Gerard. He was more challenging, due to my decision to try and paint him in white armour with black detailing, again, the cross emblem on his shield was done freehand. And last but not least is Dain Deepaxe, The way I painted him was fairly typical, but I think he has come out well.
  12. This is the final update! Mission accomplished! As of today, At 11:30 am GMT I have finished my Kaladrax reborn!!!!
  13. I'm holding up pretty well. As miniatures go, Kally was more fun than I had thought he was going to be. To be honest my biggest fear was being over faced with the sheer amount of bone! I think I have pretty much finished with the dragon himself, the highlighting is pretty uniform across his form due to how I had planned him to be a ghost and as such essentially be one big light source.
  14. Ok, a relatively minor update today, I have done a little work, and taken Kally to my best friend's home, where I will be finishing it over the next couple of days! I havetaken some new pictures, it is currently dry-fit to the base, as well as the wings being only dry-fitted. The main things I need to do are the treasure pile, and then final finesseing and possibly the OSL I wanted to do! That all depends on how confident I feel about it tomorrow!
  15. Sorry for the lack of updates today, just been a long day! There will be more over the weekend though!
  16. I had in fact missed one, on the other side if the base, where there is a skull on both sides of a stone block! Got it now after half an hour of hunting for the cursed thing though!
  17. :) You like it? Awesome! As to the skulls, I got both of those ones, the three to the left of the face, the one at the top, tucked between the two blocks, and the two on the opposite side of the base, at the bottom!
  18. Ok, time for another update with pictures, of what I have done today! Much of the ruined stone I have done in greens, to be like Jade or Marble, including the face. The colours I used for this are Docraft Artiste Acrylics, Forest Green and Spring green, as well as a mixture of the two, painted in streaks to attempt to get a marbled effect. The Brickwork pillar is only base coated at the moment, with Army Painter Chaotic Red, over an undercoat of the Forest Green. On some of the stonework, and the crown I have picked out details with Army Painter Weapon Bronze, and the rest of the stones have been basecoated with grey, to which I have added a bit of white to highlight by drybrushing. Pregress is looking good, I think I will have time to attempt to put OSL effect on the base from the dragon! I apologise for the darkness of the photos, when I can I will try to get some better lighted pictures.
  19. Another day, and some more progress to show, as I have begun to work on the stonework for the base! I am trying to give the impression of green marble or malachite for the large blocks. It's a start, but I have a long way to go. I have also picked out the brickwork in chaotic red, and the skulls in brown for the time being.. hopefully I have not missed any!!
  20. Well, so far, I think I am close to a miracle with my progress! Kally itself, I have, I think got done for the most part, though the base is as yet only undercoated! I will have real fun there! Below are the pictures of what I have done, Kally is not glued to the base, but apart from the wings is otherwise fully assembled!
  21. Pshaw, just tell the boss how important it is that you get a few brush strokes in! :) I am now home, and working on Kally! have the main body's bones about done, working on purpling the guts and wing membranes!
  22. Thank you all for your interest! At work today but will be continuing to work on Kally when I get home!!
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