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  1. It's Reaper's Wyrmgear Clockwork Dragon, I believe.
  2. I decided against painting green over the purples/pinks. I do not feel I could do it effectively.
  3. One last update for today, I think I have made pretty good progress! Tomorrow I'll be working on the main body, and after that I will have plenty of time on the base!!
  4. Further progress, for now, I think I have the tail where I want it to be!!!
  5. I'm in the UK! and glad you approve of the first picture, I admit I got the idea from you!!
  6. First Progress Update! About 2 hours in, first thing I did was to glue the three tail sections together. Then I set to work under/basecoating. So far, as pictured, I have basecoated the whole of the tail and both of the wings. Really happy with the colour I am using for it, when highlighted it is going to look pretty good.. at least I think it will!!
  7. Ok!! It is now time for me to begin!! I had to take the timestamp picture a couple of minutes ago as I started my computer! So I'll call it 9:20 am my start time, on Tuesday 9th August. Also pictured is one of the brushes I will be using. I bought a pack of size 0 brushes. :)
  8. Oh yes, the OSL is going to be the very last thing I do!! Once the main of the dragon itself is completed, I will be gluing it together, but not to the base so I can be sure of what can and cannot be seen!!
  9. Unfortunately for me I don't have Reaper paints available. :( My take on Kally will be painted using a combination of Army Painter colours and tube acrylics for shades not in their range. As to my plans for the base... I have a couple of ideas for it. All of which will end with OSL from Kally itself!
  10. OK. The time draws closer... But one question.. Which colour will make the skeletal form more ghostly? Choices are greens or purples, either will be highlighted to almost white to appear as spectral as possible! I need to decide before I start for base/undercoating purposes.
  11. OK! Thank you for the warning! After undercoating now I have something of a plan on how best to proceed! Tail, wings, legs and body, head then the base last!
  12. Heh. Having read a number of the threads of other people doing this same challenge I plan to get the tail done as early as possible so that it does not get me bogged down!
  13. I'm hyper excited myself to start it too, but I must wait til tuesday so I can get a full day of painting in at the start!
  14. Okay! I now have the paints I will require, as well as the superglue and the brushes!! On Tuesday morning I will be starting my own Kaladrax Reborn challenge! The rules I shall be following are the standard. 1: No brushes will be used that are larger than a standard size 0. Also no airbrushing or finger painting is permitted!! 2: I will have seven days from my posted start time to finish the work. This will be established with a photo showing date and time on my computer screen. 3: All parts of the miniature will be fully painted. Again, all paint will be applied using a brush no larger than a size 0. 4: No prep work will be done to the miniature before the start time beyond washing, dry-fitting, and possibly boiling to correct warpage. 5: All items that come in the retail box must be painted. In this case it is all of Kaladrax and his base. I think that is the full rules for a Kaladrax challenge! My starting pic will also have images of the brushes I will use. Oh, one last thing.. My Kaladrax will NOT be painted as a Dracolich/Ravener.. I plan on making him a Wyrmwraith, as I have not seen anyone do him as one yet. :) Ok, pre-game chatter will be more than welcome!!
  15. After a couple of days intense, yet incredibly satisfying painting, I have finished this peice of work, the mighty Narthrax! I have painted him in a fairly traditional scheme for a Red Dragon, and he is going to be used in a pathfinder campaign I plan on starting fairly soon. Anyway, onto the pictures! The one thing I am not certain on is the stonework for his base, the rest, I think looks pretty good.. Hopefully the pictures will show that. My lighting at the moment is horrendous.
  16. Ok, today I have finished painting this beast, so I am moving to a new thread on the Show Off Forum! Hopefully the pictures I have taken are good enough!
  17. hmm, considering these are the official space pope colours, is the the deity of the space pope religion? :) The paint job is good enough!
  18. I wasn't happy with the picture in the above post, so I have taken another, this time the lighting is better, so you can actually see the colour of the wings better.
  19. Ok, after a day's work on this guy, I have now almost got him finished, there's just his base and the inside of his mouth left to do!! I gave the upper surface of the wings two layers of Army Painter Red Tone quickshade ink, then the entire miniature a coat of Dark Tone to bring it all in together before I painted the spikes, horns claws and teeth using a few layers mixing Fur Brown and Skeleton bone. The eyes I simply gave a coat of Weapon Bronze Metallic to make them stand out. As before, the picture's not perfect, but when all is finished I will find a way to get better lighting to take show off pictures!
  20. Ok, another update, I have done a couple of layers of highlighting on the wings, but I am not sure how good it looks, whether I need to go a lot further, to take it to a more yellowy orange or not.
  21. 10:31 am Latest update: OK, I have done a couple of layers of highlighting on the scales, and in hand it looks pretty good! I have taken a couple of pictures, but the lighting is pretty terrible so I'm not sure how well it shows..
  22. This is looking B-E-A-Yooteefull! Your work is an inspiration, Kitty of the singular footwear!
  23. Ok, I have taken the next step on painting Narthrax, by base coating the wing membranes and all of the horns/spikes claws and teeth with a layer of Army Painter Fur brown, the next step will I think be starting to highlight the scales, I decided that I will be painting the wing membranes in lava orange to contrast the darkness of the scales. As ever, comments, criticisms and advice always gratefully received!
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