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  1. I have already glued Narthrax together, apart from attaching hi to his base, yes. Also, I just got on the computer and abaout to start painting again! more pictures will be incoming in a bit!
  2. 00:30 First Update Ok, I decided I could not just leave Narthrax at undercoated for tonight, so I got his scales basecoated. Simple enough, still using my size 0 brush, a single coat of Army Painter Chaotic Red. My progress is pictured below. Forgive the picture quality, it's late, and the photo is taken with my phone, and I think my hands shook a little as I took it. Anyway, best to call it a night, and continue in the morning!! I also have to decide what colour I should do the wing membranes. Kind of stuck between black or lava orange, I know both can work well with most shades of red. I plan on keeping the main scales fairly dark.
  3. I know I haven't said anything on this til now, but man, all these challenges, absolutely awesome!!! You're all so Talented!
  4. Hey all, as I mentioned in the show off thread for my Hydra, my next major miniature to paint is my take on Narthrax, in Bones. Well I just started tonight, having assembled the dragon, but not having glued him to his base, as can be seen below. For tonight, all I have done is to give him a simple black undercoat, using tube acrylic.. Unfortunately right now I do not have access to Reaper's own paints, but I make do! This took me an hour and a half, though not constantly painting, using a size 0 brush. This is because I am also using this as practice for a Buglips challenge at some point!! I already have a Kaladrax, but before I start on it I need to get more of certain paints, as well as superglue to put the beast together! Anyway, here is a picture of Narthrax having been undercoated! I will be doing more on him tomorrow, with regular updates and pictures, hopefully it will prove interesting for people!
  5. I agree! I agree also... But it will have to wait.. I have two other miniatures to work on right now. A half-done Rauthuros Demon and the previously mentioned Narthrax.. Who is assembled (not glued to his base yet though).. I am considering using him for my first WIP thread.
  6. KHAAAAAAAANNNN! Awesome work.
  7. It has been a while since I last posted anything and so here is my latest work! The reaper bones hydra! He was a fun one to paint and good practice for my next major mini, Narthrax. Well here he is!
  8. I have edited the first post to add pictures since sculpting and painting the base. It is painted like sandstone to give the impression of a ruined temple.
  9. Thinking of maybe using milliput to sculpt flagstones on it.
  10. Here is my latest work, the metal Reaper Warlord Marilith snake demoness. I tried to give her an otherworldly appearance with smooth blue skin and lava-orange serpentine scales. For her clothing/armour I used gold as it has something of a Mayan or Aztec look.
  11. Hey guys, I have another mini to show off! This time, I used the Pathfinder Red Dragon (89001), but painted it up as a green! C&C's always appreciated! Hope you like it!
  12. Whoa!!! Now that is incredible! How on earth did you manage that fine detail on the tartan? Also, how did you do the blonde hair?
  13. Hey again guys. After the fun I had painting my original fire demon, I just had to do another. It was only after I had finished I realised the irony of what I had painted. It's not GW, but it is still a Golden Demon! :)
  14. Hey again, after some work, I have now finished another miniature to the point where I am happy to show it off! This time it is the Reaper Bones Griffon miniature, I have been fairly traditional with this one, using Army Painter Warpaints and Quickshade Inks. I think I have done a fairly good job on this one, comments, criticisms, and advice all gratefully received!!
  15. Thanks for the advice! I have just gone back over my topics and added my name as a tag to them all!
  16. It's been a few days since I last posted new work, and now I have three miniatures to show off. First up is my take on Sir Conlan.. I kind of wanted to make him look as if he could be a hero or a villain, to have some ambiguity in the paint scheme regarding his possible allegiance, I also attempted to make his sword's blade look as if it is made of an amethyst crystal. Next up is my take on Malek, the necromancer. My initial idea was to try and make him look as if he could be heroic, but it did not necessarily work for that, he still looks evil to me, but a LOT brighter than most necromancers!!! And lastly, Goldar, the male Barbarian. I just liked the sculpt of the miniature, and tried my hand at giving him face paint and a tattoo on his back, all freehand. Feel free to look, Comments and advice are always happily received!! (edit, close up of barbarian's face added.)
  17. Ok, I was looking at my Fire demon and something about it, as cool as it was, felt /off/ to me. After thinking about it, and looking at some other threads, I realized what the problem was. The flames didn't look to be producing any light! A little work later, and here is the Fire demon again, now with what I hope works as object sourced lighting.. I think that's what the effect's called! C&C's as always greatly appreciated.
  18. Thank you all for the great feedback! Though the armour is painted using metallics. I'm not /that/ good at non-metallic metal.
  19. Awesome work!
  20. Ok, here's the latest work I have done. I got the excellent Reaper Bones Minotaur miniature, and it took me a bit of thinking as to how best to paint him up, it's an awesome miniature and I really wanted to do it justice.. Then I watched The Neverending Story, and what caught my attention was Atreyu talking about hunting the purple Buffalo, it gave me the spark of an idea, so I looked on google for images of a purple buffalo for inspiration.. I found the following image, and I was well and truly inspired http://www.tracyrosemoyers.com/html/p7IGM_images/fullsize/Purple_Buffalo-24x27-$1095_fs.jpg Two days later, and I have finished painting the miniature, and here are the pictures! Comments and advice are always welcome! :)
  21. Sweet. Both look great, the jeans really pop as well as the red right hand.
  22. I like it. The choice of colours looks really good and unified.
  23. Here's some more pictures in a different light, comments and feedback as always appreciated!
  24. Ok, i have found some coloured card, and taken some more photos, this is the best I have managed!
  25. Another day, another miniature for me to post. This one I was a little unsure of if I should post, but with how nice everyone has been I think I should! This one is the Pirate Sophie miniature, I saw it on Ebay and knew I had to have it! I have tried to make the parrot as realistic as I could, and for the photos I took heed of the advice given by Chaoswolf in the thread about my Wyvern, and have tried to get better light, though it has not been easy with my resources! Anyway here's the pictures, comments and advice are gratefully received!!
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