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  1. Not sure yet, maybe some simple sculpting. I have struggled to get a good setup for pictures and am just using my phone's camera.
  2. Feel sorry for the cat trying to catch this mouse! Looks great!
  3. I like em all! I have to get more variety of minis to paint! only a matter of time! :D
  4. Two words describe this pair! ...... Seriously Awesome! Keep up the good work!
  5. After taking the time to look more closely at the Wyvern I had painted, I was not quite happy with how it looked, so I have redone the wings, claws and belly scales, as well as using a wash to pick out the pupils of the eyes. Take a look at the pictures below, comments and advice are always welcome! (edit: I forgot to add the pictures to show off the head and eyes!!)
  6. Looked at this again. The extra pictures really show off your work! Awesome job!
  7. Hehehe! Well, Balors ARE Chaotic evil, they should always be unpredictable!
  8. Sweet! That frog looks lethal!
  9. Hey again. This time what I am showing off is the Reaper Bones Fire Demon I have painted. Looking around most pictures of painted ones of this mini I have found are all in reds and blacks.. I decided I wanted to be different. So instead it is dark blue with green flames.
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcome! to be honest I think the Wyvern is the better painted of the two overall, I struggled with the face of the dragon slayer, it's soooo tiny!!!
  11. Hi there, I just found this forum and recently started to paint reaper miniatures. This is two of the first things I have painted in years! (edit to include full mini names)
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