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  1. Really nice figure. I like the look of the skin and the smoothness of the gradients. The overall color scheme works really well for the character, and the NMM onj the axe is masterfully done.


    If anything, I think maybe a higher contrast in the gradients painted on the axe would have made it visually more striking, but then again, the weapon might have looked as if recently forged instead of well-used.

  2. Stunning work, VL.


    I like specially Elladan (awesome color pallette), the Elf General (stunning detail all around), the Blade Dancer (simply beautiful). The Half Orc rogue and Vulture I liked (for no particular reason) and the Girl Witch was just so cute...

  3. I think it depends on what you are painting, actually.


    Some figures are sculpted with areas that are not very easily accesible and that usually go in darker colors, so the smart thing to do is paint the dark shades first and then work your way through the highlights.


    An approach that I find useful fo smoothing the color transitions is to go first from dark to light, and then work my way back from light to dark, thus obtaining a consistent gradient.

  4. I don't do wetblending conciously. I always describe what I do as layering, but I find that as I approach the results I'm shooting for, my technique shifts to what you might call wet-layering, but really is just an effort to smooth the transitions by applying small glazes of the color mixes involved.

  5. I cannot always see a difference between the hues I use for a gradient. what I know is what color I have at each extreme of it, and that roughly a third of the gradient area is a mix of 50/50 of those extreme hues. Then I start adding more of each color to the middle hue and do geometrically thin strips along the parts where the previous colors meet until it all looks like a continuous shift in color. Not sure if it makes sense to you.

  6. Well, besides my paints, brushes and minis, when I go to a friend's house to paint I also carry a couple old CD's to use as pallettes, a set of needle nose files, an x-acto or cutter, a pin vise and some drilling bits, brasswire and a couple daylight bulbs (used to carry the whole lamps, but at my friend's they already have lamps, so, I just swap the bulbs). and tha's pretty much it.

  7. I just finished reading H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds". Good read. But I looked the old dog up on wikipedia and found this:


    "Seeking a more structured way to play war games, H.G. Wells wrote Floor Games (1911) followed by Little Wars (1913). Little Wars is recognised today as the first recreational wargame and Wells is regarded by gamers and hobbyists as 'the Father of Miniature Wargaming.'"


    Here is the page on Little Wars:



    Yep. If I recall correctly, on this very forums there was a link to the Project Gutenberg e-book for that. It is worth looking for it, as it is peppered with the odd comment here and there about the puzzlement of Well's acquaintances when they were to visit and find him with another grown up friend playing with toy soldiers in the living room.

  8. Very nice mini, Mein Herr.


    And, well, if somewhere in the Expanded Universe there is a Tusken jedi, I don't see why there could not be force sensitive jawas. Heck, there's even a Weequay jedi, and those guys are suppossed to be not a sharp as Jar Jar on a good day...

  9. The thing that bothered me was that he was painting some sort of napoleonic, 35mm+ scale figure. It'd have made so much more sense if he was painting ANY brand of fantasy/sci-fi figure.


    Oh, and in that movie, "The Jacket", in 1992 the kid is holding a 12 inch G.I. Joe with finger articulation, and that kind of G.I. Joe didn't even exist up until late 97. Sheesh...

  10. Uh, I didn't reach the end of the fourth maze. And I didn't had the sound on either, so, I guess it was something similar to the one where you tried to find the differences between two pictures?.

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