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  1. I have some. They are more like artist oils, a bit thick and not that high pigmented. I've tried to use them on some minis, but their coverage, once thinned to a suitable consistence, is very uneven. They work great for washes and glazes, but I still struggle whenever I intend to block paint with them.
  2. Found a link to Asteroids Online the other day. Every bit as good as the old Atari Arcade Cabinet. I started GTA3 on the PC, but frankly, it kinda bores me. Been playing on the Box Halo and Halo2 these past few weeks, but I still have several PC games on hiatus (MechCommander, D2 expansion, Freedom Force, to name a few)
  3. Errex


    The thing with Mc Farlane's, is that the "toys" are as likely to break up while pulling them out of the blister pack, than rotating the two or three articulation points they have. At least they are consistent like that... P.D. Yeah, the dragons are cool.
  4. Very nice tutorial, and the finished piece is quite striking. I like the smoothness and warmth of the skin, but details like the gems on the belt and the subtle gradation on the hair are really well done. Love the eyes...
  5. Meh. Snakebite Leather is just a shade of ochre, a bit darkish, perhaps. There should be a TON of ways to get a similar hue depending on what's in one's paint box.
  6. Hmmm. Firey Orange and Enchanted Blue might work too. Add Golden Yellow to match the tone, and black/white to modify brightness.
  7. The Solomon Islands, in WW2. Gordon Freeman or Master Chief?
  8. Errex


    Wasn't there another Not-Kong-But-Same-Outline-Big-Ape flick with Charlize Theron released a few years ago?. What was the name of that?.
  9. Kick the dog. What's the red thingie over there?
  10. Errex


    Oh, yeah!. Not like there is going to be an awful lot of movies to see this december, besides this and the Narnia/Potter flicks, but this one looks great.
  11. 12.5 % Who was the last CO of the Pillar of Autumn?
  12. Janet Gaynor won the Best Actress award for her role as a poor prostitute in Street Angel (1927/28), one of three films for which she was honored How many Clone Trooper action figures do you have?
  13. Obi_Wan, hands down. He was, as noted, not the best at everything, but was the most balanced of them all. And the most humane. Qui-Gon was too irreflexive, and the Council members were a cold, detached lot. The Skywalkers whine a lot, for all their raw power.
  14. Wow!. Freaky. The reasoning behind the whole thing might be correct, though. Obviously, it's something that is culture-dependant. I don't think anybody outside the territories where Smurfs were once popular would really catch the full meaning of the campaign.
  15. Well, yeah, the agitators are skulls, but not just your ordinary run-of-the-mill brain cases, I've gotten a vampire's, some goblinoids, and a few others that seem to be dwarves or halflings.
  16. Mmm. I'm really not that much into "Color Theory". I'd rather be into "Color Practice". amazing how much can be learned by trial and error...
  17. Yeah, Halo as a movie might prove to be entertaining. Although, I dread the possible solutions the studio might come up with for dealing with a hero whose face HAS to be concealed at all times by the spartan armor. My guess is they'll throw in a hot marine chick to act as the character the pubilic identifies with, kinda like they did in AvP. As for Doom, well, as long as they manage to keep it above the House of the Dead standard, I'd watch it.
  18. I was tempted to try the PC version once, but frankly, about that same time the first Splinter Cell game came out, and I went with that franchise instead. The Metal Gear Solid series has interesting character designs, though.
  19. Beutiful, man. Love the color selection and the execution is flawless. The stamp/signature could be smaller, though.
  20. I saw FranktheDM's post about the Fuji, but I was wondering about what other brands/models are currently in use amongst mini painting people these days, since I'm planning to get a new one after five years with my HP POS (a term I use affectionately, since the lil' piece of junk has served me well over this time, although that in no way precludes me to voice my current opinion on it's capabilities). Also, what software are most of you using to process the pictures?
  21. Meh. Ever since Half Life 2, pretty much the only new thing I've played is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. The rest of the time I'm playing older ganes that I didn't get the firts time they came out, likes GTA3, Gothic2 and Deadman's Hand. For variety, I got me Tiger Woods 2005, and it kept me busy for most of the summer...
  22. Awesome collection, Gus!. There you have pretty much a "Who's who" of miniature painting.
  23. Funny how, even though drow skin is supposed to be black, most models look way better if done in mid-greys instead. I think dark blue/purple is a good alternative, but these soft greys always look more "organic"
  24. That's simply amazing, Whiz. Love the color scheme, and the sourcelighting rocks!
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