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  1. Well, I use plastic card bits for paving. Glue them with regular styrene cement to affix them to plastic bases, and superglue whenever the base is made from other material.
  2. being that the case, I think I'm going to raid the paint shelf over at my hobby store, before they realize the price difference.... :O
  3. If the paint on your minis starts to chip or peel away, it has more to do with the primer you use, than with the paint itself. The relevent thing about different brands of paint is not the particle size, but the medium in wich the pigments are suspended. Alcohol based medium tends to increase the overall quality of the paint. A brand that I found to be fairly cheap, while still being a renowned hobby material, are Tamiya¥s acryllics. They come in a wide variety of colors, and here in MÈxico can be found at roughly 1.90 USD, (take into consideration that these are imported from the U.S., so you should have no problem finding them at lower prices). Just check that they are acryllics, because Tamiya's most known line are oil based enamels, similar to Testor's.
  4. Sooo. The USAF is going to fly ClickyTechs to Hawaii? :p Kinda odd, isn't it?. When MK was released, there was little or no concern from the gaming community supporting the other minis games (namely, WHFB); I mean, Chainmail even came out after the release of MK and was doing quite well (OK, reasonably well, in any case), until the execs at Hasbro decided that the return on this line wasn't on par to their other toy lines. Now, MWDA comes out and I see a lot of people crying that their games (Sci-Fi, this time), are going to be swallowed by it. As a long time Battletech player, I'm certain that this is the only game that will be replaced by MWDA, and still, I buy the pewter models and play the game because it IS fun. So, as long as people play, there should be no problem. BTW: Congrats on your new niece or nephew, Nadin ;)
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