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  1. Man. Spiders freak me out. We don't have a lot of the big ones in the city, but it is really unnerving when you are concentrated on something, and spot movement in the perypherical vision, and it turns out to be one of those buggers coming at you. My sister once whacked my spider centaur model body part I had already primed and assembled, because it was on my table and it was dark and the lights of a moving car outside made her think the THING had moved, but my mother has a positive horror for the critters, and that somehow rubbed on us.
  2. Whaddaya know? Suicide snakes!
  3. That's a hard one. Truth is, as you gain more experience, there is this completely subconcious process that makes you reach for the pot of glaze instead of the ink pot for an specific effect. It's just something that you do after a while. Based solely on their physical properties and personal tastes, glazes and transparencies go with real metallics to convey tinted alloys, although glazes on their own, I use to even out some gradient work that would not come out quite right without it. Inks, I use mostly to deepen and thin regular paints, sometimes instead of water, but limited mostly to some detailing, and not block painting. The ink also works great for darklining, properly thinned, and to add shading on heavy-textured surfaces. I do not use it to shade flat surfaces because I don't like the effect, but your mileage may vary.
  4. Yep. We would not want that, Would we? Anyway, this post made me remember that old "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" series of games. I remember back in the day when the C-64 an Amiga computers were the hottest duo of personal computers, there was always someone playing one of those at the Computer section of a store. I hope there was an updated version of the series. The old abandonware copies available are kind of a letdown graphics-wise in this day and age.
  5. Well, you can get thin adhesive labels from Avery or other manufacturer, and print the names you want on them. Although, they work best on square bases, since the slight bevel on round bases makes it a bit hard to attach them without wrinkling...
  6. Actually, I did see XXX2 a couple weeks ago. Pretty entertaining, but definitely, the blaxplotation theme is kinda overdone.
  7. Is it out already?, probably I'll get to see it in a few weeks, maybe once the whole Ep3 ruckus passes.
  8. Also, if you feel like it, you can use those pearlescent paint thingies you can get from most craft/hobby stores. Me, I'd rather go with subtle greys, as prophet118 suggests, but then again, it's up to you.
  9. As for the GW paints, well, they have been at it for quite a long time now, and like it or not, they are pretty much THE reference when talking about hues, because they are so well known worldwide, but they are not the best out there (darn close though, IMO).
  10. Actually, for darklining, I prefer to use the same hue I used for the deepest shadow of the particular area. I might even darken it a little bit, depending on the amount of definition I'm after. Then again, that's just me, the white-primer-user, so, maybe some of the adepts to THAT other primer hue might chime in...
  11. Well, I haven't done anything large enough to benefit from this technique, but I'm thinking that, with the dremel and some of these rubberstamps, it might be quite an interesting way to actually spruce up some woodwork bases. Might save me a lot of plastic card engraving the transferred designs directly on the wooden plaque.
  12. So, basically, You carve the negative shapes on the eraser, and then press it hard on the clay?, Is this right?. I was wondering if there are any limits to the detail that can be pressed into the clay, as in, Would it hold a wood-like texture?, Or it is a technique best used for flagstone-type designs?.
  13. Word of advice. Neither Dremel nor Craftsman variable speed tools are suppossed to be used with the foot pedal. Altpough I'm certain that a lot of people will do as they will...
  14. Looks like a dog. The live one doesn't seem to have the deformed jaw, so, I'd guess the dead one was a defective specimen.
  15. Well, chances are, with the caffeine content of a Big Soda, your metabolism should be high enough to dispose of the calories. Or at least the liquid volume should help getting rid of the salt...
  16. Heh. Just remembered: I like to get seat 13 in row 7. Not so to actually ASK a person already there to switch places, but chances are, if I enter an empty theater I'll be drawn towards that seat.
  17. Odd things I do in a theather: 1.- I turn off the cellphone 2.- I keep quiet during the movie
  18. I have seen that some theater franchises DO bring in theirs by the bagful, and it does taste stale, but the one I'm refering to makes it's popcorn daily, right there for the public to see. When I said it was fresh I meant it was popped no more than a couple hours ago.
  19. Popcorn rules!. As a matter of fact, I'll go at lunchtime and get me a big tub of it from the theater across the street. Nothing tastes quite like fresh Theater Popcorn...
  20. 78 year old Pope?, Man, he's really not going to last that much, Is he?
  21. Dunno. If The Rocketeer is eligible, then The Phantom and even The Shadow could be counted in too...
  22. The problems I found with the Punisher movie were: a) Way too violent, too fast. The murder of Frank Castle's wife and kid is way too brutal and sadistic, IMHO. The rest of the movie kinda never reaches such a peak again. b) Thomas Jane is kinda miscast as the Punisher. I kinda envision the character more alike Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. Older, tougher, more focused on dealing punishment unto the scum of the earth. c) As far as retelling go, I kinda prefered the other version with Dolph Lundgren, which starts with the Punisher already being the Punisher, instead of the 20 min exposition of the new film.
  23. Mmm. Hating Jake Lloyd because of Young Anie is like hating Will Wheaton because of Wesley Crusher. Both kids were just that, kid actors that got handed down some of the most obnoxious roles ever. They just did what they could with what was given them. Add to that the less than stellar direction of Mr. Lucas and you get EPI. But I digress, back on topic: Hellboy: No.1 Comic movie EVER. X-Men 1&2 : Really good, both of them. I liked the camp-free tone of both. Blade 2: Again, Del Toro directs, and Perlman is there strutting his stuff. Way better than both 1 and 3. Hulk: Feels inconclussive. One ends up feeling that there was so much that could have been done with the character... Daredevil: Pretty decent flick, although I'm not sure if the character has that amount of angst in the books. Elektra: Alias with martial arts mumbo jumbo, and way cooler villains. Not bad, certainly, but the whole deal with the younger girl seemed a bit superfluous. Spiderman 1&2: Excellent movies, both. My only fear is that eventually they'll spred the license too thin, but so far, these must be the most enjoyable flicks based on mainstream comic book characters. Spawn: Let's just say that the movie is as good as the toy line, (which is really not meant as a compliment). As for the Bourne movies, I liked them both. A grittier, edgier take on the Super-Spy archetype. Way better than the 80's miniseries with Richard Chamberlain. Chronicles of Riddick movies: Surprisingly good, IMO. Pitch Black is pretty much just another Sci Fi Creature Movie, quite decent but that's it. The second one really adds a lot of background to Riddick's Universe, and certainly it would have been nice to see a follow up to the series...
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