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  1. I did some more work on this Mystery Men: Disco Boys project. This game is going to be played at Gencon and Tacticon and both are coming up fast. Of course those Disco Boys need a sweet ride! I found a site that has paper templates for old cars and found a van on there. I just added the art on the side of the van in Photoshop, printed it out to my mini's scale, cut and glued that sucka together. I think I'm gonna do a couple more vans. Oh and I did the map of the Disco Boys Hangout in Photoshop. You can see Reaper's 50179: Ebony Foxx, Modern Heroine standing next to the van. The rest of the Disco Girls are rebased Heroclix with afros I put on their heads with green stuff and stipple them and repainted. Can you dig it?
  2. Thumbs up! The skin looks great.
  3. Got another Horace done this weekend. I have about 2-3 more I still need to paint up for complete gang of Disco Boys.
  4. Yeah I love that mini. I ran this 1970's League game some where around 5-6 times already and Kolchak always gets played. There's a lot of love for that old TV show.
  5. hahaha thats great!
  6. Oh okay...sorry about that didn't know that violated that rule. Won't happen again :)
  7. This is some beautiful work. Well done.
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