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  1. I did some more work on this Mystery Men: Disco Boys project. This game is going to be played at Gencon and Tacticon and both are coming up fast.


    Of course those Disco Boys need a sweet ride! I found a site that has paper templates for old cars and found a van on there. I just added the art on the side of the van in Photoshop, printed it out to my mini's scale, cut and glued that sucka together.
    I think I'm gonna do a couple more vans.
    Oh and I did the map of the Disco Boys Hangout in Photoshop. 
    You can see Reaper's 50179: Ebony Foxx, Modern Heroine standing next to the van. The rest of the Disco Girls are rebased Heroclix with afros I put on their heads with green stuff and stipple them and repainted.
    Can you dig it?
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  2. The Kolchak miniature paint up is pretty inspired. I went to look at the mini in the Reaper store, and could not see the resemblance there, but once painted in the familiar white suit, he's pretty iconic.


    Yeah I love that mini. I ran this 1970's League game some where around 5-6 times already and Kolchak always gets played. There's a lot of love for that old TV show.

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  3. Wow, really great job!




    A bit of an aside since you're new here, links to other commerce sites (other than Reaper's own) are strictly forbidden (as per Board Rules at the bottom right), so the best way is to just let people know the name/manufacturer/product (or sku #) so that they can go find it using google, it makes the moderators jobs easier if they don't have to moderate to edit and/or delete posts containing the commerce links.

    Oh okay...sorry about that didn't know that violated that rule. Won't happen again :)

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  4. I did this last year for a Savage Worlds League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1970's game but I just joined these forums. Thought I would share...


    I saw a few other guys build these fantastic looking weathered trailers on a Google search one day and thought I would give it a shot and make my own. Just do a Google search for "28mm trailer park" and their images show up.

    I started with a box of Plasticville Trailer Park Kit. It comes with 3 trailers.
    I glued the trailers together. I then glued them to black foam core and added debris. I used cut up cardstock from junk mail, corrugated cardboard, tires from Dollar store toy cars, I wet a paper towel and brushed some white glue on it for a tarp on the roof, clipped some old plastic sprues for bricks, etc. The more junk I could put on it the better.
    I primed the whole thing a flat black. I sprayed the inside first before I glued the roofs on.
    Then I applied some colors. Lots of drybrushing. I used some of that Citadel paint corrosion and rust effect for the metals on the roof. I also added colors like dark green, dark reds, deep yellows, anything that would compliment the corrosion look. Again Google was my friend in gathering images of different rust and weathered looking metals.
    I had a lot of fun making this. It's hard to mess up as the theme is weathered and ruined.
    All of these are characters that were available to play, 7 in total. The Bandit, Daisy Duke, Evel Knievel, Elvis Presley, Philo Beddoe and Clyde, Kolchak the Night Stalker and Foxy Brown.
    This game has a Southern theme with Kolchak and Foxy being the only "Yankees" of the group. Philo has the Beast Bond & Beast Master edges so that player will get to play with Clyde. Elvis had the Followers & Common Bond edges so that player will get to play with 5 members of his Memphis Mafia. Uncle Jesse is there as the Southern League Director. (NPC)
    The Bandit, Philo, Clyde, and Evel are all converted Heroclix, Daisy, Foxy, Uncle Jesse and Kolchak are all Reaper Minis. Elvis is a Hasslefree mini.
    Some 28mm Road Kill Miniature Bikers...
    The Trailer Park in action at Gencon 2015...
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