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  1. You can feel the sinister intent! I love the whole bandit series from bones 4. You should do the malevolent axe dude next! Edit: I see you did do him. All your thieves look dirty and ready for mischief!
  2. Love your color variations, much more realistic than just taking a color out of a bottle and assembly line painting them (which is what I did. All 30ish goblins, all at once...) I totally get what you mean about doing so many tiny models at once! Yours turned out very well. Maybe just do the rest while you have the color variations down pat?
  3. -T.E. Lawrence handsome guy in turban and robes. Id like a more princely fantasy adventurer of the desert sands type, maybe holding a walking staff.
  4. I love this sculpt, he’s such a smarmy little ne’er do well! I painted mine all in black, I really like the colors you picked. He will be a colorful target for the players
  5. New to painting?? That looks great! I love the color variation you did on it!
  6. Very nice! Classic hill giant and great colors on the female Minotaur. I love that figure, really interesting sculpt!
  7. very first thing I painted was ALL the goblins. Speed painted, went for speed over quality. The reason is that we were starting a brand new campaign and I wanted to start with trash, low level mobs to start off with, so I needed them and needed them ASAP. After I finished these I did the kobolds, and those were the ones we ended up fighting. I am focusing on painting all of my figures as per their 2e descriptions and illustrations. So they got cute little red accents here!
  8. You did a good job on this figure. I hate this figure and the style of it, I don’t care for the shoulders being giant and big hands with a tiny head. I have it assembled and sitting on my table, waiting to get painted. Going to follow your lead and do a simple dark steel paint job on him!
  9. Turned out really wonderful, and I had the same idea to paint her like Barbara eden. I am very grateful to you for posting this that I can use it as a guideline!
  10. I just finished painting these too (to add to my “trash skeleton mob bag”). I love how much sturdier these are compared to the old skeleton set. Yours turned out very nice, I left my base the standard stone. We did exactly the same color scheme too.
  11. That’s incredible! There are so many minis I’m not too thrilled about painting...you have inspired me to try “practicing” more, especially if it can transform it like you did!
  12. I’m also going to make a quick comment on how much I love the quality of the bones 4 material. I prefer this slightly sturdier plastic. I love to assembly line paint trash mobs for my d&d game. I had bought the previous packs of bones goblins, archers, and orcs and was not impressed with their quality. The skeletons in particular had a tendency to look like they were always knocked back on their spindly heels. The spears, swords, were almost always bent and never seemed to straighten out. I love the new 24 bonus pack of goblins in bones 4, and the armored ones...and the skeletons! They all feel more rigid and have better detail than those early bones figures I got so frustrated with. Lots of fun painting them!
  13. -ladies with giant ball gowns A Whole court of ladies in giant hoop skirt gowns of different styles and designs. If one of them could be cut with lines to make doing plaid easier that would be nice but not required. Ruffles, masks, hairstyles up and down. Ladies wearing hennin cones cones would be nice, too. A classic damsel in distress princess with a very full skirt, cone hat with veil coming out! Ladies of the court with double hennins and big veils. Men with crackow shoes! Just classic medieval figures that would look like they belong in old school AD&D!
  14. Don't give up! They are gorgeous, really make me want to up my painting game!
  15. I have a few wiz kids figures waiting in the wings, I'm interested to see your finished piece. I really should work on them, I have a couple bugbears that need to be done and could be useful in monday's game.
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