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  1. Recent paint for a gamma world game.
  2. Right. I have one of the two sealers I need for that two part solution. But I haven't heard anyone suggest a best gloss sealer. Or am I misunderstanding and the matte/gloss distinction is in HOW you apply it? And as you say, once I start using a better base coat, it may be less relevant.
  3. I didn't realize that the Reaper brush-on was matte. I guess I need to know what a good gloss sealer is if you say they're more durable. I feel like the Reaper brush-on added a tiny bit of shininess to the minis and slightly muted the highlighting effects I'd done. I'm still trying to figure out the right degree of subtlety with shadows and highlights. I'm probably not going to get mixed up with spray anything -- I don't have the facilities for doing it easily. Thanks!
  4. Yes, I washed them with soap and water. Applied one coat of clear sealer so far. They seem a little more durable. Will put on another at your guys' suggestion. Is there a recommended matte sealer? I'd be pleased if they made it through a playtest and two 4-hour con runs without getting too ratty. After that, I can redo them or move on. I'm ordering some Reaper gray liner as a first coat for any more I need to do for the same game. I know I'm just starting, but I'd be happy to post pics if people want to see. Does that only happen over in Show Off?
  5. Thank you everyone for the swift replies! I painted not one but six Bones ghasts for a con game I'm running later in the summer. I painted them attached to corks so there was no handling until I removed the first one. I'll try the brush on sealer and perhaps the dullcote. I know they're not perfect but I'm loathe to strip them and restart. An annoying beginning to an otherwise fun hobby...
  6. I just started painting Bones. I noticed paint flaking off or rubbing off very easily but only after putting in many hours. Searching these forums I found a post by Buglips who'd had my problem in 2013 and identified it as an issue with priming with certain colors including Pure Black. My question is: is there any way to salvage these minis? Some kind of sealer (I have the reaper brush-on kind)? Or am I destined to watch my hard work rub off at the gaming table?
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