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  1. Thanks, we original wanted to have them Kickstarted as physical products but the funding goal would be so high that it most likely wouldnt make it. BTW for anyone that is interested we still have 34 of 100 Early bird pledge levels left. And we have unlocked 6 stretch goals in only our first four days!
  2. Its live and funded in 3 minutes!!!!! Check out the amazing stretch goals and there are still Early Bird Pledges left. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rocketpiggames/tilescape-dungeons?ref=user_menu
  3. well I definitely have to have the minis held or tack on, but it takes time to change my PSIs on my regulator. its not easy, Ithat why Im wondering if anyone used this workflow.
  4. Im just using the Master Series paints..Im experimenting with adding medium, water, flow improver ratios right now. Maybe I should go lower in PSIs but would that even get anything out of the airbrush? I use an Iwata HP C plus .3mm nozzle
  5. I have a compressor that I can connect two airbrushes to via 2 different gauges. I was thinking that since airbrushing fine details usually need a PSI of around 20 but its so much easier to shoot cleaner through the airbrush using a really high PSI. What if you connect 2 hoses to 2 diff gauges at 2 different PSIs both with quick connects. Anyone do this? Is this viable?
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