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  1. UPDATE: I know this is not the time or the place but this week/weekend has been VERY busy! I was enjoying my other hobbies/passions. I spent Friday night playing nerdy (but OH SO fun) Board Games with @chaoshead & The Boy Child as well as a friend & fellow nerd! Then Saturday from 7 am - 5 pm I was either prepping to go to or at my American Cancer Society Relay for Life event. (I'm the brunette) I was SO tired I was in bed by 8 pm (it was still daylight for Pete's sake, lol!) Sunday was spent running the MUI's Run for the Ribbon 5K around the neighborhoods surrounding our Local Zoo to support Men's Health & Men's Cancers awareness. Then we got to go to the Zoo for free! That was a 6:30 am - 1 pm day in the HOT Midwestern sun, lol! (this is me & my running buddy & best friend ... How about that Team Name! LOL!) Also ... in regards to this project we are still making design decisions and trying to finish up other projects to make room to work on this one! Thanks for all the suggestions, ideas & interest!
  2. @canuckotter ... I will make sure that happens! There is at least one rules lawyer in the group so ... mostly kidding but I do want to done right so I will put the time & effort into making sure that happens! @vegascat ... I had to have this explained to me by @chaoshead ... seems like a cool concept ... who knows where this will lead ...
  3. Hello All, After a few days "off" of Hobby'ing ... some due to work & some to sheer laziness, lol ... I finished two-thirds of the Treasure Tokens ... Here are the Shiny ones after the matte varnish was applied. I also did some additional painting work on the other tokens that are left. Here is the result of that ... I turned the Skull into the start of the Onyx Skull ... I added more color to the Tome ... lastly I added color to the Skull Crushing ax token. Group Shot: So far this has been quite a fun project ... maybe I will have some more time over my busy weekend to get some more accomplished!
  4. @Dr.Bedlam ... I am definitely sanding the box! I want a nice smooth surface when I stain & poly coat it. Plus I just like to sand, something cathartic about it. Also a nice vehicle for my OCD tendencies, lol.
  5. Treasure Token update: Today was Gloss Varnish day ... who knew there was more than 1 kind of Varnish? Anyway ... I learned how to Gloss Varnish thanks to my Prince @chaoshead. Then I learned how to highlight & basic paint application ... All of the off-white color is the 1st of 4 white shades I will be using that will get progressively lighter. I can't paint my nails worth a damn but I'm not so bad at this ... at least so far, lol. Action shot: That is all for tonight! I think I will read for a bit then go to bed ... unfortunately I still have to work for a living.
  6. @Xherman1964 ... Thanks for the warm welcome! I do intend on having a ton of fun with this! @malfactus ... Who knows ... in a couple of month's I may actually be the crafter I "think" I am every time I go into Michael's. I guess we will just have to wait and see. On a side note I looked through a post or two of yours last night and WOW! You are quite a talent! @Guildenstern ... I will think about your suggestions and run the by my Prince and craft instructor @chaoshead and see what he thinks. In the end they will be his boxes ... I'm just the unskilled labor, lol! I have to say in regards to my youngest spawn ... he is far more likely to do this than his sister. He is a thoughtful (not so little) spawnling.
  7. @Chris Palmer ... that is something to think about & I will run it by my prince Choashead to see what he thinks & how or what we should do. Thanks for the idea!
  8. On Monday of this week @chaoshead dragged the Boy-Child out to run errands with him ... that lead them to Michael's. I have to admit as a not crafty, handy or artistic person ... EVERYTIME I go in that store I think I am Martha Stewart & can craft ANYTHING! Anyway ... chaoshead & the Boy-Child were there procuring Hobby supplies when the Boy-Child decided he had the PERFECT Hobby project for me. The Boy-Child told chaoshead that Dice Boxes would be perfect for me. Chaoshead had seen some in use in a Battle report online somewhere & thought that would be a good way to keep the dice under control & the table from getting dinged up. So long story short ... when I came home from work that day the Boy-Child proudly proclaimed he had found me a Hobby Project of my very own! I am curious by nature so I asked what that could possibly be. He busts out 2 shadow boxes & pieces of leather then tells me "You can make dice boxes." I was surprised and honestly excited! I truly enjoyed sanding, staining & poly coating the table with chaoshead and my son may have actually found the perfect Hobby Project for me. There is still a good amount of work to do before I am willing to call them finished ... I am a little OCD & a bit of a perfectionist so we will see how long this takes me, lol! I LOVE that my boys want to include me in THEIR hobby so like the Princess I am I humbly accepted this Challenge and set out on my first (mostly) Solo Hobby Project! I will post pics for anyone interested in following my Hobby project journey. As with anything Feedback is a gift ... good, bad or indifferent it will help me improve ... so lay it on me!
  9. Hello All ... this is my first post on a message board of any sort in about 20 years ... chaoshead has graciously decided to allow me to help with his Hobby projects if I am so inclined ... I never really thought myself handy, crafty or artistic so it never occurred to me to offer my help for the past 19 years or so that we have been a couple, lol. When I helped with the new Table it was fun, I actually enjoyed sanding, staining & poly coating stuff, lol! Though it may look like I do not like the "stuff" on my hands in the River Tiles (I believe that is another post strain) ... but it was actually fun to help, I just don't like dirty hands. :) I have helped here & there in little ways for the past month or so ... a couple days ago however, I got my biggest help assignment yet! While chaoshead helped the Boy-Child and his adorably nerdy friends play a game of FrostGrave ... I was tasked with adding sparkles to the Treasure Tokens. This is when the Treasure Tokens became my project! I have since put on a black wash, done a little dry brushing & painted the bases black. There are a few more to finish up and probably a couple more steps until they are complete. As mentioned I require some direction & tutelage as this is ALL new to me! I will be learning how to paint small objects and who knows what else but I am up for the Challenge! The Boy-Child while on a Supply run to Michael's with chaoshead decided Dice Boxes would be a perfect Hobby project for me since I enjoyed sanding & stain the Table with chaoshead so much. I started sanding the boxes today but I think we have decided to round out the top edges of the boxes ... so I will be learning how to use the dremel! I am not sure if I will post the progress on those here or start a new strain of my own ... probably that :) Here are some pics of what I have completed so far in regards to the Treasure Tokens.
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