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  1. tho the fact someone has a Satan's pledge and has it up on ebay is very evil
  2. Gutted to see another legend lost to 2016 Its been a brutal year and there is still 4 more days...
  3. not just a monster but an expansion and what an evil one it sounds like
  4. My oh my, what an update...... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poots/kingdom-death-monster-15/posts/1772020
  5. He did that, in the first Update. I like the way Poots is doing this kickstarter and the updates just give me more entertainment along the way. I went back and looked at the updates, the pin ups are included in the BF Gamblers lantern pledges.
  6. Love the newest male pin up.....so far none of them have disappointed me
  7. Never read the comments on kickstarter projects that beat their goal and go as crazy as this one. I can say there has only been one or two that don't go vitriol or mass confusion with amount of comments on either the updates or the main comment section.
  8. Here's an overview of that weekend in Madrid. TBH I don't think it will be coming in March (sorry ) http://www.cargad.com/index.php/2016/12/05/actualidad-heroquest-253-en-expocomic/ Hope its okay for me to post it here
  9. I don't know the answer for sure, but I can say from experience, I believe the answer is yes. I made a small pledge on the WAMP paintbrushes kickstarter (£5 IIRC), and later added more to buy more brushes and some items from the WAMP store. So, hopefully this time it will work the same to get more stuff later. Down to 15 hours left. Thanks for that :D
  10. Is it possible to pledge £1 and add to it later on in the pledge manager @Darklord ?
  11. One of the skull's has been revealed.... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poots/kingdom-death-monster-15/posts/1753379
  12. Its just a no reveal, not no freeebies. He's already said all the SG are unlocked and now its just revealing them at a pace to keep people interested (hence the twitch thing)
  13. And that's got me in, loving the male pin ups but couldn't see a way to get them without the game.
  14. Same here, nice treat for people who can't decide on the one motif to have.
  15. I think one of the Hasslefree people said yes, eventually all this will be released in the store. The clear resin version of Caoimhe is the only one that may not be available after the kickstarter. The 'clear resin' versions are difficult. Clear resin is very tough on moulds, tearing them much sooner, especially with a miniature like this with tendrils and the like. We're offering them at a higher price and will run a special master mould for them, we'll make sure we get everyone from the Kickstarter one but we have no idea if they'll continue to be viable outside of the KS.
  16. oh my .....time to find out just how many ladies will be coming to me ......Pledge Manager time
  17. Hmmm, the spider mother render(?) was revealed back in Update 34... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loudnraging/tgg2-light-and-darkness/posts/1468752
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