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  1. Here it is with the drybrushing done and an accent color applied. I have also started shading the turret and side guns.
  2. It was primed with Humbrol Desert Tan. The wash is Reikland Fleshshade from GW (as are the last two colors.) It will be dry-brushed with Morghast Bone and Screaming Skull.
  3. I primed the tank and srarted washing some of the recesses. I am not going to glue the bottom or turret on so it disassembles for transport.
  4. This is an awesome looking model and I love how you are painting it!
  5. The Armoed Assault Tank, or AAT for short, is up next. I might use a few of the extra droids as riders.
  6. The dried bases received their base coat. Sounds redundant...
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