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  1. As a brief interlude, here are four treasure chests.
  2. Thanks! The unit and a Herald are now pretty much done.
  3. Dry brushes of three shades of green. Then I picked out all the flesh, teeth, and bone, and gave it all a wash.
  4. My next project is Nurgle. Here is a test model to try out the color scheme.
  5. These two, who had benn missing, turned up. They were hiding in my minis case, of all places.
  6. Lots of progress. Metals on the swords and a base coat on the, umm, base.
  7. This morning I started in on 10 Bloodltters. Base coat of Khorne Red, flesh wash, and a dry brush oh Blood Red.
  8. I also took some time to finish these Bloodreavers that I started a long time ago.
  9. Skulls for the throne! I did a little more painting today. Base coated and washed the metal and red cloth. Bases too.
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