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  1. To even the odds, Rex has gotten himself a jetpack.
  2. This is awesome so far. I am watching this one with great interest!
  3. All finished now. I made a flying base for him as well.
  4. Thanks! It's these three: Cantor Blue Teclis Blue Lothern Blue
  5. Lots more progress. Painted and washed the metal and made his bag and boots black.
  6. A little more work. Painted the shirt and pants another color.
  7. Thanks! Lots of work today. Several coats of paint on the two heads, and then a base coat of contrast paint on the body.
  8. Up next is Cad Bane. However, first some bonus Battle Droids. These guys painted up very quickly.
  9. Thank you! Today I finished the crates and things that go with the set.
  10. Worked on the carts this morning. A lot of wasing and dry brushing. The bars of metal got some love too.
  11. Thanks! More work on these two. Some layering and details on Rune, and started on Riyo's boots, cape, and hair.
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