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  1. The last step is to move the existing banner over to this guy.
  2. One of the last steps was to paint the bottle he carries.
  3. Lots of highlighting and detail work this morning.
  4. Looking good! Are those Contrast Paints?
  5. Very nice! I love the Ratcatcher. Very Warhammery.
  6. I have a banner already. It is an elaborate ogre banner that has a crow's nest, lookout, and two big banners. All from plastic bits.
  7. Lots of work done today! First coat on many different areas and then a wash. Oh, and a few details on the face.
  8. Thank you! Today I base coated and washed his armor. Also put a coat of contrast paint on his staff and hammer handle.
  9. One of my last projects before summer. When this Tyrant was released for Warhammer, I thought he would make a great base for a Battle Standard Bearer. My army already has one, but built on a plain old ogre. I like this one better, so I will swap them.
  10. Thanks! An hour or two each day. Here is the finished engineer.
  11. I put the finishing touches on the Kislev Ranger.
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