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  1. I think it looks awesome just how it is. Great job!
  2. Thank you! It is nearly finished, and I tried it out with the castle.
  3. The copper roof has gotten some paint and shade. And I have started on the window details.
  4. Thanks! Yes, it was. And I do plan to add furniture too!
  5. Yes! I'll take some pics of that. Meanwhile, here is level 2. The timbers on the bottom level, which I painted brown and then highlighted, do not quite match the upper floor. I think I'll have to go back and redo them to get them to match better.
  6. This is looking awesome so far. I can't wait to see more.
  7. I am finally getting around to painting this after a few years on my shelf. I primed the bottom section grey because of all the stone, and the top sections brown because of all the wood.
  8. The distractions continue. I am traveling, and so working on smaller projects for now. Here are some giant spiders that have been sitting in the shelf for too long.
  9. Okay, I have gotten a bit sidetracked. Here are two small vehicles I have painted. They are 3D prints from Imperial Terrain.
  10. I have started building my small fleet of ships. One Hasbro Nerf ship and two models.
  11. Great looking model! I look forward to your progress.
  12. Thanks! It's all finished now. I also replaced a control lever that was lost. Any guesses where it came from?
  13. The legs and mechanical parts have been painted greay and given a dark wash. The upper part was painted beige and brown and goven a brown wash.
  14. My last project for the month is to repaint my AT-RT. I painted it quite a while ago, and now want to go with a different color scheme. Here's what it looks like now.
  15. Lots of progress today. The tank is now nearly finished.
  16. Here it is with the drybrushing done and an accent color applied. I have also started shading the turret and side guns.
  17. It was primed with Humbrol Desert Tan. The wash is Reikland Fleshshade from GW (as are the last two colors.) It will be dry-brushed with Morghast Bone and Screaming Skull.
  18. I primed the tank and srarted washing some of the recesses. I am not going to glue the bottom or turret on so it disassembles for transport.
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