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  1. Here is a little more dry brushing and some detail work on the eyes and teeth.
  2. A quick dry brush on the underside followed by the base coat for the rest of the skin.
  3. I have started in on some new models after a short break. Here is Orson Krennic.
  4. On the board this week is the basilisk. I have started the base coat on the lower half and the first wash.
  5. Thank you! Here they are with the base coats done. And here they are with the wash applied.
  6. This is the last set of models that I will be painting before I take a brief hiatus and move. As a bonus, here are three WOTC metal models that I just finished as well: Here is the start of the others--some work on the faces.
  7. Can anyone tell me how big this is? What size base would you put it on?
  8. Washes have been applied and the first coat is on the bases.
  9. Up next are these four: two officers and two comm troopers.
  10. Hmm... I'll think about that. Meanwhile, the two astromechs are done too.
  11. Thanks! I was looking for something fairly neutral, that would work for Endor, Tatooine, etc.
  12. Next up, a couple of medical droids to keep my rebels alive and fighting Imperial tyranny. An old Christmas candy tube, a bottle cap, and a spare 32mm base will become a bacta tank.
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