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  1. One of my last projects before summer. When this Tyrant was released for Warhammer, I thought he would make a great base for a Battle Standard Bearer. My army already has one, but built on a plain old ogre. I like this one better, so I will swap them.
  2. Thanks! An hour or two each day. Here is the finished engineer.
  3. I put the finishing touches on the Kislev Ranger.
  4. I made some more progress this morning. Sorry for the sideways picture...
  5. Here they are more or less finished.
  6. Thanks! This morning I base coated the cape and staff on the Orc and the coat and cowl and metal bits on the Skaven. Then a wash and dy brush. Progress!
  7. I am taking a quick break from other stuff, and waiting for the weather to improve so I can prime some more. Here are four random Warhammer models I have been sitting on for a while. The two on the right will be RPG characters. I am building an assortment of classic GW metal minis to use for games. On the far left is an orc shaman to go with a small army of greenskins that I painted a few years ago. Last there is a Skaven pirate who will join the ranks of my pirate army.
  8. I think this is the first I've seen that technique. Looks great!
  9. Yes! I have ordered one, and I want to finish up some of these older projects before it arrives.
  10. Lots of slow progress over the last couple of weeks. Here are my chaos knights. I also decided to paint six of them as statues to use for a terrain feature.
  11. Here are the finished Marauders and Sorcerer.
  12. Awesome! The Marauders above are old Warhammer models that have rules for Silver Tower.
  13. Black detailing on the leather and then first coat on the bases. Gold for the Sorcerer and standard bearer.
  14. Agreed. That turtle is going to be amazing.
  15. Dry brush the skin and then use brown contrast paint on the pants. Then a base coat of metal and a black wash over that.
  16. I am slowly working through the last of my chaos adversaries for Warhammer Quest. The basic chaos guys (not affiliated with any one chaos god) are up next. I like the look of this sorcerer a lot. The Marauders, on the other hand, are IMHO one of the ugliest kits that GW makes. I've had these guys sitting on the shelf for a looooooooong time. Glad to finally be getting some paint on them, though.
  17. Gah, I've been bad about updates lately. Here are Gutrot Spume and the Blightkings. I'm honestly not 100% satisfied, but I'll call them done for now.
  18. As a brief interlude, here are four treasure chests.
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