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  1. This is an awesome looking model and I love how you are painting it!
  2. The Armoed Assault Tank, or AAT for short, is up next. I might use a few of the extra droids as riders.
  3. The dried bases received their base coat. Sounds redundant...
  4. I did some detail work on the labor droid and washed the rest. Then glue and fine sand.
  5. Up next are some more battle droids. One episode of the Clone Wars has some B-1 Battle Droids that are programmed to follow R2-D2. I thought I would paint up some for him for Legion. I also want to paint a labor/battle droid for a Star Wars RPG character, so I modified one with leftover Grievous arms. That one got a coat of green contrast paint over the primer.
  6. This is the Phase II clone helmet that I modified a little bit to look like an Imperial Driver.
  7. Thank you! This morning I started in on the rest of the bits and the base.
  8. This morning I painted several areas dark grey and washed them with Nuln Oil.
  9. Thank you! I didn't realize that the color scheme is so close to an X-Wing, but you are right. That's alright, I think!
  10. Today I dry-brushed it with white and started blocking in the orange.
  11. Next up this month is the Clone Saber Tank. I have primed it white and have started in with an Apothecary White Contrast paint.
  12. The droids have escaped from the clutches of the Empire. Or have they?
  13. More progress this morning. Dry brushed two shades of grey and painted the thrusters and some trim dark grey.
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