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  1. Dry brushes of three shades of green. Then I picked out all the flesh, teeth, and bone, and gave it all a wash.
  2. My next project is Nurgle. Here is a test model to try out the color scheme.
  3. These two, who had benn missing, turned up. They were hiding in my minis case, of all places.
  4. Lots of progress. Metals on the swords and a base coat on the, umm, base.
  5. This morning I started in on 10 Bloodltters. Base coat of Khorne Red, flesh wash, and a dry brush oh Blood Red.
  6. I also took some time to finish these Bloodreavers that I started a long time ago.
  7. Skulls for the throne! I did a little more painting today. Base coated and washed the metal and red cloth. Bases too.
  8. My project to kick off 2021 is to finally paint some of the Chaos Adversaries for Warhammer Quest that I have had sitting on the shelf for a while. First up is the Khorne faction. These ladies are standing in for Wrathmongers for a little variety. Base coat of the skin colors and flesh wash, then two coats of highlighting.
  9. Please pardon the Threadomancy, but I wanted to share an update. At long last, Veers has gotten his AT-AT and a complement of troops and speeder bikes. He is now ready to spread order and prosperity across the galaxy. This is the 1:53 scale AT-AT from Revell and the 1:48 scale AT-ST from Bandai. The rest are all Star Wars Legion models.
  10. Wow! I have the Coral Golem, so that gives an indication of the size of the shipwreck. That looks awesome! It will definitely go on my list.
  11. I finally powered through the last of these.
  12. Great work all around, and I love that Terrorfish!
  13. Thank you! I took some time this weekend to make Aayla Secura from an extra Witch Elf. Not perfect, but good enough.
  14. Thanks! The Krootox is now done, and the next batch of Kroot warriors have gotten a base coat of green contrast paint.
  15. Dry brushing on the Krootox, and then base coats and a wash on the cloth and leather.
  16. Here is a base coat of dark grey on the Krootox and Militarum Green contrast paint on the rider.
  17. Here's an update. I had an extra clone body after cutting one up for its Z6. So I made a rebel pilot for the Saber Tank. It turns out that a 1 cent coin fits perfectly in the bottom, so I glued the model to one. The head is from a Fleet Trooper that I sometimes swap out for one that looks like a Devaronian.
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