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  1. Thanks! I agree with you. The level of detail is much better, but maybe that is appropriate for elite soldiers?
  2. All done now. I really love the detail and overall look oh these guys.
  3. The gun is now done. It fits the guns from the Landspeeder too.
  4. Yup, exactly! Base coat and wash on the gloves and caps as well as the gun.
  5. First layer and wash on the faces. And a bonus image: two Kinder Egg toy containers painted to be storage tanks.
  6. Next up are these seven. I plan to paint them in the same scheme as the laser cannon crew.
  7. Just about finished now. The spotter also gets his won base so he can be used as a separate model. I'll fill in the details on their rank insignia later.
  8. A little more work on the crew and some extra details on the cannon.
  9. Thanks! Here is a little more work on the crew.
  10. Never! Here is an update. The bases have been painted. The crew received a wash. I actually painted the gun and generator last summer.
  11. This month I am focusing on my rebels. First up is the crew for the laser cannon.
  12. As an added bonus, I could use her staff to repair this guy.
  13. They were left over from General Grievous.
  14. I changed my mind. I think I like this color better.
  15. I fave started work on the face and the gold, as well as first coat on the dress.
  16. Yes it is! Warhammer 40K Magus. But I thought it would make a great imperial Inquisitor, so I added a couple of lightsabers.
  17. I am excited to start work on this model.
  18. Thank you. The contrast paint made it very easy. That is one coat over white primer.
  19. Hi all, Here is my third project for the month. I haven't really been happy with how my unit of Snowtroopers and E-Web crew turned out, and then I discovered the Galactic Marines. They were a Clone Unit that continued service under the Empire. I really like these colors. What do you all think?
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