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  1. All done now. Next up is the Krootox and rider.
  2. Thank you! Starting on the detail work.
  3. Now they have had a dry brush of Nurgling Green and Deepkin Flesh.
  4. My next project is a small Kroot force. I don't play Warhammer 40K, but these guys will be a great band of aliens for Star wars. Here is the test figure that I painted earlier. Now up are four Kroot hounds. They have been base-coated Nurgling Green and washed with Reikland Fleshshade. Now to give that some time to dry.
  5. Here is my first attempt at a mining guild logo. Shown with a human model for scale.
  6. Three successively lighter dry brushes, then detail colors of yellow and steel.
  7. I have always liked these models. I think they would make excellent mining droids. I plan to paint them in Mining Guild colors. Here they have a base coat of Kabalite Green and a wash of Nuln Oil.
  8. I agree. And kudos for the Last Starfighter reference! Here is the family photo.
  9. I ended up putting a pin in each flying base and a hole for it in the bottom of the jet pack.
  10. Here is the final one. For funsies, I gave her a Z6 Rotary Blaster.
  11. Thank you! They are coming along nicely. I also spent a little more time on Bo Katan's helmet.
  12. Thanks! I have now started on Clan Wren. There is a lot of grey on these guys. The bodysuits are dark grey and the armor and stuff is light. Then everything gets a wash of Nuln Oil.
  13. Lots more detail work. These are a joy to paint and are going quickly.
  14. Thank you! They do look really cool. The first one, after some highlighting, is nearly done. These next two will be Bo Katan and Fenn Rau.
  15. This morning I started on one of my Mandalorians. Started with base coats on the grey and green and then a dark wash. Then picked out the leather items and washed them as well. Then a first coat on the cape and base. Oh, and base coated and washed the metal too.
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