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  1. This month I am focusing on my rebels. First up is the crew for the laser cannon.
  2. As an added bonus, I could use her staff to repair this guy.
  3. I changed my mind. I think I like this color better.
  4. I fave started work on the face and the gold, as well as first coat on the dress.
  5. Yes it is! Warhammer 40K Magus. But I thought it would make a great imperial Inquisitor, so I added a couple of lightsabers.
  6. Thank you. The contrast paint made it very easy. That is one coat over white primer.
  7. Hi all, Here is my third project for the month. I haven't really been happy with how my unit of Snowtroopers and E-Web crew turned out, and then I discovered the Galactic Marines. They were a Clone Unit that continued service under the Empire. I really like these colors. What do you all think?
  8. I used some of the brown--Contrast Wyldwood--on the fur as well. The rest of the model went fast.
  9. So I decided to paint the leather items yellow/brown before going over with a brown wash.
  10. I started work on this today. The contrast paint does an awesome job.
  11. Some progress today. I drybrushed them twice and painted the trousers, leather, and guns.
  12. Not at the moment. I'm honestly not a huge fan of it on my own minis.
  13. This month I am focusing on my Empire stuff. First up are the Shoretroopers. Here they are primed and one with a wash.
  14. Here are a couple of bonus picture of all my Clone Wars units fighting it out on the table.
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