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  1. Some more work on Obi Wan.
  2. Thanks, all. I did some dry brushing on them and some more work on Obi Wan's head.
  3. Here is the whole squad with contrast paint and some flesh tone work on Obi Wan.
  4. I am starting in on these guys next. Here is a Clone Trooper primed white next to one with a was of Apothecary White contrast paint from GW.
  5. These went really fast once I started.
  6. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  7. Nice work! I love how much character these old models have.
  8. Looking good! I love these old minis.
  9. Thank you! The droids are getting some love now. Dry brush beige, grey for the weapons, and brown for the bases.
  10. Got some more work done this morning. Dooku is really taking off. I painted his pants and tunic brown and then gave them a wash of Wyldwood contrast paint. The belt and boots are black.
  11. Alright, after finishing Genral Grievous and my first squad of B-1s, it's not time for Count Dooku and the other group. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89886-star-wars-legion-general-grievous-and-b-1s/page/2/&tab=comments# These guys got the same undercoat, but this time the wash was a thinned-down Wyldwood contrast paint.
  12. Thank you! Each droid has now been dry-brushed with tan and beige. Grievous also got a coat of white.
  13. Base coat for the weapons. Next they'll get a wash of Nuln Oil.
  14. It does look like he cut him down, doesn't it?
  15. I am starting in on these guys today. Here they are being flocked. One of the battle droids broke off of its base...
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