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  1. Next up, four more stormtroopers. And a bonus pic of my finished measuring and movement tools.
  2. Coffee Dwarves? Here they are finished.
  3. As a chage of pace, I have started these guys. I've started with faces and brown Contrasr Paint on the leather stuff like boots and gloves.
  4. Stranger Things called! They want to use this next season!
  5. That little lean-to is fantastic. I love all of the materials you have worked into the whole diorama.
  6. That looks great! I can almost feel the heat about to come pouring out of it.
  7. Black all over the uniform and then a dark grey dry brush for the cloth and edge lining foe the armoe, belt, gloves, etc.
  8. Next project: these two. I've started with a base coat of dark grey on the droid and weapons, followed by a wash of Nuln Oil. Base coat and wash for Iden's face as well as for a variant head that is from an old Warhammer kit (so I might be able to use this as a generic RPG character as well.) For Iden I used a darker base coat than for the other one.
  9. Ha! I never thought about that. Far side? Middle? Anyway, I raced ahead with these and forgot to take pictures...
  10. Lots of progress yesterday and today. Base coats and washes on the skin, and then dry-brushing and details.
  11. I am excited to add these four to the army. Very different skin tones compared to humans!
  12. That is my plan, yes. It seems to work fine for now. I have now painted the face details as well as the coat and arms blue, too.
  13. I have now started these two. I'm hoping to let washes do a lot of the work on Cassian. Here are a few of the base colors. For K2, I thinned the grey a little bit to let some edges and details show through. Each model comes with a few arm options.
  14. Thank you! It is nearly finished, and I tried it out with the castle.
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